Skills & Knowledge Workshops
“Get those arms up”
This event was hosted by the Papanui Rotary Community Committee as a respond to ideas for fund raising.  Around eleven club members participated one way or another plus we had 4-5 attendees from other clubs.
It was quite different from the  traditional raffles/collecting donations for other agencies as members were sharing their skills and knowledge with other members, engaging and interacting across a wide range of topics including Wills & Power of Attorney, Skills for Young Parenting/Babies, Grief Counselling & Depression, Exercises for Mature People, Facebook for Beginners  and Great Presentations.

activity from the exercise workshop
We raised $318.30 being $33 from the café with the balance coming from the workshop donations.  This was delivered to Treasurer Deryn on Saturday straight after the event.
The organising committee also contributed hours of their time in preparation as well as managing the food/café catering costs. A special thanks to Denis for helping with setting up and to Papanui High School for allowing us to use their facility.
The committee received excellent feedback from attendees including the following:
Hi Lois
I really want to thank you for your presentation yesterday. It has filled in many knowledge gaps for me and spurred me to action. I’m also thrilled to be able to use the example of the Knowledge and Skills workshop approach to Vocational Service with my District Amalgamation Focus Group.
Many thanks:
Riccarton Rotary Club
Both Liz and Simon turned up to take photos at different times so we can expect some excellent marketing material from these members.
Kate Smart
Community Committee, Papanui Rotary