Jim Hudson
In his 2nd talk about the Rotary Foundation Jim began by sharing changes in the funding system.
All funds collected for The Rotary Foundation from individuals, Clubs and Districts go to the Foundation’s Annual Fund, unless specifically requested to go to the Polio Fund or the Endowment Fund.   Annual Fund monies are invested for three years at the end of which 50% are directed to the World Fund and 50% to the District Designated Fund which is available for our District to use.
Under the new granting model, districts manage the application process and select the projects to be funded for approval by The Rotary Foundation. The funds are then deposited into a dedicated district bank account and onto the clubs to enable the projects to be completed within the year. 
“What we can access” explained Jim “is dependent on what we have contributed over the three years so the more money we all contribute to The Rotary Foundation, the more will come back to us to distribute in District Grants.”
Local district examples include Riccarton Rotary’s Hohepa Walkway & Reflection Garden and Bishopdale-Burnside Rotary’s neonatal jaundice prevention programme for Fiji (below).
The World Fund is used to pay for Global Grants that are much bigger in scope and for which the minimum budget is US$30,000.  “These require more detailed and specific goals” noted Jim.
The Foundation also supports teaching and learning opportunities overseas with the focus being to create lasting change across the globe, our communities and ourselves. 
Jim ended his informative session with the following key point for us to keep in mind:
“Supporting our Foundation helps all of us make a difference.”