School Special Needs Camp

At Papanui High School, the Kimi Ora Unit is for students with an intellectual disability.
Each student works on an Individual Education Programme, which is worked out jointly by the student, the family, specialists and the school staff.
There is a strong emphasis on communication, functional life skills, relationships and self-care. Their programme aims ultimately to transition and support students through work experience opportunities and the ongoing development of independent living skills.
There are two rooms, fully equipped with kitchen areas, class and office space, computers, a TV etc. Classes make use of the school library and community library, gymnasium, computer science, food and nutrition and other specialist rooms.
All students have Art, Physical Education, Music and Food and Nutrition with specialist teachers.
Based on IEP and staff assessment, students can, where appropriate, also join mainstream classes.
These students are fully accepted as part of the wider school and take part in all special school events such as sports days, school dances and special events. They attend form time in a mainstream class.
Senior students work alongside the Kimi Ora students as peer tutors and assist with the annual camp.
The Kimi Ora Camp
The annual camp is held in late September each year. Year 12 students act as leaders and run the 3 day camp and activities. It is rewarding for the leaders and students. They end up one big happy family.
Papanui Rotary runs a BBQ fundraiser which is specifically to provide some financial assistance with accommodation, food transport and camp activities.