Pap Rotary Car Rally March 2020
Thirty-seven Papanui Rotarians and family spent a fascinating afternoon on Sunday 15 March exploring the roads around Leeston. 
Our first stop after navigating our way to Chamberlains Road was at Nautilus Braids where a friend of Rob Nicholl is producing large quantities of ropes for the boat industry and other use from a huge shed on his farm.
The first two photos (above) give an idea of the spinning process. It was a fantastic place to visit and we were all amazed at the products being made. 
A short drive later took us to Strathlachlan in Drain Road Doyleston to the beautifully restored hone of our former caterer Deborah Gill Smith. We were greeted at the gate by Deborah’s son Murphy who welcomed us all.
We enjoyed the most delicious high tea of treats all made by Deborah.   Many also enjoyed seeing lots of very old items in the barn, including an old wine press and early washing machine.
The house looks amazing after its loving restoration. 
A great afternoon much enjoyed by all. Our very special thanks to Rob for organising such a fabulous event for us.