Our New City
“Our New City” by Anthony Gough
We were given an enthusiastic and informative presentation on the fascinating developments going on in “our new city” by property owner / developer Anthony Gough.
Anthony shared that there are currently 2-3 major property owners who are leading the way with the central city redevelopment in particular.   “While specific development in the CBD was initially delayed, it is now well underway” he explained.
Some of the key particulars Anthony shared with us included:
  1. There are plenty of carparks now in the CBD.
  2. Key aspects of recent developments include attractive courtyards and connected laneways.
  3. There are lots of interesting sculptures and decorations in place in especially outside areas.
  4. Many buildings include multiple entry points and alleyways.
“Anchor projects are completed or well underway” shared Anthony with ones of particular mention being the Bus Exchange, the Convention Centre, the Library and the planned Margaret Mahey playground.  He also noted that the Earthquake Memorial is well worth a visit.
He shared a wide range of pictures of the developing city with us including the Performing Arts and Terrace retail precincts.  “For some reason 80% of people still use cars to get into town which surprises me given the car parks that are now available and the great deals including The Crossing where you can park for 2 hours for $2” he mused. 
“Don’t use Manchester Street” he smiled “as you will be held up.  Use the parking available which is mostly in Lichfield and Hereford instead” he suggested.
With respect to his own developments, Anthony talked in particular about the Terrace (previously referred to as the Strip) where he has a number of projects in place or underway.  This includes:
  1. Having a range of different designs rather than everything being the same.
  2. Ensuring a wide range of different types of locations is offered.
  3. Ensuring wind protection and sun access in key locations.
  4. Taking good care of acoustics to ensure people can easily hear each other.
  5. Offering free parking in a car park he is currently building from 12 midnight to 9:00 am so visitors have the option of bussing home and collecting their vehicle the next morning.
Anthony then shared some of the wide range of restaurants he has developed which helps accommodate a diverse set of personal preferences in the growing customer base.
We enjoyed Anthony’s enthusiasm for where our city has got to, where it is going and his commitment to its future and wished him well for what will be a challenging but essential part of taking our city forward.
Book Launch
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Tony has asked that all Paul Harris Fellows in the Club to please wear their insignia to Changeover this Thursday as there will be a Paul Harris Award presented.
Stuart and Liz attended the launch of the Rotary Centennial project at Govt. House.  More info coming shortly.
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