Posted by Grant Paice on Aug 07, 2019
Good Night Sleep Tight
We were privileged to hear from Anna Arps, Secretary / Trustee of the Good Night Sleep Tight Charity, which was established in 2016 to provide winter sleepwear and bedding for needy children up to 12 years old in the greater Christchurch area. 
The Charity’s volunteers work with a wide range of organisations who help identify families struggling with the cold each winter and take responsibility for the distribution of packs of clothing and bedding to hundreds if recipients each year.
Each pack consists of a duvet, flannelette sheets, toy slippers, a dressing gown, singlet, homemade hat and a book as shown above.  The packs cost $100-$120 each thanks to generous support from a wide array of local suppliers. 
The Charity is also supported by many additional corporate, non-profit and educational organisations.
Families are very grateful for this support and an example of feedback from one read as follows:
“My girls have gone to bed so happy and have slept through the night.”
We thanked Anna for sharing this marvellous service with us.
For more information click here to view the Charity’s website.