Rotary NZ World Community Service
35th Anniversary - 28 October 2020
Rotary New Zealand World Community Service (RNZWCS), initially Rotary Overseas Aid Projects (ROAP), celebrates 35 years of service to the Rotary Districts of New Zealand and Pacific Countries and their partner Rotary organisations and communities worldwide.
This milestone is due only to the tenacity, positive spirit and dedicated service of Rotarians past and present. The inaugural District Directors were CT Field 9910, Brian Meadowcroft 9920, Jack Ridley 9930, Gerry Fox – Chairman 9940, Keith Rollo 9970 and Lou Robinson 9980.
RNZWCS was registered as RNZWCS Limited, a not for profit limited charity CC26860 on 11 December 2003. Prior to and more significantly since, RNZWCS has partnered with the NZ Government through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs obtaining grants from various partnerships in New Zealand, in addition to bilateral and multilateral funding. The Global Polio Eradication Initiative benefitting to date from in excess of NZ $12 million from MFAT.
In 1995 and on three occasions since RNZWCS has undergone a rigorous re accreditation process with MFAT to enable it to continue to receive funding. The latest in recent weeks conducted by independent consultants in the form of due diligence.
The 15 standards set by MFAT covered 5 key areas: governance, associates, finance, good practice and safeguarding. The exercise having been completed to MFAT’s satisfaction, RNZWCS has entered into the Design phase for a $1.5 million activity partnering with Rotary Pacific Water for Life in Fiji.
Since 2003, RNZWCS has witnessed Rotary receiving approx. $35 million from external funders.
In addition to funding support RNZWCS manages the Emergency Response Kit (ERKs) programme, first introduced into New Zealand in 1985 as EMBOX by Eastern Hutt Rotary. Since 2007 when records have been kept, some 10,000 kits have been purchased and packed.
Rotary volunteers at warehouses in Auckland and Christchurch have undertaken the task. RNZWCS is indebted to the Auckland Rotary Clubs who recently packed 1,000 kits to supplement those prepositioned in Pacific countries in preparation for the forthcoming cyclone season.
RNZWCS values the financial and strategic support from MFAT in addition to the support of Rotary in Pacific countries along with other International and local NGO’s who provide storage and logistical support when the need arises.
RNZWCS continues to support Rotary Clubs in Christchurch with their Donations in Kind programme. They have consigned 22 Containers of goods to Pacific countries in the past few years with one at sea currently between New Zealand and Tonga.
Donations in Kind are a valued commodity and only items specifically requested are sourced. The newly established Passport Club in Rotorua has taken up the challenge following the Christchurch example.
RNZWCS responds to the Humanitarian needs of people as they arise undertaking appeals to Rotary, the private and public sectors. Most notably included the Christchurch earthquakes when in excess of $2 million was received and more recently significant responses were made to the Australian Bushfire and Samoa Measles Epidemic Appeals.
Since 1985, RNZWCS has worked collaboratively with its Australian counterpart RAWCS and in the early years issued a quarterly project booklet to clubs in both countries. In 2014 RNZWCS and RAWCS entered into a formal MOU. From 2018 a Working Group meets quarterly by zoom. Details Page 41 Oct 2020 RDU.
RNZWCS acknowledges the support and valuable assistance given by past and present New Zealand Rotary District Governors and from every Rotarian in addition to MFAT and external donors both public and private.