BBQ at Burwood Spinal Unit
Last Thursday evening 26 of our members and spouses enjoyed a lovely barbeque meal, on a beautiful warm evening, as guests of the staff and patients of the Burwood Spinal Unit.
We were welcomed by Liz Oliver, Service Manager of the Unit, along with Wayne Ramsay, Accommodation Officer, his wife, Polly, Hans Wouters, CEO of NZ Spinal Trust and some patients.
Some of the proceeds from our Trailer Raffle in 2018 were donated towards the barbeque area that was planned to be developed in the grounds of Burwood Hospital. It was finally fully completed this year at a total cost of around $25,000, of which we gave $7,100.
HRS Contractors donated the concrete and labour for the concrete pad and the balance came from a large bequeath by Cyril Smith. A plaque proudly sits beside the area acknowledging Papanui Rotary Club’s involvement.
Liz told us how much the patients and their families enjoy the area as it is good therapy for them to socialise away from the hospital wards; somewhere they can see as a ‘normal space’.
Liz presented President Janice with a certificate acknowledging Papanui Rotary involvement and offered heartfelt thanks from all the staff and patients and invited us to visit anytime.