BBQ at Burwood Spinal Unit
This Thursday 11 Feb we are being hosted by Liz Oliver and the staff at Burwood Spinal Unit BBQ shelter. Hans Wouter CEO of the NZ Spinal Trust who came and spoke to our club 18 months ago will also be present. The evening is being put on as an appreciation for our partial funding of the BBQ shelter from a trailer raffle several years ago.
Come through Gate 5 on Mairehau Rd and park in the public carpark. We will have the Rotary teardrop banner up to direct you to where you need to go.
Dinner is being served at 6.00pm
Bring an outdoor chair and $15 for your  meal. Burwood are funding part of the meal - we are covering the balance. After a bite to eat we will take our chairs into the dining hall for a short period of club business. If the wind is too cold we may also eat in the dining hall. 
Burwood Spinal Unit is on CDHB land  so there is zero tolerance of smoking and alcohol. Burwood Spinal Unit will have water and orange juice available. If you want something different bring it along but please no alcohol. Glasses, plates etc will be provided.