Papanui Rotary Christmas 2019
A happy band of 45 club members and partners joined together at the Presbyterian Village Community facility to celebrate our Christmas wind up for 2019.
What a pleasure it was to have Deborah from Ambrosia Kitchen and her team to cater and look after us.
A delightful selection of hors d'oeuvres was served at our table.
This was followed by Lois’s surprise entertainment in the form of 9 year old Eliza playing guitar and singing a bracket of songs.
In place of a regular Sergeant’s session, Rob Thomson provided the material for some entertaining, thought provoking and hilarious activity. Every attendee was given the name of a part of the body or a medical condition and was asked to stand and provide an alternative description for this; e.g. indigestion –the consumption of food indoors as opposed to outdigestion as at a barbecue or picnic.
The main course was a feast fit for royalty with pork raised to a large extent on acorns, beef, new potatoes, a yummy chicken and noodle salad and a mixed green salad with accompanying dressings.
Prior to dessert being served, Santa (alias Arie) arrived and dispensed the small gifts that everyone had brought. There was a lot of inquisitive looks and much frivolity as the array was opened and displayed.
The raffle was drawn next and the prize winners more than satisfied with their success. Thanks to Cynthia Tizzard for doing a great job wrapping and displaying the gift baskets and other prizes.  The dessert table groaned under the selection Deborah had prepared for us. What a diet breaker!  The sumptuous meal was topped off with a satisfying tea or coffee.
There was a great deal of mingling and chatter as club members and partners relaxed in a wonderful atmosphere of friendship.
President Keith was a very able MC.
Thank you to Lois and a variety of helpers who put together an outstanding and most enjoyable night.
Merry Christmas everyone and our best wishes for a happy and healthy New Year.