Anzac Day Remembrance
If you weren’t able join us at our ANZAC theme Zoom meeting you missed a really interesting hour. All of the 16 members who attended on Sunday had great stories to tell.
Rob Thomson began with a very moving poem, one that none of us had heard before.  Evan Thompson showed us a small child’s uniform made from original military uniforms which sparked an unusually surprising story told by DG Gary who joined us about a “supposed orphan” his family brought back and adopted.  John Stringer held up an original German jerry can and Jim’s wonderful memories of visiting Gallipoli.
Many had stories around medals, mental health issues, and the “50 year code of silence” with the British Army, grandfathers, fathers and uncles. Fantastic to remember the huge sacrifices all families had made. 
It makes our COVID-19 Lockdown pale in comparison. We will remember them.
Note: Attendees and all other members are invited to share family ANZAC & WW1 stories which I will collate and put up on our web page.  A link to this will be sent out shortly with new content added as I receive it. Club Chat Editor.