Posted by Gary Denhard on Feb 11, 2019

Rotary Associates Amazing Race at the University

Each year, as part of the Canterbury University Emerging Leaders Development Program (ELDP), Rotary has the opportunity to present to new students the benefits of applying to become a Rotary Associate.
In previous years, Tony Taylor has been very successful in pitching what Rotary has to offer giving a 10 minute Presentation followed by a one-on one question and answer session.
This year, the University’s ELDP Leaders decided to have an Amazing Race concept to convey to students what was available as part of the program.
There are about 90 ELDP students this year. They were split into teams of 7-10.
There were two parts to the activity
  • Amazing Race
  • Information Booth
The Amazing Race consisted of 10 stations. Each station represented a possible program which the students could join to further their Emerging Leadership skills.
Our station was to promote the Rotary Associates program for this and subsequent years. Gary and Jonny put together a Gift Wrapping challenge where, in 7 minutes, the students had to wrap 4 objects conveying the message “ Rotary Helps the Community through projects.”
After the race we had the opportunity to setup a “booth” where students could go to in order to ask indepth questions about the Rotary Associates program. The booth was put together and looked after by Liz. She was assisted by Mandi on the day.
You can see a video of the event by clicking here