Posted by Grant Paice on Sep 18, 2019
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“One of the things that is relevant is that Polio is not at peoples front of mind because there hasn’t been an outbreak in NZ for longer than most people’s memories.”
“As mentioned in this article it only takes someone to bring it back unwittingly from overseas for it to break out again.”
A Bit of our History …
George Fowlds
 As with the growth of Rotary in Australia, the main catalysts for Rotary’s beginnings in New Zealand lie with the two Canadian commissioners Jim Davidson and Layton Ralston. Yet, the first seeds of growth were sown by the Hon. (later, Sir) George Fowlds.
George, a Scot by birth, was a prosperous draper and visited both Canada and the USA between August and November 1920. Fowlds often appeared at Rotary and Kiwanis meetings as guest speaker but did not actively consider Rotary for himself until he appeared at the Rotary Club of Victoria, BC, Canada.
Fowlds was a former Minister of Education for New Zealand which would have made him an obvious choice for Rotary club speaker. Among Fowlds other achievements; he was President of the University of Auckland and President of the Board of Trustees of the University of New Zealand. From the Victoria club, Fowlds received information from the club secretary and this inspired him to call in at Rotary headquarters in Chicago.

(Forward by NZ Prime Minister, S. G. Holland, 14 Jan 1955)
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