Thursday the 20th at the Pap Club is “GO”
After the challenges of the previous few days after our return to Level 2, Deryn & Grant with President Janice’s approval have decided that having a meeting at the Papanui Club for interested members this Thursday the 2oth is a “go”.
We have been offered a “two-choice meal” of a Roast or Lamb Shanks plus pudding and decided to go with this meeting as a social opportunity for interested members to get together. 
We will be there from 5:15 pm to take payment in the usual ways.  We will also set out the tables & chairs to ensure social distancing is followed and hopefully enough of the tech members will be able to attend and help set up the speaker system etc.
Please let us know via an apology if you are not able to make it and for those who are coming to either look for the QR code to scan with the Covid App or for a sign in sheet near the front entrances.
Grant will open the meeting before the meal.
Afterwards we will have a very brief presentation from Grant on a dubious topic of vague interest that he has yet to decide on and after that we will run a brief table competition with prizes.  Others are also welcome to share info on upcoming events or news etc.
We both look forward to seeing you there.
Deryn & Grant
Two Reminders from Deryn
If you have not yet paid your sub, please do as as soon as possible as these are now overdue.

If you have not yet paid what you owe from the Brown Paper Bag Auction please do so as soon as possible. If you can't remember what you owe, please contact Deryn on 021 161861 or email her at
Though for the Week
“It’s not about the cards you are dealt that matters but by how you play them.”