Draft Goals for Papanui Rotary
On Thursday evening Nick presented in draft format the data and responses received from 35 members during the Club goal setting he and Liz facilitated by Zoom during the Covid-19 Lockdown.

An electronic PDF copy of the 17-page result is being emailed to you immediately after this story is published.
With input from Philippa McQueen and Cheryl Denhard, all the responses have been recorded and compiled under the following three groups for each of the goal setting time periods:

1) Club Goals - Looking After and Enhancing Ourselves.
2) Projects - Working Locally (supporting the Papanui Community)
3) Projects - Working Widely (supporting the wider Community- regional, national, international)

As Nick explained on Thursday, members need to take the time to read and review the responses and ideas and the Club Board which will the develop the next steps in the process.