Posted by Grant Paice on Aug 28, 2019
Paul Harris Presentation
Tony Taylor was presented with the Paul Harris award in recognition of his many years of service and contribution to youth.
Tony joined Rotary in 1990 and has served during his time with us to date as both President and Board Director.  He also primarily established the Rotary Associates group which included building a strong link to the University of Canterbury focused on enabling youth to experience voluntary service.
This was hard slog at the start, but through Tony’s perseverance the programme had 50 applicants after a year.  Since then it continued to grow as more clubs and students came on board. 
This has resulted on over 1,000 youth being introduced to and experiencing what Rotary volunteering is about with a number of Rotary clubs having benefitted from the experiences of youth involvement through Tony tireless efforts in this area.
When asked about a memorable experience, Tony shared that it is the quality of the students themselves that he felt was amazing.