Papanui Rotary Club Chat Snippets

Papanui Club Chat Snippets
25 Jan 202
Dr Larry Skiba
We were treated to long term member Larry’s talk on his experiences and changes over time to General Practitioner and medical services.
Larry was brought up in a farming community in Canada.  After 2 years pre-med he next attended medical school in Calgary. On finishing this, he then moved to New Zealand in 1976 where, after a stint in Dunedin, he then moved to Ashburton Hospital where he described his activities as “doing everything”.
His next move was to the Papanui Medical Centre while completing General Practitioner training where he stayed for 20 years.  President Grant was one of his patients later in that period but he can’t seem to remember him which is probably a good thing for Grant J.
His next move was to his current job at the Mansfield Health Centre in Merivale.  One of his more interesting activities is travelling to Disneyland with groups of children where he oversees and manages their medical needs.
“One of the largest changes to how GPs work was caused by the rapidly changing IT world which is now extensively used” shared Larry.  Mobiles are in particular are being used for a wider variety of access to medical services.
“Prescriptions in particular can be accessed this way” continued Larry but he also shared that this sometimes has its challenges as users adapt to this way of doing things.
Another area that has changed significantly is surgery which has significantly reduced time spent in hospitals. This helps free up these valuable resources for other services.
Other areas where things have changed notably include minor surgery including ear wax removal plus access to St Johns is now computerised. 
With respect to the evolving Covid world, Larry noted that this has significantly changed how medical centres operate and stressed that preventing spreading is now a key focus of GP advice to patients.  He also noted that the response time to the provision of vaccines and services has been significantly quicker than it was in the past.
As to the future, Larry feels that the space age may have a greater role to play in the future as it continues to change rapidly and as a result of its development it will provide increasingly new and complex technologies and discoveries that will have an impact on how we package and deliver GP and medical services.
Max thanked Larry for his presentation on the changing GP and medical services world.
This Week’s Meeting
The buffet will operate this week, along the lines that it did earlier last year, where we each take our plate up and let them know what we want on it.
We will require apologies, though, so that we can give The Papanui Club as accurate a number as possible of those attending so they can allocate us spots within the 100 allowed in each bar.
It is important that we think of other members of the Papanui Club, and allow as many as possible to visit the club while we are there.
Deryn asks that all those not attending (i.e. apologies) let her know by midday Wednesday the 26th. Those she doesn’t hear from will be deemed to be attending and are likely to be charged $24 whether or not they attend.
It was a delight for myself, Tony Taylor, Lois, Jim and Nick to attend the RYLA course luncheon and group presentations last Friday in support of Bridie and other attendees on the course’s last day.
Bridie joined us for Lunch
After a lovely lunch we proceeded upstairs and were treated to some excellent presentations of fund raising ideas from sub groups of attendees.
These covered a wide range of areas including Wild Pine Tree control, assisting parents with young babies, organising education packs for a Tongan college, offering cooking classes, providing options for flooding mitigation and helping provide better access to bariatric surgery.
Bridie’s Group Presentation
Lois captured this saying at the finish of the meeting:
mua ka kite a muri
muri ka ora a mua
Those who lead give sight to those who follow.
Those who follow give life to those who lead.
What a great opportunity for these keen and energetic attendees to gain skills and enjoy the comradery of what Rotary offers
President Grant
Food for Thought
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Papanui Rotary Club Chat Snippets 18 Jan 2022

Papanui Club Chat Snippets
18 Jan 2022
Papanui Rotary New Year BBQ
A good gathering of members and partners gathered at Grant & Jenny’ McFadden’s magnificent abode in Mairehau last week with the weather gods putting on a beautiful summer evening.
The setting by the pool was lovely with Ron taking advantage of the opportunity to pop into the pool for a pre-dinner swim!
Special thanks to Lois et al for accessing meats and general supplies and to all others for bringing along a scrumptious   range of salads and desserts.
Speakers for the Next Two Weeks
This week our speaker is our very own Dr Larry who will be talking on “General Practice – Past & Present”.
The following week we will hear from Rob Thomson who will be talking on “Covid, Death & the Funeral Industry”.
Please remember to let Deryn know if you cannot attend our 1st meeting at the Papanui Club this week ASAP via
We look forward to seeing you all again soon!
Kathy thought it is probably timely to remind us of our commitment to assist with the street appeal for the Multiple Sclerosis and Parkinson Society. 
The original plan was that we were helping them in September but sadly this got cancelled due to Covid, so here are the new dates they have arranged:

