Papanui Bush
Nice winter shot from Denis.
Who’s Coming to Dinner?
This fun event is planned for June the 23rd.  Guests bring $25 per person and a bottle of plonk.  We will be collecting names of hosts and guests shortly!
Brown Paper Bag Auction 30 July
Nick & Arie will be auctioneers at this annual event where you bid for “what’s in the bag”.  Please indicate on the bag if it is something significant to ensure the high rollers can take each other on for it.
Reality Bites
A reminder that our Reality Bites get together at 10:00 am is now on the 3rd Friday each month which falls on July the 17th.  See you there!
2nd Reminder
The Papanui Club require accurate numbers for meals each week that we are going to be meeting there.
To achieve this please advise if not attending and also if bringing a guest to before 10.00 am on Wednesdays.
If you do not attend and have not apologised the Papanui Club will have prepared a meal for you.
Also, when you are rostered on reception please be there by 5.15pm and help set up the reception area.
Thought for the Week
 “The severity of an itch is inversely proportional to our ability to reach it.”