Can-2020 Update
Can-2020 Update
We already have some great results being reported for our Can-2020 project.  Lois put out 50 flyers and collected about 120 cans and lots of groceries as well as one lady who contacted her to make a donation. Her hallway looks like a grocery shop!
Thanks to Denis, Lois & Tony for your emails and pictures and to Deryn for assisting with the nuts and bolts. 
With respect to “what next”, once you have collected your cans please take them to one of the following two locations:
During the Coming Working Week Hours:
Please bring your cans to Courtney Architects, 14 Harewood Road.   The process that needs to be followed is:
  • Pre Visit: call Nick beforehand on (021) 370256 to say when you are coming.
  • Parking: there is generally 1 or 2 available carparks on the street immediately in front, otherwise there is parking behind the building but only the door on Harewood Road will be unlocked.
  • Access: entry shall be only from the doors in the red porch on Harewood Road into the Meeting Room area.
  • Process: there is a table immediately inside with hand sanitizer and a log book. All visitors are to record their name and cell phone or home number in the log book in accordance with the NZ Govt. Level Two rules.
  • Cans: these are to be left in the designated area.
  • Note: there is to be no contact with staff.
While this may seem onerous, Courtney Architects needs to protect both you and their staff as we all need to continue being careful so as not to erode the gains made during lockdown.
If members need help in transporting their cans to the storage area, Lois is happy to help.
In the Evenings:
You are welcome to bring your cans to Janice & Aries’ Place, 4 Phoenix Lane, off Vagues Road by railway line.
  • Please phone 03 352 1118 first to say you are coming in order to ensure we are there.
Lois put out 50 flyers and collected about 120 cans and lots of groceries as well as one lady who contacted her to make a donation. Her hallway looks like a grocery shop!

Hohepa Pathway
Hohepa Pathway & Reflection Garden Project
Greg Cayford (Email content abridged)
Whilst the virus has caused considerable delays to this project, progress is well advanced and Greg hopes to be able to communicate that in a couple of weeks they will be able to plant on site.
This will depend on works being completed, that plantings are available and deemed acceptable to be planted during May & June subject to Hohepa being happy for Rotarians to be on site whilst meeting stringent H&S protocols.
The project team is very keen for a “hands on” aspect with Rotarians to go ahead. They will be guided by the Prime Minister in terms of gathering numbers for this kind of project and will ensure the Health and Safety of everyone is top of mind.
The assistance of all Rotary Club members who are keen to use a spade, a rake or plant would be gratefully received.
Greg will be in touch as news comes to hand. 
The Great Realisation
This amazing bedtime story, written by a NZ born poet living in Wales, is read to children in the style of a bedtime fairytale and talks about life before and after the pandemic. 
Click here to watch it.”
Thought for the Week:
“Jonny sent through this “suggestion” for how we might end our Zoom meetings.”
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