Trailer Update
Trailer Raffle Update
Jessie and Max on the job!
Hi Everyone
Thanks to those who responded to emails to help fill spots.
We are off to a good start with what feels like increased numbers of mall visitors this year.
While we have one person on most times, it would be great if you can please look to see who might appreciate a hand. Working alongside another member is the best way to get to know them as we all have a story to tell and share each other. 
Can you also please remember to ‘turn the available yellow spots to white’ on the raffle roster link and then let me know by emailing me at or phoning / texting me at 021 161 5861 about when you are able to help.
Pap Bush
Papanui Bush Update
On Saturday the 9th of November we are have a Community Planting session from 10am -12 noon.  This is a chance for Rotarians who enjoy being involved in the project to come and meet the community and do some planting with our ranger Yvette Williams.

On the following Tuesday the 12th we will follow this up with  our usual weeding and further planting from 9am - noon with students from Casebrook and Bishopdale.
We look forward to seeing you at one or both of these events as your assistance is greatly appreciated.
Upcoming Events
Upcoming Events
Our Christmas celebrations for this year are at Nobanno’s Restaurant in Riccarton Road on 12 December at 6:30pm. This is the only Bangladesh Restaurant in Christchurch and the food is delicious!  Cost $40 for 4 course set menu. Drinks for purchase. 
While eating we are also supporting Christopher, the owner of the restaurant, who has had a difficult few months after the mosque shootings and other factors, but he also  gives a portion of his income to support an orphanage in Bangladesh.  Come for great fun, great food and great fellowship! 
Our 1st meeting for 2020 will be a BBQ at the home of President Keith and Heather at 11 Brampton Drive West Melton on Thursday 16 January.
Details to come but pencil in the date now for a fun time in the lovely countryside of West Melton. 
Brown Paper Bag Evening
A fun night was had at our annual Paper Bag auction last week.
We have received $717 so far and, with requested donations from those who could not attend plus remaining sales on the night, we are looking at a final amount of ~$829.
A reminder that our EftPOS Machine will not be available at Club Meetings on Thursdays while it is being used at Papanui Mall for the Trailer Raffle.
Neville Digby send this through for us.
Saturday was the Wanaka Rotary duck race. The stream they use flows through our neighbours property so I got these photos. 
My take is they had over 600 small ducks which cost $5, and probably close to 60 commercial ones which are much larger and they cost $100 the larger ones were put in after the small ones and they are themed by the companies sponsoring them. I have subsequently heard it raised $17,000 this year so I might have to revise my Duck number estimates. Counting moving ducks is not easy so I just took a guess.
We always see the event if we are here it’s quite entertaining, especially when people end up in the stream!!!!
Here we go again …
A further Invitation for the Rotary Papanui Entertainment group to entertain residents this Christmas has been received from Bupa Parklands Care Home on Saturday 30 November and 7 December from 1:30pm until 2:30pm.
Songs we will be covering include: Snoopys Christmas, White Christmas, Winter Wonderland plus some Christmas carols. If you can make it please fell free to dress in your Christmas regalia to delight the residents.
Congrats to Emily
Emily Gualter, a previous member of Papanui Rotary until she went to work in Timaru, has announced her engagement.  Good spotting Gordon!
Thought for the week …
“A turtle only makes progress when it sticks its neck out.”
World Polio Day
Update on World Polio Day
Alison Driscoll, our district’s Polio Plus coordinator, visited us last week update us on the current and future efforts of this worthwhile programme.  A document that summarises the facts she spoke about reads as follows:
In three weeks’ time the whole Rotary world and all those working towards the eradication of polio will mark World Polio Day.
I am writing to encourage you to mark this day as well, taking time to reflect on progress to date - a 99.9% reduction in cases worldwide - but also on the need for continued support and funding.
Please consider some type of fundraising to mark the day - perhaps your Sergeant’s fines that week could go to polio, a
special raffle, a surcharge on your meal, a special fundraising project?
Rotarians are innovative fundraisers and I am confident you will find a way to support the cause.
District-wide we are still planning on a movie fundraiser this Rotary year.  Scheduling difficulties meant the movie that had been considered for this month has not happened.  There will be more information as we find an alternative.
It is timely with World Polio Day approaching to update you on the current situation, where there is good news and not-so-good news.
You may already be aware that Nigeria clocked up three years without a wild polio case in August.  This means that Africa has now been polio free for three years, a marvellous achievement.
So that is the good news.  What is a little less heartening is the increased numbers of wild polio cases in the two remaining endemic countries.  Cases now stand at 82 as at 26 September.  The two remaining endemic countries are Pakistan and Afghanistan.
The bulk of the increase in numbers this year has been in Pakistan which now has 66 cases this year.  Afghanistan is sitting at 16.
Much of the increase in Pakistan is attributable to increased anti-vaccination propaganda.  The Global Polio Eradication Initiative (GPEI) has recently said:
The negative impact on the programme of the anti-vaccine propaganda and rumours was most visibly seen during a recent vaccination campaign in Peshawar. 
During a National Immunization Days (NID) campaign, a rumour that the polio vaccination could make children unwell, led to more than 37,000 children rushed to hospital in one day, a basic health unit set on fire, and indirectly the death of several vaccinators and security staff. 
This coordinated scare tactic had a devastating impact on the NIDs and will continue to impact future immunization efforts in this country.
Obviously much work is being done to counteract this propaganda and continue to work in vaccinating children across Pakistan.
Alison encouraged us to keep up our good work in supporting the End Polio programme, despite the difficulties in Pakistan, as the end is in sight and we cannot afford to stop now after so much has been achieved.
Upcoming Events you are welcome to attend
Halloween Event and then meal at the Papanui Club
St James Park
Oct 31, 2019
5:55 PM – 7:45 PM
Hanmer Springs Forest Park Camp Halloween Night
Hanmer Springs Forest Park Camp
Oct 31, 2019
6:00 PM – 9:00 PM
Coffee Morning at Reality Bites Cafe (10am)
Reality Bites Cafe
Nov 01, 2019 10:00 AM
Quiz evening
Baillies Bar
Nov 04, 2019
6:00 PM – 9:00 PM
Debra Stokes will speak about Victim Support
The Papanui
Nov 07, 2019
5:55 PM – 7:45 PM
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