Posted by Grant Paice on Sep 25, 2019
Thursday Attendees at Papanui High
We were delighted to support Papanui High School via our presence over three afternoons as hospitality students took part in an NCEA assessment for the provision of  “afternoon tea”.
Thursday was a busy day for some of us who were also involved earlier that day in judging and timekeeping for the Rotary Speech Competition preliminaries held at Heaton Intermediate followed by a lovely lunch.
Not much was eaten by us for dinner at our Thursday Rotary meeting that evening!
Rotary Speech Competition Finals 2018
Please note that the finals for this year’s competition are this Thursday 26 September at 7pm at the Performing Arts Centre at Heaton Intermediate.
We will meet as usual at the Papanui Club and those who are able to attend can then head to Heaton afterwards.