Power of Passion
The Power of Passion
We were privileged to hear from our guest speaker Trevor Lord, accompanied by his wife Jill, about the journey they experienced in resurrecting the Sydney Street Power Station in Wellington.
What a transformation.
In addition to operating 3 companies that specialise in managing electrical and power operations, Trevor also works in business and training while also enjoying his passions with flying and more recently pipe organ restoration.
In addition to many other projects, Trevor has also spent 35 years restoring their family home. 
His talk focused in particular on the challenges of restoring what originally opened as the Mangaho Power Station in 1924 which was designed to fit into a suburban community and included a roof garden. 
90 years on while most of the interior was mostly intact the building was showing its age and in 2013 there was a cry to look into restoring it.  Trevor went up to take a look and thanks to cheque made out to the Queen the project was underway.
In 2015 the media became interested but not long after in 2016 the building’s status shifted from restoration to preservation which included having large buildings standing either side of it.
So Trevor and his group went on the attack in the Court system to defend their substation! In the end they won by using the Heritage Building rules in the Resource Management Act so once again the substation was secure for a while.
Alas yet another development proposal came along with the eventual remedy included investigating seeing if it was feasible to more the building sideways.  Luckily this scheme vanished as fast as it arrived.
To this day the building, which has been significantly restored in what appears to be a labour of love, remains in place and is currently running as an Air B&B.
We thanked Trevor for his presentation and the hope that the fantastic restoration project his team have been actively involved with will ensure its survival and the enjoyment viewing it brings for many years to come.
International Assembly Update
International Assembly Update
Liz & Nick
Due to COVID Nick's DG Training, which should have been held in Florida this year, is being done virtually over a period of 12 days beginning February the 1st. It involves sessions at 3am and throughout the day over this period.
Liz is an International Training Leader this year and has already undertaken 11 days of practice sessions and will also be on the same timetable as Nick for another 12 days.
So if you are wondering why they are absent we are sure you will understand that at some times over the next two weeks they might require some well-earned sleep.
Big Heart Foundation
Lois asked that members be reminded that we have volunteered to assist with the Big Heart Heart Foundation  Collection on Friday 19 February from 2-5 pm at Northwood New World store.
We need 6 people to do a one hour slot with 2 people in each slot.  Can people please email Lois to let me know if you can help.
Papanui Bush Needs your Help
Denis asked that as many of us as possible turn out on the morning of Tuesday the 9th of February at Papanui Bush as the weeds have come back with a vengance this summer and the natives really need our help. 
As usual a cuppa with get things underway.    
The President’s Blurb
What an inspiration last week's guest speaker Trevor Lord was to us all. He is a man that genuinely follows his passion. This week we have actor comedian Mark Hadlow as a guest speaker. 
I was challenged by a member last week as to why I had not declared in Club Chat that next week was a partner's night. In fact I had not yet received Club Chat but had it on the agenda to suggest that last Thursday night.
I will however reinforce what I did say on the night and that is that members are welcome to bring partners and spouses to Rotary any time. Just let Deryn know so we get the catering numbers right. 
There are lots of activities on in the month of February and that can be a bit overwhelming but not all of them require the attention or the presence of all our members. Read through Club Chat and mark in your diaries those you want to be at. 
Deb Gimblett is organising the next cook up at Ronald McDonald House on Monday 8 February and she needs two more helpers. Helpers are required from 4:30 onwards. Her contact details which are not in the yellow book are as follows: 340 Marine Parade, New Brighton, Cell 021 105 6139 or Email
Lois Flanagan is looking for 6 people to fill 3 time slots of an hour each (2 people per slot) 2.00-5.00pm Friday 19 Feb at New World Northwood collecting for the Heart Foundation. If you can help please contact Lois on (021) 735 404.
Have a good week. 
Thought for the Week
”Judging a person doesn’t describe who they are … it describes who you are. 
Upcoming Events you are welcome to attend
Rotary at Papanui Club - Mark Hadlow will speak.
The Papanui
Feb 04, 2021
5:55 PM – 7:30 PM
Papanui Rotary Celebrity Golf
Kaiapoi Golf Club
Feb 07, 2021 11:30 AM
Family Dinner Cooking at Ronald McDonald House
Ronald McDonald House
Feb 08, 2021
4:30 PM – 7:30 PM
BBQ night at Burwood Hospital Spinal Unit
Burwood Hospital
Feb 11, 2021
Community Knowledge and Skills Workshop 2021
Papanui High School
Feb 13, 2021
10:00 AM – 5:00 PM
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Meeting Responsibilities
Duty Roster 4th February
Hudson, Jim
Speakers Host
Archbold, Doug
Vote of Thanks
Tizzard, Tony
Visitors Host
Taylor, Tony
Thomson, Rob
Meeting Setup
McMurtrie, Denis
Banner Setup & Room Tidyup
Sedgley, Ron
Duty Roster 18th February
Shields, Gordon
Speakers Host
Hilson, Euan
Vote of Thanks
Thomson, Rob
Visitors Host
Stringer, John
Thomson, Rob
Meeting Setup
McMurtrie, Denis
Banner Setup & Room Tidyup
Sedgley, Ron
Duty Roster 18th March
Gimblett, Deb
Speakers Host
Nicholl, Rob
Vote of Thanks
Thomson, Evan
Visitors Host
Spicer, Anne
Geerlofs, Arie
Meeting Setup
McMurtrie, Denis
Banner Setup & Room Tidyup
Sedgley, Ron
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