Posted by Club Chat Publisher Paice on Nov 27, 2019
A 2nd Youth Exchange Student Visit
We were delighted to host another group of students from various North Island Rotary clubs who, accompanied by Jen McKenzie and Peter, are involved in a boutique trip around the country.
They are:
  • Matthias Groppe from Germany based in Auckland
  • Adrien Rossier from Switzerland based in Whangarei
  • Thim Bozzetto from France based in Auckland
  • Yee-Hsien Wu from Taiwan based in Auckland
  • Lily Hogan from the USA based in Whangarei
  • Flo Aldunce from  Chile based in Whangarei
  • Amalie Ruhlmann from Denmark based in Auckland
  • Clara Liebmann from Austria based in Auckland
Each student briefly introduced themselves and shared one bit of excitement when they accidentally missed a bus as it’s sign named the end point of its journey rather than the place they were going to on the way.  Luckily things all worked out though and they are thoroughly enjoying the diversity of the places they are visiting and the activities they are experiencing.
They finished with a great rendition of a Maori folk song, Tūtira Mai Ngā Iwi, written by Wi Huata.  He wrote the song and taught it to his children whilst on a family gathering to Lake Tutira, north of Napier, that explains how iwi come together to support each other.