Friday 18th February & Saturday 19th February
One day we will be covering the New World site at 2 Mounter Ave, Northwood and the other day we will be outside the New World 45 Peer Street, commencing at 9am in 2 hour slots.

Kathy will collect the buckets and bibs etc. and set up and close down the collection sites.

She has got a roster set up ready on Google Sheets and will also print out a roster to bring to our meetings for people to put their names on.
As noted in an earlier email, RYLA 2022 is running this week at College House in Waimari Road.  Our candidate is Brydie Washington.
I will be attending the Luncheon and Closing session on Friday and look forward to seeing others who have also registered to come along as per Gary’s email.
President Grant
Reality Bytes
Our first coffee morning of the year will be at Reality Bites Cafe, Sawyers Arms Road from 10.00 am on Friday 21st January.
All welcome to join the happy crew.
Tony Tizzard  will be away on holiday down South but will catch up with you all next month.
Food for Thought
While the road is not totally clear, all the very best to you all for the coming year.
Papanui Club Chat Editor
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Papanui Rotary Club Chat 21 Dec 2021

Papanui Rotary Club Chat 21 Dec 2021
Christmas 2021 at Pap Rotary
A good crowd was in attendance at our Christmas theme meeting last Thursday and what a great show Lois and her team had for us.  Lois, well supported by Janice, also did a great job of decorating the room and tables that set a festive atmosphere for the evening.
Michael Entertains Us
After a special Christmas buffet Michael Rankin, a top performer at the recent Speech Competition we actively support held at Heaton Intermediate, entertained us with two performances.
Michael first gave us the privilege of hearing the speech he used at this event which included the fun and games involved in the setting up of his band.  He then followed on by singing one of his band’s songs which received a good round of applause from an appreciative audience.  What a pleasure it was to see young talent in the making and we wished him well for the future.
This was then followed by the Sergeant session led by Rob who gave us a challenging quiz on historical matters that had many of us stumped despite the concentration shown below by us all as we tried to pick the correct answers
To conclude his session Rob played us an old favourite song called “Sticky Beak” that we joined in with gusto on the chorus.  Click on the link below for a trip down memory lane!
The evening came to a close with Santa Arie sharing some yummy goodies with us.
And so our meetings for 2021 came to an end and we look forward to getting back together in the New Year.
Tree of Giving
While it was a bit quieter than usual, our Tree of Giving in Northlands Mall still managed to result in a good number of donations that will be passed on to Presbyterian Support, Linwood Avenue Community Trust, Barnados, Birthright NZ and City Mission.
(Faces Blocked for Confidentiality)
Gary received a gratifying email from the Deputy Principal of Waimairi School (below).
He met with her a few months ago and applied to the Children in Need Trust to fund some special reading books for dyslexic and reading impaired students.
They had the special books at school but not enough sets for some students to have at home to continue their reading there and we were able to fund the extra sets.
The letter reads as follows ... 
Kia ora Gary
Words just don’t seem enough to express the joy for these kids!
We were absolutely thrilled that the books we had ordered totally due to the Papanui Rotary Club generous donation for these students.
They were delivered in time for us to give to the children to take home for Christmas, and for them to enjoy and improve over the break. We have also promised them that if they bring them back, and have read them, we will give them the next titles in the series.
Thank you so much to you for all your work and thoughts about making this happen, and to the Club as a whole for supporting our most vulnerable learners - we really appreciate it.
The kids have made some Thank you cards that I would like to send on to you - are you able to give me an address so that I can put them in the post?
Thanks again, - Have a lovely break, and the help and assistance that you have given is so powerful.
Ngā mihi nui
Nāhaku noa, nā.
Food for Thought
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Papanui Rotary Club Chat 13 Dec 2021

