Community Services
The Community Committee’s role is to:
  1. Develop and implement projects that benefit the local and district community
  2. Provide services to the local community as requested
Foundation and International



New Generation

Public Image

What is Public Image ?

 It is the opinion that someone can form of an organisation or a person.

 Why does Rotary need a Public Image ?

 We need a public image committee to promote Rotary to an external audience to foster understanding, appreciation and support for our Rotary programmes. Our goal is to promote awareness among Rotarians that effective external publicity, favourable public relations and a positive image are  necessary to continuing the work of Rotarians both locally and globally.

 Our Rotary brand is the way we can connect with a wide variety of people. We like to partner with other like minded organisations to have a greater impact when working on projects. This involves more people, an opportunity to mentor younger people, the use of technology, and to tell our stories across a wider audience.

 We are “People of Action” and our stories that touch the heart are the most effective way to tell people what we do as an organisation.