The grass is growing fast!
Just a reminder we are weeding next Tuesday the 13th starting at 9.30 am with morning tea and will be finished by noon.
The grass is growing fast.
Cheers Denis.
Braintree Building Fund Raiser
“Hi to all at Papanui Rotary.
Thank-you to all the wonderful people who supported us at our recent public fundraising launch party. 

We were overwhelmed by the generosity of the 300+ guests present, and their willingness to support the cause. There was an incredible energy in the room.

We are so close to having a world-first wellness centre for Cantabrians living with a neurological condition.

We have raised $4 million so far, or 80% of the funds needed and are now seeking public donations for the final $1 million to make the BrainTree Wellness Centre a reality.”
Donate to Brain Tree here.
The President’s Blurb
Last week was a big Rotary week for me. A lot of work was done tidying up the calendar for the next 6 months following the latest board meeting which involved talking to a number of the directors as well as speaker coordinator Rob Thomson.
On Wednesday I went to Rolleston Rotary with Nick and Arie. It was exciting to listen into the planning going into their events and projects and their charter event on 22 October. There is a lot involved in establishing a new Rotary club and I offer congratulations to Nick, Liz and Arie, Matt Sullivan and the team from Lincoln as well as Amanda vander Kley and her team at Rolleston for making this all happen. 
The journey of Rolleston will form part of a webinar on new style Rotary clubs that Nick and Arie together with Rebecca Fry from Australia are presenting to DG trainers and District membership chairs across Australia and New Zealand this Thursday evening. At last count there were 130 registrations for this webinar. 
This Wednesday I have a cluster meeting over breakfast with presidents of the clubs in our cluster and Assistant Governor Craig Murphy. Craig has asked each club president to report on any changes/innovations made since Covid-19 in response to Rotary World President Holger Knaack's challenge to be bold and embrace change.
It was with a lot of sadness that I announced last Thursday that Victoria, the daughter of Paul and Anne Wilson died suddenly after a very brief battle with cancer. Paul is one of our honorary members. Paul and Anne lost their son Craig 15 years ago and now their daughter has passed away.
There was a good contingent of Rotarians and partners at Wai Mana funeral home on today (Monday) to support Paul and Anne. They passed on their thanks to me for the flowers and messages received from Rotary.
It was good to have another external speaker last week in the form of Averill Stevenson. I am sure we will all have better recycling habits going forward. This week we hope to have a report on the very recent Australia/New Zealand virtual conference including a very interesting clip on projects in New Zealand. 
Thought for the Week
“Winning is fun, but those moments that you can touch someone’s life in a very positive way are better.”