Papanui Club Chat Snippets
13 Dec 2021
John Driscoll
We were privileged to hear from John Driscoll, the Assistant Regional Rotary Foundation Coordinator, who spoke about supporting our Rotary Foundation.
John started by sharing that the Mission of the Foundation is to enable Rotarians to advance world understanding, goodwill, and peace through the improvement of health, the support of education, and the alleviation of poverty.
“Our strategic priorities are to increase our impact, expand our reach, enhance our engagement and increase our ability to adapt” continued John “and the Foundation helps us do this.”
On average, 66% of New Zealanders give to charities with an average donation of $111 per charity.  “Imagine what we could do if all Rotarians were to make the Rotary Foundation their charity of choice” asked John.
He continued by sharing that today’s donors relate to causes (as shown below) and that to grow our fundraising we need to expand our donor base within Rotary and beyond Rotarians.
Rotary has four funds that we can contribute to:
He then shared the various ways that raised funds as opportunities move through the system.
“Imagine what might happen if every Rotarian in our District became a Centurion and donated $100 per year into the Foundation” suggested John.
John concluded his presentation by noting that the Rotary Foundation is one of the highest rated charities in the world and helps us deliver on our mission to do good in the world.
Janice thanked John for his presentation on the mission and operation of the Rotary Foundation.
Note:  John’s PowerPoint will be put up on our website shortly.
Presentation to Winners of the Trailer Raffle
The prizes for 1st and 3rd in our recent raffle were presented in person last Saturday morning at the Papanui Club.
Hirone Waretini & family accepting the 1st prize of the trailer and all its contents valued at $8,376.
Hirone was also a former GSE student who went to Turkey on an exchange programme.
Heather Cunningham accepting the 3rd prize: a Zip Small Appliance Pack.
Hope Ragadi was unable to attend the presentation to accept the 2nd prize of a Char-Broil Four-burner Grill BBQ which was delivered to her later that day.
The Rotary Club of Papanui would also like to again thank our partners Northlands Mall, Mitre 10 Mega, Stihl, Harmans Lawyers and Allprint and also acknowledge the generous support from everyone who took part in this community fundraising event.
A group of people in a roomDescription automatically generated
Ladies Breakfast
Twenty-three ladies and three mighty chefs (Gary, Arie and Tony) all had fun on the morning celebrating Christmas at our Rotary Ladies Christmas breakfast.
The ladies feasted on waffles, pancakes, maple syrup, yoghurt and Christmas muffins. There was lots of laughter and chatter especially during our Secret Santa.
A real highlight of the day was our special guest Angeline Ward, a local florist who had a wonderful array of Christmas gifts for sale. The ladies were keen to buy the lovely unique gifts beautifully made by Angeline.
A great time was had by all.
This Thursday’s Meeting
Please let me know if you and/or your partner will be attending our Christmas Breakup on Thursday night 16th Dec.  This is to be held at Papanui Club from 5.30pm.

Numbers MUST be in by Wednesday afternoon. Please, NO late replies as we need to know the number of tables for the staff to set and for our Fellowship Committee to decorate.
Thanks Deryn
Footstools at Market!
Last Sunday Gary organised a stall at Riccarton Market to trial the selling our Rimu Footstools. Check out how it went and our learnings from the day on our website here.
Wishing you all the best for Christmas
Club Chat Editor Grant
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Riccarton Market Footstool stall

