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Peggy is a meditation and leadership consultant

Peggy Burrows graduated from the University of Canterbury with a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in 2018. Her key focus was exploring the realities of culturally safe leadership and leadership best practice in bicultural spaces. Peggy is one of only a few Mediation, Advocay and Leadership Consultants in AotearoaNew Zealand working in that bicultural space. The mediation and leadership landscape is rapidly shifting in AotearoaNew Zealand and Peggy understands that challenges to Westerncentric leadership thinking and philosophy demand new ways of leading. Appointed as a Justice of the Peace at the age of 33 Peggy was at the same time appointed as a member of the Deportation Review Tribunal. Other Ministerial appointments include the Aoraki/Canterbury Conservation Board, and the National Advisory Committee for Animal Welfare. Her governance experience spans two decades and her experience in management, administration and leadership have complimented the diverse roles she has undertaken in Education, Law, Conservation and Animal Welfare. In 2016 Peggy established Peggy Burrows and Associates: Leadership and Mediation Consultancy, to work with and advocate for people from all walks of life. Peggy Burrows personifies leadership resilience and is a passionate advocate for leaders at all levels.