Speech Comp Results 2020
Primary & Intermediate Speech Finals 2020
Lois Flanagan
This year’s speech contest was the biggest for many years with 67 students from 9 schools competing in the preliminary rounds. It was a real pleasure to welcome 2 new schools this year- Ilam and Emmanuel Christian School.
Thursday 17 September was the day for the preliminary rounds. Topics for the speeches ranged from the lofty subjects of Bullying, Black Lives Matter, Health and Obesity and Child Labour, to lighter topics of Ice Cream, Lego and Annoying siblings.  One young man told us Rugby is Dangerous, while sporting a large black eye he got from playing hockey! 
The judges had a hard task to select 4 finalists in each of Years 5, 6, 7 & 8. In the end there was a good variety of schools represented in the final 16 with every school which competed having at least one student in the final. My grateful thanks to the 4 preliminary round judges: Donna Cherry, Ken McNee, Jennifer O’Leary & Grant Paice who did a fantastic job of choosing the finalists. Thanks also to the timekeepers, Keith Mitchell and Gordon Shields who kept everyone on the right time.
It was a wonderful night of entertainment at the Finals at Heaton Intermediate Performing Arts Centre last Thursday night. Parents and friends filled the theatre to enjoy the speeches. Our judges for the final were our own Rotary Associate Sarah Pride and a new judge this year: John Ballantyne from Bishopdale Toastmasters. 
The finals kept the audience well entertained with spirited speeches on the History of Make-up, Ethical Fashion, the advantages of Singing and Jet Pack Transport. Two of the first place winners were speeches from students who each spoke with passion & humour about the challenges of living with Diabetes and Celiac Disease. 
We congratulate all the students who took part in the competition on their commitment, skills and courage in standing up in front of an audience and performing so well. The finalists were all superb and special congratulations to them all.
Special thanks to Heaton Intermediate School who welcome us so warmly every year and provide the rooms and the Performing Arts Centre for us to use.  Thank you also to Gordon Shields for getting the gift vouchers and to Tony Tizzard who prepares and beautifully hand writes all the Certificates.  
The speech contest has been going for 26 years and is a great way Papanui Rotary can be involved in the community and make a difference to young peoples’ lives. 
Make sure you book a seat for next year’s finals! 
TIME 100 Rotarian
TIME 100 Rotarian
Submitted by Liz
Dear Rotarians/ International PolioPlus Committee Members/ Directors and Trustees

It is with great pride that we inform you that one of our own has been named one of TIME’s “100 Most Influential People in the World.”
Just a few moments ago, Dr. Tunji Funsho, Rotary’s Nigeria National PolioPlus Chair was named to the TIME 100 list for his critical leadership in working with Rotary members and our partners to achieve a wild polio-free Nigeria and eradicate the wild poliovirus in the African region. He is the first Rotary member to receive this honor for our work to eradicate polio.

You can view Dr. Funsho’s profile on the TIME website here.

Dr. Funsho is a member of the Rotary Club of Lekki in Lagos, Nigeria and is Past District Governor of District 9110 and member of the International PolioPlus Committee. Dr. Funsho is a cardiologist with a lifelong commitment to building a healthier world.
As Nigeria National PolioPlus Chair since 2013, he has built on the work of his predecessors by leading PolioPlus efforts in Nigeria. Working alongside his fellow Rotarians, Dr. Funsho has built awareness for the importance of polio immunization, encouraged governments and public figures to support polio eradication, and served as a vocal leader and advocate for Rotary and our fight to end polio.

The Time 100 list recognizes the activism, innovation and achievement of the world’s most influential individuals. Dr. Funsho joins the list with some of the most important and well-known public figures in the world who have been past recipients of the honor: heads of state such as Angela Merkel, religious figures like the Dalai Lama and Pope Francis, celebrities like Oprah Winfrey and Bono, philanthropists like Bill Gates, and activists such as Malala Yousafzai.

Dr. Funsho stands on the shoulders of the countless women and men of Rotary who have dedicated their lives, their time, and their money to Rotary’s top priority of eradicating polio. This honor is not just a testament to his work, it is acknowledgment that Rotary members make a difference in the world—one that is worthy of international recognition among the world’s most distinguished leaders.

Every Rotarian can be a leader in the fight to eradicate polio. We hope you’ll use this recognition of Dr. Funsho and Rotary as an opportunity to put renewed energy and focus into creating a world where no child ever again has to be paralyzed by the poliovirus.
We’ve come so far into our fight to eradicate polio, and we’ve made incredible progress in the face of enormous challenges. As we join in congratulation to Dr. Funsho, let’s join together and deliver upon our promise to End Polio Now.
Holger Knaack: President, Rotary Foundation
K.R Ravindran: Chair, The Rotary Foundation
John Stringer had a chat with Keith and Janice recently and they have agreed it would be fun to run a weekly book table at Rotary for the rest of the year, to raise some funds, selling books associated with the Club as Christmas stocking fillers.
He has two books out this year, Keith can provide the Chatham Islands book, and John is hoping Jenny might put up some of her books in the mix. John will get the Papanui Heritage book.
He has asked me to put out an initial call for Rotary Members to bring along books for sale that are in some way associated with the Club and, ideally, they would be authored by Club members but not necessarily.  He will run a book table each Thursday. They can be new, or second hand, but need a connection.
Keith and John will bring their ones along next week to kick it off.
Kathy received this letter recently regarding funds raised for MSPC.
Dear Kathy
We now have the totals back from all the buckets and we can let you know how Papanui Rotary Club did for our 2020 Street Appeal!
Your group raised $1,417.40, which is absolutely fantastic!
Thank you so much for your continuing support and for helping us smash our targets this year. We can never fully express how grateful we are for your continuing support.
Kind regards,
Charlotte Ackroyd
The President’s Blurb
The primary and intermediate schools speech competition finals last Thursday night was a great success.
Two new schools joined the mix and there were 16 great finalists speaking on a range of topics some hilarious, others very serious issues. 
17 Rotarians and one partner attended and everybody was impressed.  Thank you to Lois and her team for a wonderfully organised event. 
Thankfully the Rotarians that came to the Club for a meal remembered to come early. We were back to buffet and it was very enjoyable. Now that we are back to the buffet you only need to contact Deryn or the apology line if you are going to be absent or if you are bringing guests. 
I am looking forward to a full attendance this week at the Club. Have a good week everybody.
Thought for a Windy Week
“I can't change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination.”
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Oct 13, 2020
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