Welcome to our New Associates
Last Thursday we were introduced to six young new Rotary Associates to the Club with member Gaby Horne also in attendance.
Keith and Tony introduced each of the new associates who were divided up at different tables to help us get to know them more quickly.
They were as follows:
  • Maddie Wilson from Christchurch who is studying Engineering.
  • Brianna Fidow from Christchurch who is studying Biochemistry.
  • Olivia Murphy from Te Anau who is studying Commerce & International Relations.
  • Maggie Tarry from Ashburton.
  • Hayley Mackey from Whakatane who is studying Engineering.
  • Ella Adams from Christchurch who is studying Health Sciences.
They will be included on our future Club Chat emailing list in order to ensure they stay well informed of what we are up to.