Posted by Gary Denhard

Papanui Rotary Rimu Footstools on display at Riccarton Market

Last Sunday, the club had a stall at the popular Riccarton Rotary Sunday Market.
We now have over 20 Rimu Footstools all oiled and ready for sale.
The idea was to see if we could sell a few footstools in one day at one event.
Over 20 finished footstools and 5 unfinished footstools were on display.
The event was organised by Youth Director, Gary Denhard, and he was helped on the day by Kathy Anderson and Simon Forsyth.
Liz provided some excellent signage to raise the profile.
The result was disappointing as only one footstool was sold.
Organiser Gary observed “this stall was to see if it would work as a channel to market for our footstools however did not work out as planned,”In hindsight, it seems the Rimu footstool price of $65 is a bit high for the average market attendee. Most people seem to be there for food and a bargain. They are looking for unique items that only cost a few dollars.
Stallholders around the Rotary stall said that last Sunday was also a very slow day for them. They said the weather was a little dodgy and many people who might normally attend were elsewhere doing their serious Xmas shopping in the malls.
Although a disappointing result, Gary said he enjoyed catching up with fellow Rotarians from Riccarton Rotary (who run the market) and Belfast-Kaiapoi Rotary (who were selling their new potatoes in vast quantities). Both clubs were out in force and reminded Gary of days when clubs were a lot more active than some clubs are today.
Gary recommends the new potatoes. They had them for dinner Sunday night. Delicious!
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Papanui Club Chat Snippets 06 Dec 2021

Papanui Club Chat Snippets
06 Dec 2021
Stuart Batty
Stuart gave us a trip down Memory Lane with his entertaining speech titled: “Remember When” following his arrival in Christchurch in 1967.
Stuart and Leslie arrived from Wellington on the Wahine at 6pm in June to a pitch black rainy and cold Christchurch evening and jumped on a train into town where they had arranged to be collected and were taken out to the United Services Hotel.
He remembers buying groceries at Self Help and meat from MMM.  “Our budget was $10 a week with roasts less than $1” noted Stuart.  In due course their 1st home was on Park Terrace & Bealey Avenue in the old Flemings residence.  He remembers it was a bit eerie as the bulbs were coloured.
As they started to settle in he remembers the fire station was not far away and they also saw a few Bishops as it was their area.  They also remembered the dustbins that were collected plus also got themselves one of the 1st new TVs that were available.
Other memories at that time included the old Post Office Savings Bank booklet, drinking Cold Duck, and the interesting practice of six o’clock closing which brought back memories for us all.
Another day they were off to Ballantynes where they were told: “No positions available”.   They did though run into a chap who asked if they were from Australia and suggested being a cashier as NZ was going decimal.
Additional memories Stuart shared included buses with prams, old 60’’s Blue Star taxis, and a large number of old yellow cars.  They also enjoyed the large number of picture theatres in the Square which cost 45c a screenings and 5c for an ice cream which was a lot cheaper than where they had come from.
Other experiences he shared included the floral clock, the fountain, DIC, the old Gas Works and railcars.  Stuart concluded his talk with a slide of the NAC flight attendants that flew on the old Friendships and Viscounts.
Liz thanked Stuart for his talk and especially reminding us of the infamous Cold Duck!
Winners of the 2021 Trailer Raffle
We are pleased to announce the winners of the 2021 Papanui Rotary Trailer Raffle as follows:
1st Prize - Ticket No. 8618 - Hirone Waretini
2nd Prize - Ticket No. 2852 - Hope Ragadi of Bryndwr
3rd Prize - Ticket No. 6570 - Heather Cunningham of Bryndwr
HUGE congratulations to these winners … enjoy your prizes!
Prizes will be presented at the Papanui Club on Saturday, 11 December at 8.45am.
The Rotary Club of Papanui would also like to again thank our partners Northlands Mall, Mitre 10 Mega, Stihl, Harmans Lawyers and Allprint.
We also acknowledge the generous support from everyone who took part in this community fundraising event.
All funds raised will be distributed as follows:
1/3 to the Papanui Children in Need Trust.
1/3 to the Rotary Community Breast Milk Bank and:
1/3 to the Braintree Trust Community Health Garden.
Once again, congratulations to all the winners!
A reminder to all members that we now have to go back to the apologies email as we no longer need exact numbers attending, but we do need an approximate number so staff know how many tables to set up.
Papanui Rotary Christmas Evening
A reminder that we are having our Club Christmas evening next week on Thursday the 16th at the Papanui Club.  The cost per attendee is $30:00.
In addition to a visit by Santa and various goodies, we are also hoping to organise some entertainment during the evening.  We look forward to seeing you all there.
Rotary Ladies Breakfast
A final reminder re arrangements for our Rotary Ladies breakfast on Saturday 11 December 20 Mistral Road, Northwood for those coming to please remember:
  • Bring cash to buy small handmade Christmas gifts by Angeline our special guest. 
  • Please bring a $5 gift for our usual Secret Santa. 
Footstools Galore!
Gary has booked a stall at the Riccarton Rotary Family Market on Sunday the 12th of December to try and sell more of our Recycled Rimu Wooden Footstools. He would appreciate some help.
He is organising three shifts:
  • 8am to 10am
  • 10am to 12pm
  • 12pm to 2pm
He will be there all day so really only needs one person to help with each shift so he can get a break now and then.  Please let him know if you want to help and which time will suit.
The 8am shift will setup the site which is really only putting up a Gazebo and placing a couple of signs Rotary banners (from Liz) and taking the footstools from my car and putting them on the table I hired.
Also, he needs to borrow a 3m by 3m portable Gazebo from somewhere for the day. Does anyone have one he can use?
Once he has some helpers he will let them know more details.
All funds raised go into the Club’s general fund for community projects.
Click here to purchase from the Rotary Club of Papanui and Support our Fundraising! 
Food for Thought
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Papanui Club Chat Snippets

