Posted by Grant Paice on Mar 20, 2019
Chicago … My Kind of Town
Liz, recently returned from an international training event for incoming regional coordinators in Chicago, gave us an insight into her experiences during her time there.
The 1st thing Liz found on arrival was that the temperature was -15c.  Christmas decorations were still up and there was snow everywhere. Luckily she was able to find hot coffee at a local Starbucks outlet.
All six trainers came from different countries and one of the 1st things they noticed was the large, comprehensive folder they would be using as a resource. 
There were 40+ participants using 22 different languages so trainers had to wear translation equipment to ensure everyone was involved and engaged.
Based on the principles that together we learn as people of action, the training covered four areas:
  1. Increase impact.
  2. Expand reach.
  3. Enhance engagement.
  4. Be open to change.
At the end the event Liz took the opportunity to look around Chicago which is seen as the architectural hub of the US.
Liz concluded by sharing that she found this experience to be a fantastic way to connect with a diverse range of multicultural Rotarians as they worked and learnt together in order to take Rotary into the future.