Liz gave us a great overview of our year to date that focussed on the wide range of activities we have been involved with over the last twelve months. 
It began with Keith recording our history and then looked at the quite startling fact that we have had six past District Governors and will raise this to seven when Nick takes the reins in the future.
The following selection of pictures from Liz’s presentation capture the key activities we have had the privilege to have been involved with as Rotarians in what has certainly been a very different and challenging year.
Remembering our History
Welcoming new members
Working in Committees
Solving the World’s Problems
Supporting the Papanui Bush Project
Youth Leadership Awards
Community Breast Milk Support
Food Can Project during Covid-19 Lockdown
Emerging Leaders at Hanmer Camp
Halloween Event with Ray White
Attending Rotary Conferences
Presidents Elect Training
Additional activities that were mentioned included the trailer raffle that over three years has raised $75,000 for supporting community agencies and assisting with funding for the building of a BBQ area at the Burwood Spinal Unit.
Well done to all members and supporters who contributed their time, effort and passion to make our year a great success.