Papanui Club Chat Snippets
29 Nov 2021
Dr Ben Harris
We were delighted to once again hear from Dr Ben Harris who continued to share with us his extensive knowledge and insights into the changing Covid environment.
For information from Ben shared at a presentation earlier in the year about infectious diseases and Covid click here.
A Google search will also identify various content from Ben in text and video formats for those interested.
Trailer Raffle
A big thank-you for all those who helped out with the trailer raffle over the last weeks!
As noted in an earlier Chat, sales were better than last year including experiencing good turnover on the last few days.
Rotary Ladies Breakfast
A further reminder from Lois that our Rotary Ladies breakfast will be on Saturday 11 December this year at 20 Mistral Road, Northwood. For those coming can you please remember:
  • Bring cash to buy small handmade Christmas gifts by Angeline our special guest. 
  • Please bring a $5 gift for our usual Secret Santa. 
  • Please reply to Lois 021735404 or by 4 December. 
An Opportunity from Verdi
“At our International Committee Quiz night last year, two silent auction vouchers were donated.  One was a return flight to the Chatham Islands valued at $1,540 and the other was a Helicopter Trial Flight instructed by Richie McCaw valued at about $300.
Both items were under bid and in an effort to raise the bidding both Keith and Heather Mitchell, who incidentally, had sourced the vouchers, kindly placed bids which were not out bid.  Therefore, they were obliged to pay the amount bid.
In order to reimburse the Mitchell's and to also obtain a reasonable amount for the vouchers, it was decided to raffle them for $10 per ticket but limit the number of tickets to just 250 tickets.
I have prepared books of 5 tickets and am happy for people to offer a book for $40 (same as we do in the trailer raffle).  This increases the odds of winning from 1 in 200 to 1 in 40!!
The funds raised will be used to pay for the orphanage in Tanzania.
There is no time limit on when the raffle is drawn but would like to do so within 3-4 weeks or once all or sufficient tickets have been sold.
Please email Verdi at or call him on 027 432 3962 if you are interested.”
Plum Puddings
It is not too late to get these for Christmas and raise some money for our club in what for many has been a lean year.
Orders will be taken at our next Club Meeting.
Food for Thought
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Vintage Fashion Show  update

Vintage Fashion Show Update
28 November 2021
Vintage Fashion Event
Regrettably we have had to postpone the Vintage Fashion Parade until early 2022 and a date will be advised in the New Year. All tickets will be honoured on the new date
It will definitely go ahead!
Those who have tickets are welcome to hold on to them and they will be valid for the show next year. If you have any queries please contact Lois at or phone her at (021) 735 404.
We will advise a new date as soon as possible. “The parade will be even better on its third schedule” promises Lois.
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Papanui Rotary Club Chat 22 Nov 2021

