John Stringer had a chat with Keith and Janice recently and they have agreed it would be fun to run a weekly book table at Rotary for the rest of the year, to raise some funds, selling books associated with the Club as Christmas stocking fillers.
He has two books out this year, Keith can provide the Chatham Islands book, and John is hoping Jenny might put up some of her books in the mix. John will get the Papanui Heritage book.
He has asked me to put out an initial call for Rotary Members to bring along books for sale that are in some way associated with the Club and, ideally, they would be authored by Club members but not necessarily.  He will run a book table each Thursday. They can be new, or second hand, but need a connection.
Keith and John will bring their ones along next week to kick it off.
Kathy received this letter recently regarding funds raised for MSPC.
Dear Kathy
We now have the totals back from all the buckets and we can let you know how Papanui Rotary Club did for our 2020 Street Appeal!
Your group raised $1,417.40, which is absolutely fantastic!
Thank you so much for your continuing support and for helping us smash our targets this year. We can never fully express how grateful we are for your continuing support.
Kind regards,
Charlotte Ackroyd
The President’s Blurb
The primary and intermediate schools speech competition finals last Thursday night was a great success.
Two new schools joined the mix and there were 16 great finalists speaking on a range of topics some hilarious, others very serious issues. 
17 Rotarians and one partner attended and everybody was impressed.  Thank you to Lois and her team for a wonderfully organised event. 
Thankfully the Rotarians that came to the Club for a meal remembered to come early. We were back to buffet and it was very enjoyable. Now that we are back to the buffet you only need to contact Deryn or the apology line if you are going to be absent or if you are bringing guests. 
I am looking forward to a full attendance this week at the Club. Have a good week everybody.
Thought for a Windy Week
“I can't change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination.”