The Chathams
The Chatham’s Experience
Our intrepid explorers
After an intro from Keith, Simon shared our Papanui Club member’s experiences from their recent visit to the Chatham Islands accompanied by the excellent range of pictures he took that showed the range of scenery, wildlife and activities they were involved in and the variation & starkness of the landscape that included references to a hand trained Weka, remains of planes and the ruggedness of life there.
“We almost didn’t land”, started Simon, as the cross wind was close to the maximum allowable but luckily they did touch down and so their journey began.
The Waitangi Wharf
The pictures of trees at varied locations showed then to mostly be quite deformed and small as they often have to grow at unusual ankles to survive the rugged weather. While some beaches showed quite geometric rock formations, many of them were also rugged but the group noticed that the seals seemed happy enough with their lot.
Our accommodation at Waitangi
While there is some power available, be it very expensive, there are also quite a few residents that live off the grid and use diesel to generate power when needed.  As most items need to be brought in, shopping can also be a challenge with some residents ordering up to six months’ worth at a time.
An 1860's stone cottage
“Only a small amount of road is sealed”, continued Simon, “with the majority being gravel as they are mostly on private land”.  Cars are unwarranted and unregistered and the cost of bringing a car over by ship is $6,000. 
Weather during the trip was often cloudy but they did occasionally get some sun.  They also visited the statue of Tommy Solomon, the last of the full blooded Moriori, plus ancient carvings on the trees in the centre of the island.
One of the highlights was finding up to 150 million year old sharks’ teeth on the beaches at the lagoon.  Other experiences including visiting and viewing a range of old buildings and also getting to see a few places where hardy residents were living off the land with few facilities that we take for granted.
Honey farm which produces freeze dried honey
Other interesting experiences included visiting a honey farm.  The Freeze Drying is done in New Zealand, but the honey is produced on the Chathams. A unique blend of both native and imported fauna, Chatham Islands Honey is a partner in this venture which produces a distinctive taste.
We also enjoyed an interesting day with the Jockey Club where, despite a small number of horses being available, both gallops and trots were run.  A visit to the Moriori Kopinga Marae was also a highlight with the building looking like a bird in flight from the air.
The Kopinga Marae
The group found the overall atmosphere on the Chathams to be very laid back in general and they bring back a wide range of memories from the varied and interesting sights, animal life, landscapes’, ruggedness and from the conversations they experienced with many of the locals.
We will also be looking for a suitable project on the Chathams we can support  in the future.
New Rotary Associate
Welcome Brydie
Tony introduced Brydie Washington, our new Rotary Associate, to Club members attending our meeting last Thursday. 
She chose us as her 1st choice of Clubs and will be integrated into our culture and community projects. This is a year-long involvement, and Brydie’s activities will include attending relevant meetings and completing service activities with us over the coming year.
Brydie is currently studying towards a Bachelor of Science majoring in environmental science and psychology at Canterbury University.
In her application form she mentioned that her hope is that this programme will offer her a broader perspective and help her strengthen her current skills while also acquiring and developing new ones that will add to her self-confidence and networking abilities.
Welcome, Bridie, it is our pleasure to have you and we look forward to getting to know you more as we invite you to our events and the various the activities we are actively involved in that give back to the community.
Latest BBQ Result
Another successful Mitre 10 Mega BBQ was run last weekend.
We sold 360 sausage sandwiches at $2 each plus lots of drinks. Interestingly, Sprite was by far the most popular drink. Way above coke and water.
Thanks to the fourteen helpers who were there today. If you haven't helped before you will find that once you get there it is quite enjoyable. The public love our sausages and Rotary.
All the money we make comes from the public.
Aratupu Market Day
The next Aratupu Market Day is on Saturday 10 April from 10am to 2pm.  Hannah as organiser has outlined what will happen on the day. They plan to have a White Elephant stall (donations of anything saleable are really welcome) i.e.  games, bouncy castle, a BBQ and tea and coffee. 
Lois has volunteered Rotary to run the BBQ and also look after tea and  coffee and provide scones or muffins to go with the tea and coffee. The preschool already has a BBQ which will be placed in the carpark out the front of the preschool. We will need to provide sausages, bread, onions and napkins. The preschool has sauces. 
The tea and coffee will be provided for us so we just need to serve the drinks and provide some scones or muffins to eat with the drinks.   
Can you all please put the date in your diaries and Lois will be in touch closer to the time to confirm helpers. We will need to get other club members to help so the committee is not doing all the work! 
Details for the current Entertainment Publication
Gordon sent through details below for this year’s publication.  For each Membership purchased the Club receives $14 which helps us raise money for this year.
Jim gave a brief update on the wild polio situation which now shows only two cases worldwide.  Funding helps us keep it at this level and we are also now half way though our Centurion fund raising.
March 31st is the end of the financial year so, if you are not already, sign up to become a Centurion for only $100 pa before this date to support this amazing cause and you will be eligible for a tax credit.
Contact Deryn to check where you deposit your $100.
The President’s Blurb
Thank you to Simon Forsyth for speaking to the club about the trip that a number of the club and friends took to the Chatham Islands at the beginning of the year. It is always interesting to hear about a place many of us have never visited and are unlikely to do so.
This week we have District Governor Mark Yaxley visiting us. District Governors try to visit every club in the district at some point during their year. Juggling the visits with other DG responsibilities and a career can be difficult and we thank DG Mark for making time to come and visit us. 
On Saturday night there is an evening with the Kilmarnock Edition enjoying Celtic music. The evening is a fundraiser for the Christchurch Breast Milk Bank. Anybody wanting a ticket please contact Kathy Anderson.
This Sunday there is a cruise on the Kaiapoi River on the River Queen commencing at 4.00pm. The time of the cruise has been altered by the company operating the boat which has reduced the number able to do the trip but it looks as though it could be a lot of fun.
We had a very successful Mitre BBQ Hut fundraiser last Sunday. Thank you to Gary Denhard and his team of helpers. We are back on Saturday April 10th. 
Thought for the Week
“Use what talent you possess: the woods would be very silent if no birds sang except those that sang best.”
Upcoming Events you are welcome to attend
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Cruising on the River Queen
Mar 28, 2021
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Club meeting at Papanui Club
Papanui Club
Apr 01, 2021
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Club meeting at the Papanui Club-Club Photograph
Papanui Club
Apr 08, 2021
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BBQ at Mitre 10 Mega Papanui
Mega Mitre 10
Apr 10, 2021
9:30 AM – 4:30 PM
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