Papanui Rotary Club Chat Snippets
22 Nov 2021
This Thursday is the last night that there will be no EftPOS available at our meeting.  You can either (1) pay cash or (2) deposit the meal(s) cost into our Account # 03-1355-0892268-00.
Pip Stewart
Pip Stewart, the CEO of Brackenridge Services, spoke to us last week about the establishment of Brackenridge and the services they provide the disability community in Christchurch. Pip was accompanied by Laura Coleman, their Funding and Engagement Coordinator.
“Brackenridge began when the services provided by Templeton Training Centre closed. At that time they catered for 90 residents. Today they support over 200 people 24 hours a day” explained Pip.
Brackenridge now employs over 400 staff. Most are predominately health support workers. They provide community living to help people with intellectual disabilities.  Their motto is: ‘Empowering People - Enabling Good Lives.’
“Living with disability is a health issue” continued Pip and to emphasise this changes are in the pipeline to alter the funding provided by Government. Brackenridge is also working hard to improve accessibility legislation and positive changes are imminent.
Laura shared that in her role she enjoys engaging with local communities to enhance the lives of children, young people and adults with intellectual disabilities and autism and feels it is a privilege to have the opportunity to inspire inclusivity and diversity and to work collaboratively with people and businesses to help achieve their goals.
Jim thanked our visitors for their insights into the valuable services Brackenridge provides.  You can find out more about Brackenridge here.
Trailer Raffle
Thank-you for those who helped out with the trailer raffle this past week.  The raffle has been going well overall with sales better than last year so far. 
We now only have one gap left with no takers which is this Saturday the 27th from 1:30-3:30 pm
Please visit the link here if you can help with this remaining spot or are able to help at other time slots during the week where there is currently only one person signed in.
Email your availability to Lois or Kathy so they can enter the dates & times you are able to help.
Rotary Ladies Breakfast
A reminder from Lois that our Rotary Ladies breakfast will be on Saturday 11 December this year at 20 Mistral Road, Northwood. A special surprise this year will be a lovely guest with some wonderful Christmas goodies to buy! 
Save the date ladies! Delicious food, fun and special gifts to buy. Please reply to me by text at 021 735 404 or email me at by 4 December. 
Hans’ Totara
Denis sent this picture through of this plant that we planted at Papanui Bush as a Totara Award a couple of years ago.  It is now a couple of metres and in flower.
Proposed Traffic Light System
FYI … a useful summary.
Food for Thought
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Papanui Rotary Club Chat 15 Nov 2021

Papanui Club Chat Snippets
15 Nov 2021
A reminder that there is no EftPOS available at our Thursday meetings for the rest of this month as it is in use at the Trailer Raffle.  You can either (1) pay cash or (2) deposit the meal(s) cost into our Account # 03-1355-0892268-00.
Components of Fitness for Seniors
Our speaker last week, professional physiotherapist and high-performance trainer Sonya White, gave us all a chance to work up a good lather from a series of comfortable exercises we could perform.
She told us that good health is enhanced by a healthy diet, regular exercise and a positive attitude.
All the exercises were clearly demonstrated and we had the opportunity to practice quite a few.  All could be achieved at home using everyday items in the home.
Sonya stressed that the strengthening of the core muscles around the hip and stomach area helped in preventing falls and stumbling. To assist this we were given diaphragmatic exercises to practice.
Papanui Rotarians in Action!
Sonya insisted that it was never too late to keep active. Just adjust the level of activity to your comfort and abilities.
The exercises concentrated on co-ordination, stability and balance. It is planned to make charts outlining the exercises available to members.
Grant McFadden thanked Sonya for her lively and enthusiastic session.  We all went away with some great ideas for helping us maintain our core strength and balance as time marches on.
Trailer Raffle
Many thanks for those who helped out with the trailer raffle this past week.  We still have gaps over the following weeks, and really value your ongoing support.
Please visit the link here and continue to identify more spots you can fill and email these to Lois or Kathy so they can enter the dates & times you are able to cover.
Change in Directors
For the balance of this Rotary year President Grant advised us that, effective immediately, Lois Flanagan will take over as Fellowship Director and Keith Mitchell will assume the Community Service Director’s role.
New Rotary District 9999 Constitution Vote
President Grant shared with us that Mark Yaxley will be joining us later in the evening this coming Thursday (the 18th) to explain more about new District 9999’s Constitution that he forwarded to all members earlier in the year.
Following this, those Club members present at the meeting will be asked to vote on the proposed Constitution with the proposal being:
“That this Club supports the proposed Constitution for District 9999.”
Rather than attendees completing voting forms individually, District Administrator Ken Booth has advised Grant that the resulting votes of “Yes” or “No” can be done by a show of hands, recorded on a single voting form and witnessed by President Grant & Secretary Cheryl (or Treasurer Deryn if needed) and forwarded on to Ken.
Food for Thought
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Snippets 9 Nov 2021

