Dr Jessie Harman
Papanui Rotary Back in Action!
Guest Speaker Dr Jessie Harman in Centre Stage
We had a great turnout for our 1st post lockdown Zoom meeting and we were privileged to have Jessie join us as our guest speaker. Her topic was:
“The Future of Rotary”
Jessie began by noting that the current situation we find ourselves in, thanks to the technological tools we have available, provides us with unparalleled opportunities and challenges.  These include having a lot more flexibility in how we choose to operate compared to what we had in the past. 
Jessie feels that Rotary’s underlying foundation which includes our international presence in over 250 countries provides us with a great platform for the future which we need to acknowledge and build on.
With respect to our key challenges, Jessie noted that these include:
  1. Our busy lifestyles which, while challenging, mean we have to be creative in identifying how we can still contribute.
  2. Increasing expectations as consumers which challenge our values going forward.
  3. How to bring on board the new range of millenniums who want to be involved but not in the traditional roles we have used in the past.
  4. Addressing the issue that many people are not engaging as actively with us in our current way of operating which often looks more like “work”.
Jessie feels that we need to step back and investigate how we can build a more suitable platform for what Rotary needs to become in the future.  Some of her current thoughts on this include:
  1. Adopting and ensuring we align more closely with a member-centric approach.
  2. Look to increase membership diversity and embracing greater flexibility in how Clubs operate.
  3. Seek out more meaningful voluntary opportunities with flexibility being a key component.
This will help ensure we have a thriving future going forward.
Jessie also feels we still need to manage the change process with courage and optimism and to implement change in ways that acknowledge and reflect our past while facing the future by embracing positive optimism in order to build a solid platform for future growth.
When asked: ‘What is one thing we can do right now that could make the biggest difference in the current challenges we face?” Jessie replied:
“Actions speak louder than words.”
We thanked Jessie for her insights and thoughts on how we might go forward in the quite different world we will be facing in the coming months.

Club Update
Papanui Club Update
Dear All. 
Great to see the turn out for our 1st Zoom Club Meeting last week.  FYI, the upcoming formal Rotary meetings between now and 30th June are as follows:
  • Thursday   21 May
  • Thursday   4  June
  • Thursday  25 June  -  Changeover night
In addition to tonight (May 10th), our Zoom social hour meetings will continue so that Rotarians can stay in touch with each other on these additional Sundays:
  • Sunday 17 May
  • Sunday 31st May
  • Sunday 14th June
I am delighted to share that your team for the 2020-21 year is as follows:
President: Janice Geerlofs
President Elect/Admin Chair: Grant Paice
Past President: Keith Mitchell 
Secretary: Cheryl Colley
Treasurer: Deryn Tregurtha
Community Chair: Lois Flanagan
Fellowship Chair: Barbara Davey
Foundation/International Chair: Stuart Batty
Youth Chair: Gary Denhard 
Membership Development Chair: Arie Geerlofs
Public Image Chair: Liz Courtney
Speakers Coordinator: Rob Thomson 
Emergency Response Kits (ERKs) Needed
You will all be aware of the devastation caused by Cyclone Harold in the Pacific Islands in the last few weeks. As Stuart Batty explained on our Rotary zoom meeting last week RNZCWS had stocks of ERKs handily placed around the South Pacific that were able to be distributed.
They now need to be replaced. Our Club finances have been impacted by a number of recent events with Covid-19 just being one of them. I am therefore encouraging Rotarians to think differently about sponsoring replacement ERKS.
Arie and myself are willing to jointly sponsor half an ERK and are looking for one or two partners to make up the difference. If interested please contact one of us. Perhaps some of our members could talk to fellow Rotarians, friends or family members and jointly sponsor an ERK which cost $600 each.
Stuart would be happy to supply you with any details and the appropriate Bank Account number to deposit the money into. 
Janice Geerlofs President-elect
Goal Setting & Planning
Papanui Rotary Club Goal Setting & Planning
At the last Club board meeting it was agreed by the Directors that a simple Club goal setting and planning exercise be carried out by the members facilitated by Nick Courtney.
At Thursday’s first official Club Zoom meeting, following Dr. Jessie Harman’s talk, Nick briefly outlined the process which will be carried out at our Zoom meeting on May 21st.
In the interim Nick will forward by email to all members and prospective members a package which will include a simple explanation/instruction sheet and a questionnaire so members can come prepared to the Club Zoom meeting on the 21st.
The exercise will focus on:
  • Five Year Vision: creating a big and bold vision for the Club
  • Twelve Month Goals: aiming for seven to ten stretch goals but making them realistic.
  • Ninety Day Goals: setting goals that the Club is going to nail in the next 90 days.
Do not be concerned if you cannot attend the meeting as Nick or a team member will phone to ensure no one is left out of the process.
Everyone is encouraged to put their thoughts forward.  As Jessie said:
“The best preparation for tomorrow is time well spent today”.
Keith & Heather forwarded these seven simple exercises that their daughter sent them from Physiotherapy NZ to help keep our strength & balance and reduce our risk of falls.
Click here for guidelines on how to do them.
Wednesday Lotto
We still have thirteen slots to fill for our Wednesday Lotto Fundraiser so please let Deryn know if you (or a group of you) are interested.  Once it is full she will get it underway.
So far so good …
In an interesting article this week Luke Malpusus, a political editor with Stuff, noted:
‘Last Thursday the PM said: “We're "halfway down Everest.” But as every mountaineer knows, most accidents occur not on the way up the mountain, but on the way down.’
In parenting sessions I was privileged to run I used to ask attendees what they would do if, during a plane flight with their children, oxygen masks suddenly dropped down from above them.  Most said they would instinctively put them on their child(ren) first. 
But that is not what we are told to do.
I feel more than ever we need to ensure we look after ourselves 1st in the coming months in order to be able to continue to support our families, friends and the communities we choose to serve in our role as Rotarians.
Grant (Club Chat Editor)
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