Changeover 2020!
Oh want a night!  No, it wasn’t “Late September back in ’64, what a very special time for me as I remember what a night.”
But what a great turnout and how well dressed up in style were a number of our members for one of the key evenings of the Papanui Rotary year.  Of particular note was Gary Denhard who looked especially dapper.
As part of our celebration we were delighted to induct two new members into the Club:
Inductees Kathy Anderson & Deborah Gimblett.
President Keith noted that Kathy’s experiences include extensive travelling across a vast range of countries and a real passion for caring for others while Deborah brings significant experiences as a Rotarian including being yet another DG that we are privileged to have in our Club.
Significant contributions by various Club members were then celebrated with particular note being made of the contribution that Gordon Shields and Tony Tizzard in particular have given the Club over many years.
Retiring President Keith then gave his Report that began with acknowledging that we never expected to find ourselves in the challenging Covid-19 situation.  “The world needs Rotary more than ever” he noted “to help support those who are struggling worldwide.”
Outgoing & Incoming Presidents Keith & Janice
Incoming President Janice next took the stand and shared some of her goals for the year that include focussing on ensuring that we look at new ways of doing things, continuing to grow our membership and to build a much wider public awareness and presence of who we are and what we do.
One of our guest visitors, DG Mark Yaxley , then spoke and as part of his thoughts going forward he suggested that we need to put the “fun” back into Rotary by ensuring that we have memorable moments that help make Clubs stronger.  This includes opportunities to work more closely with Toastmasters to this end.
Past and present DGs take a bow
Janice then closed the formal part of the evening by sharing the importance of working together going forward as espoused in the TEAM  analogy: “Together Everyone Achieves More”.