The President’s Blurb 21 July 2020
Last Thursday night we had a presentation from Nick Courtney on the goal setting exercise that members of the club had participated in. The presentation was the collation of the 35 responses received, ordered into 90 day, 12 month and 3 year goals. 
There was some discussion about the views expressed in the presentation (remembering that these were the views of the members) and concern was expressed by some.
The board will be meeting shortly to discuss next steps which will obviously involve discussion among our members. I have received lots of emails and at this stage do not wish to receive any more. The board and I value your views and input but they should be directed to the group discussions  that will be coming.
In the meantime we look forward to a fellowship evening this Thursday night and the Brown Paper Bag Auction on Thursday 30 July.  The first three Thursdays in August will be held at the Papanui Club which should leave us ample time to schedule the discussions.
What a great event!
Twenty-seven ladies dressed in pink and three Master Chefs had breakfast on Saturday morning at Lois’s house in Northwood. 
Gorgeous pink outfits combined with lots of fun and laughter made a happy time on a cold morning. Stories from Angela and Helen (who found she had fifty-two pairs of knickers on a count during lockdown) kept everyone entertained. We were also delighted to celebrate two special ladies, Ann and Angela, after their journey this past year with breast cancer. 
The three chefs (Tony, Keith & Arie) did a magnificent job of cooking corn fritters and washing up all the dishes by hand! Our grateful thanks to all three as they worked so hard. 
We also collected a huge number of gifts for the Women’s Refuge. Thanks so much to the generosity of all the ladies for the gifts.  Donations raised $450 for breast cancer which was a fantastic effort. 
This is a reminder that we are meeting at the Thai Garden Restaurant, 484 Cranford Street this Thursday the 23rd July. 
Start time is 6.00 pm. BYO (limit one bottle of wine per couple).  Plenty of onsite parking available.
Thought for the Week from Keith
Why be a Volunteer?
It's not for money, it's not for fame,
It's not for any personal gain.
It's just for love of fellowman
It's just to lend a helping hand.
It's just to give a tithe of self,
That's something you cannot buy with wealth.
It's not medals worn with pride
It's for that feeling deep inside.
It's that reward down in your heart
It's that feeling that you have been a part
of helping others far and near
that makes you be a volunteer.