President 17 July

From the President

Another busy Rotary week and there is much more to come. Welcome to our first Committee Meetings Night this coming Thursday.
Can each committee leader please discuss with your committee the development a plan for the year of what the committee would like to achieve. It must contain one project and one fund raising event.

Many of the committees already have events on the  books. Projects can be big or small and can involve all our members not just your committee. If dates can be settled upon then they will be entered in the calendar.

The next committee meeting is set down for the 29th August where plans will be unveiled to all members.
Chatham Islands
It has been suggested that a trip to the Chatham Island would be good thing to do. No problem to arrange but be good to have an indication of who would be interested. Could be a good opportunity to ask friends and family. It will not take place until well after Christmas as bookings are heavy and accommodation is limited so forward planning is needed.

Aircraft comes to Christchurch every Tuesday. I will get costings when numbers show it is a runner.
Paul Harris 2019

Club Changeover - Paul Harris Awards

At Papanui Rotary Clubs changeover night we presented two Paul Harris Fellowship awards.
A Paul Harris Fellowship is the highest award that a Rotarian can achieve.

Generally it is awarded in recognition of long and meritorious service to the community that fulfills the ideals of Rotary for the betterment of humanity, and is not limited to Rotarians but may be awarded by a club to any person who, in the eyes of the Club President and Board at the time, fulfils the requirements.
The awards were presented by District Governor John Driscoll.
Our first Paul Harris Award was to Margaret Shields. Margaret has always been helping Rotary alongside her husband Gordon. 
Specifically,  for over 10 years, she has been behind the scenes helping out with the Papanui Rotary Northlands Mall Children's Xmas Tree gift donations plus the sorting out of the Gift Wrapping donations alongside Gordon.
Gordon has been a member of the club for an unbelievable number of years. He is currently our long term Treasurer. They make a great team and contribute a significant amount to our club and Rotary in general.
Our second Paul Harris Award went to our high profile Board Member Denis McMurtrie.  Denis is one of the drivers behind making things happen in the club and is best known for his recent work with the Peer Support program he instigated at Papanui High School.
Recently, Denis has been the mainstay behind the re-establishment of the Papanui Bush. A significant 20-50 year project. Denis has been working on this for years and the last 12 months he has been integral in having the Rotary Club fully committed and involved. He works tirelessly with the Council and many other parties to bring this environmental project to life. 
Changeover 2019-2020

Club Changeover 2019 - 2020

The big night of the year when 2018-2019 President Jenny handed over to incoming President Keith.
An excellent turnout of Papanui Rotary club members and partners said a big "Thank you" to President Jenny and welcomed in President Keith and his new Board of Directors.
President Keith  gave a brief speech which included the following points from various sources:
  • Rotary has been going 114 years.
  • He is the 63rd President.
  • It is the 75th anniversary of our charter being signed
  • After we manage the Polio goal, our next global goal may be access to clean water.
  • Keith finished by reminding us of the importance of looking after our new members in particular.
I delicious dinner was appreciated by all. Another great changeover night.
Impromptu Guest Band
Three “boys” and one “lady” gave an impromptu song and dance routine.  Here is a photo of the songsters in full voice.
Geoff Howarth Book Launch

Book Launch for Geoff Howarth

Another Book is launched by the prolific Howarth family. Our very own Geoff Howarth recently had his latest book launched and several members attaned to help him celebrate the big day.
His book is "Guts & Grace" and is the story of the Christchurch City Mission's 90 years of service to the Christchurch Community.
The City Missioner (Mark Matthew) and Geoff both spoke about the book. It was a very informative and enjoyable event.
See Geoff Howarth if you would like a copy of the book. He will sign it for you!
Verdi is asking for donations of goodies for raffle and auction prizes for the International Committee's Quiz Night on 4 August. There will be gift baskets so he can accept anything you can think of to bring along.
Upcoming Events you are welcome to attend
District Target Shooting Competition
Christchurch Target Shooting range
Aug 27, 2019
7:00 PM – 9:15 PM
Committee Night
The Papanui
Aug 29, 2019
5:55 PM – 7:30 PM
Ronald McDonald House
The Papanui
Sep 05, 2019
5:55 PM – 7:30 PM
Coffee Morning at Reality Bites Cafe (10am)
Reality Bites Cafe
Sep 06, 2019 10:00 AM
Planting & Weeding Day at Papanui Bush
Bridgestone Reserve
Sep 10, 2019
8:30 AM – 12:30 PM
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Meeting Responsibilities
Duty Roster 29th August 2019
Colley, Cheryl
Visitors Host
Flanagan, Lois
Thomson, Rob
Meeting Set Up
McMurtrie, Denis
Banner Setup & Tidyup
Sedgley, Ron
Duty Roster 5th September 2019
Batty, Stuart
Speakers Host
Allen, John
Vote of Thanks
Dodd, Shona
Visitors Host
McNee, Ken
Murnane, Jonny
Meeting Setup
McMurtrie, Denis
Banner Setup & Room Tidyup
Sedgley, Ron
Duty Roster 12 September 2019
Forsyth, Simon
Speakers Host
Wright, Max
Vote of Thanks
Denhard, Gary
Visitors Host
McMurtrie, Denis
Bates, Mandi
Meeting Setup
McMurtrie, Denis
Banner Setup & Room Tidyup
Sedgley, Ron
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