Papanui Rotary 
Recycled Natural Wood Footstool
Wooden Foot Stool Project
Brand new footstool made from recycled Rimu created by Papanui Rotary Club and Kaiapoi Menz Shed as a fundraiser to help the community.
This could be a great Christmas present which the whole family can use.
The stools have unique Rimu grains beautifully brought out with several coats of Danish Oil.
Each stool is well made with care by many volunteers experienced in woodwork or carpentry and oiled to a beautiful finished by Rotary Club Members.
The top measures 395 mm x 185 mm and the height is 210 mm. They can support a 120kg person.
It is almost impossible to get well-priced Rimu furniture these days and this is the handiest stool you will ever own. It gives short people an instant 20cm boost in height to reach items on high shelves, change light bulbs or smoke alarms.
Old people love them just to rest the legs while watching TV and they are great when cutting their toenails.
Kids can sit on them to play games and watch TV.
Toddlers learning to walk use them as walking frames as well as sleds (upside down) and a step-up up to see what Mum is doing at the kitchen bench. 
To see a toddler in action, watch a short video by clicking here
They are also available as unfinished.
Price is only $65 finished with Danish Oil or $50 unfinished.
To buy a stool or ask questions contact:
Gary Denhard Email: or Mobile: (021) 224 4804