7 Day Rotary Can Activity – You can Help the Foodbank

Today, Papanui Rotary have launched a small and simple (but significant) activity for our club members.
 The Foodbank (Part of the Community Administries of the Salvation Army) urgently needs more canned food to help those desperately in need because of the Covid-19 Lockdown.
Our initiative is for every Papanui Rotary member to offer to collect cans from twenty or so neighbours in their street who may wish to help.
We have almost 50 members and we have a target of collecting over 500 cans in a couple of hours.
We start today by delivering flyers to our 20 closest neighbours and will collect the cans at neighbour’s gateways at the times noted on the flyers.
The activity finishes at 8pm on Sunday 17th May 2020.
Each flyer has the name and contact number of the Rotary member collecting the cans so it will be easy for any neighbours to ask questions.
We are excited about a small initiative which should delivers big results.