Rotary Foundation
Jim Hudson
In his 2nd talk about the Rotary Foundation Jim began by sharing changes in the funding system.
All funds collected for The Rotary Foundation from individuals, Clubs and Districts go to the Foundation’s Annual Fund, unless specifically requested to go to the Polio Fund or the Endowment Fund.   Annual Fund monies are invested for three years at the end of which 50% are directed to the World Fund and 50% to the District Designated Fund which is available for our District to use.
Under the new granting model, districts manage the application process and select the projects to be funded for approval by The Rotary Foundation. The funds are then deposited into a dedicated district bank account and onto the clubs to enable the projects to be completed within the year. 
“What we can access” explained Jim “is dependent on what we have contributed over the three years so the more money we all contribute to The Rotary Foundation, the more will come back to us to distribute in District Grants.”
Local district examples include Riccarton Rotary’s Hohepa Walkway & Reflection Garden and Bishopdale-Burnside Rotary’s neonatal jaundice prevention programme for Fiji (below).
The World Fund is used to pay for Global Grants that are much bigger in scope and for which the minimum budget is US$30,000.  “These require more detailed and specific goals” noted Jim.
The Foundation also supports teaching and learning opportunities overseas with the focus being to create lasting change across the globe, our communities and ourselves. 
Jim ended his informative session with the following key point for us to keep in mind:
“Supporting our Foundation helps all of us make a difference.”
Youth Impact
Youth Impact Projects
Our small but super impactful projects have brought our Sister Club Usa River in Tanzania and the youth at their drop-in centre and orphanage much joy.
The two top pictures show activities that help youth let out energy in a safe way that focuses on self-control and concentration followed below by being able to enjoy a good night’s sleep thanks to new bunk beds and mattresses in the Orphanage.
MS Parkinson's Support
Our volunteer collectors were in action recently including being located at a great site at the entrance to New World which resulted in a good number of people donating and also sharing their experiences about their loved ones who have or had multiple sclerosis or Parkinson’s.
Helen & Janice in action
We received the following letter of thanks:
Dear Kathy
Multiple Sclerosis and Parkinson’s Canterbury would like to thank Papanui Rotary Club for their help at our 2020 Street Appeal.
We really appreciate the continuing support of your group, especially during these uncertain times. We simply would not have been able to have the Appeal without you, and so for your support, we are incredibly grateful.
We don’t yet have the full totals for the various areas and sites however we will let you know as soon as we have our final tallies.
Thank you again and I hope we can count on you again next year!
Kind regards:
Charlotte Ackroyd
All Go at the “Bush”
It was great to see a good turnout at Papanui Bush recently.  Morning tea was especially well earnt by our hard working group of attendees.
What a Happy Chap!
Lois wins this month’s prize for the “Best Committee to Be On” thanks to her baking a scrumptious lemon cake. 
Thanks for the picture Kate.
A Message from the Papanui Club GM (abridged)
As I’m sure most of you are aware the Government have extended Level 2 until at least September 16th, so we have just over a week more until we can hopefully go back to Level 1 and normal Club operations.  Brett.

For our Rotary members who are also members of the Papanui Club, their AGM will be held at the Club on Sunday September the 27th at 10:00 am.
Emergency Response Kits (ERKs)
This year ANZWCS is planning to provide 1,000 kits for use in the Pacific Islands where ongoing natural disasters, such as cyclones and earthquakes, cause massive suffering.
The international and foundation committee has agreed to fund at least three ERKs at a cost of $600 each but would like to increase this number.
We have already received several promises of help and are now seeking support from other club members. This could be in the form of assistance to fund either part or all of the cost of an ERK.
RNZWCS is a registered charity and contributions are able to be claimed by donors for income tax rebate purposes.
Please consider supporting this great program and if you are able to assist the following details will help:
Donor Name and Address
Bank Account: 03 1702 0192208 02
Amount Pledged:  $
If you have any questions please contact Stuart or Euan.
The President’s Blurb
Covid alert levels have done it to us again - another 7 days. This week we have Darren Wright and Ken Pope from The Greater Christchurch Earthquake Resolution Service speaking to us about botched repairs claims and claims arising after on-sales. 
In light of the level 2 restrictions it will still be plated meals this week - half roasts and half fish and chips.  It is a Partners night so it is important to let Deryn know whether you are coming (Yes or No) and whether you are bringing a partner. 
The following week Thursday 24th is the finals night for the Primary and Intermediate speech competitions. The meal (hopefully back to a buffet) will start at 5.30pm to enable members to get to Heaton Intermediate School on time. 
Arie and I did a stint collecting for MS and Parkinson’s at Northwood New World. We were right beside the Lotto counter and were struck by people’s generosity and some of the tragic stories they told about family members affected by these diseases.
Thank-you to many members who assisted with the collecting.  Last Tuesday we managed to join the team weeding at Papanui Bush on a fine day. We were surprised by the growth in the native trees planted at the Bush.
The committee night last Thursday was a great success with good attendances and some serious work being done by the committees. Thank you to everybody for your participation.
Just a reminder we are not permitted to go to the bar and order our own drinks - the club is operating on a single serve basis. A staff member has to come and take orders. Frustrating but that is life at every venue at present.
The general manager told us he had some complaints from diners who were not allowed to come to the bar but observed Rotarians trying to do exactly that.  Thanks for your understanding going forward.
Look forward to seeing many of you on Thursday.
Just took a call this afternoon from Deryn who has been informed that the meals for this Thursday’s meeting at the Papanui Club is either a roast or fish & chips. 
She has heard that the fish & chips are especially scrumptious.
Thought for the Week
“The Rotary way is to light a candle. I light one, you light one, 1.2 million Rotarians light one. Together, we light up the world.”
RI President-Elect Gary C. K. Huang
(The Rotarian Apr 2014)
Upcoming Events you are welcome to attend
Junior Speech Competition - preliminaries
Heaton Intermediate School
Sep 17, 2020
9:00 AM – 2:30 PM
Darren & Ken talk re Earthquake Claims Resolution
The Papanui
Sep 17, 2020
5:55 PM – 7:30 PM
Coffee Club morning
Reality Bites Cafe
Sep 18, 2020
Coffee Club meet at Reality Bites Cafe
Reality Bites Cafe
Sep 18, 2020
10:00 AM – 11:05 AM
Club meal before Junior Speech Comp. Finals
Heaton Intermediate School
Sep 24, 2020
5:20 PM – 8:45 PM
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