Papanui Bush Day
Papanui Bush Planting Day
John Stringer
Papanui Rotary Weeders Group
We've received written approval from the Papanui Community Board / Council to plant kahikateas at Papanui Bush on Saturday, June the 6th
Come and join John & Denis for a wander through the bush tracks and some gentle planting at 2:00 pm at the Bridgestone Reserve (opp. Mega Mitre 10) on Chapel Street.
We have visited the area recently and John has been collecting windblown cabbage tree saplings growing in footpaths and fence lines nearby and replanting these in the bush.
Please remember gloves as it could be a bit chilly, a small shovel if you would like to help with the planting, plus your own thermos if you want to have a cuppa at some stage during the afternoon.
Prior to getting underway we will go over health & safety distancing requirements under Level 2 that we need to adhere to.
Deryn has also suggested we get some saplings (rather than seeds) to give to interested Rotarians to nurture in their glass houses for a year.  
We think that’s a great idea and John will approach the DOC nursery in the context of Arbor Day and see if he can obtain some free saplings for the Club.  Members can take them home if they wish and Denis and John will nurture the rest.
We also have offers of small native kowhai and cabbage tree etc. We will definitely take anything you have and wish to donate. Denis and I, or the occasional weeding group once these are able begin again, will be happy to plant these on an ongoing basis.
So if you have a random cabbage tree sapling in your garden you don’t want, let us know and we will organise to replant it.
Ideas Database
A “New Ideas Database” is Live
At Sunday Happy Hour last week some attendees suggested we should have a "new ideas" page on our club website which Gary has duly set up.
“This is for anyone who comes up with an idea in a conversation and wants to capture it.  You go to the website, click on the Projects tab, and then click on the “New Ideas Database” says Gary.
You can go there directly from here.
“If you are on a PC you can edit it and add your ideas. If you are on a phone I don't think you can. In that either case text or email your idea to me and I'll add it.” offered Gary.
The new page has a couple of ideas from our last Happy Hour that will be fleshed out going forward.  All new ideas will be added to the Club's Project Pipeline.
For the moment anyone can access the page. If it proves to be something useful Gary may have to make it secure so you have to login to view it.
If you have a new idea then please note it to the New Ideas Database with your name and the date. This means the idea will not be lost after coming up in conversation or your thoughts. 
Also feel free to share your idea by other means as well.
Can the page be altered?  “Sure can!” says Gary.  As we start to use it more, Gary is able to adjust it to suit.
And don’t forget to dust off and deposit your Foundation Cup coinage totals into bank account 03 1355 0661945 00 as these will be especially helpful for upcoming project ideas amongst other things.
Two things from Gordon:
If any members wish to make a cash donation to the Salvation Army, please deposit it in the Club Charitable Account 03 1355 0661945 00.
Secondly, if members have any surplus fliers for the Can-2020 collection, please advise Lois.
Emergency Response Kits Update
The ERK that Janice and Arie partly sponsored is now fully sponsored thanks to a generous Rotarian. “We believe a 2nd ERK has been privately sponsored by a Club member bringing the total ERKs sponsored so far by Papanui Club members  to two” shared Janice and Arie.
Might you be interested in sharing this idea to your friends, fellow Rotarians and / or family members to see whether a group of you could jointly sponsor one?  The cost is $600 per kit.
Members Handbook Update
Thank you to those members who have advised us of changes to their contact details or confirmed details for the 2020-2021 Members Handbook.
This is a reminder from Tony to please let either Cheryl or him know if you require any last minute changes and confirm if everything is OK by 5.00 pm Friday 15th May.
If they do not hear from you they will use the current listing.
When the Bubbles Burst
Club Chat Editor
Some of the things we may or may not miss in the coming months include:
Being made to blow bubbles & making bubbles.
Sipping bubbles & getting rid of those jolly weeds.
All the best everyone as we cautiously venture out into what will be a quite different world.
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