Papanui Club Chat Snippets
9 Nov 2021
Please note that there will be no EftPOS available at our Thursday meetings for the rest of this month as it is in use at the Trailer Raffle.
You can either (1) pay cash or (2) deposit the meal(s) cost into our Account # 03-1355-0892268-00.
Many thanks: Deryn
Last week we had the pleasure of listening to Rev John Lister, the Anglican minister at St Saviour’s Holy Trinity church Lyttelton speak about his work at the Lyttelton Seafarers Centre.
John, with the help of two dedicated volunteers, provide much needed help to visiting merchant seamen who have often been at sea and in ports around the world confined to their vessel because of Covid 19.  
They procure toiletries, some food and provide a welcome friendly listening ear.
One of the items that brings so much joy and support is the provision of portable WiFi facilities that enables them to call home and speak with family that, in most cases, they have not seen for many months.
John also had us take part in singing along to a Seafarers Ditty that we joined in with gusto!
Simon thanked John for his insights in the plight of Seafarers and the much appreciated support work he and his team provide them with.
You can find out more about the work of John and his team here.
Trailer Raffle
The Trailer Raffle is now in full swing, but we urgently need more members’ assistance for next week and beyond.
Please revisit the link here to identify more spots you can fill and email these to Lois or Kathy so they can enter the dates & times you are able to cover.
Many thanks for your ongoing support with this over the coming weeks.
In case you missed it, click here  to read the Sept-Oct 2021 District newsletter. This edition includes articles on:
  • Celebrating 10 years of Healthy Heroes at Te Waka Unua.
  • A collaboration between Papanui Rotary & Ray White Real Estate Papanui.
  • The Provisional Passport Club of Canterbury.
  • Lincoln Rotary being awarded the 2020-2021 Rotary Citation plus more.
Rotary Facts
Did you know Rotary first adopted the name "Rotary International" in 1922 when the name was changed from the International Association of Rotary Clubs?
Did you know the Rotary emblem was printed on a commemorative stamp for the first time in 1931 at the time of the Vienna Convention?

Did you know the 1st Rotary club banner (from the Houston Space Centre) to orbit the moon was carried by astronaut Frank Borman, a member of that club?
Did you know that while Rotary's primary motto is "Service Above Self” there is also a secondary motto?
And it is …
"One profits most who serves best."
Food for Thought
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Healthy Heroes

Posted by Gary Denhard


Another six children at Te Waka Unua school have earned the right to call themselves Healthy Heroes.
They have completed a variety of ‘healthy lifestyle’ activities which they now aim to incorporate into their daily lives.
Te Waka Unua has been following the Rotary New Zealand Healthy Heroes programme for 10 years. It brings together children, schools, families and communities, with the aim of building lasting habits to prevent obesity and type two diabetes.
The children aim to achieve five challenges for five days a week for nine weeks. Rewards are given by Ferrymead Rotary at week three, week six and at the finish. Students who completed the programme several years ago help and encourage the younger children to achieve. The programme is designed so that students who don’t complete all the challenges still receive plenty of benefits.
Te Waka Unua’s deputy principal, James Souter, said all the children learned about healthy habits, and could recite the challenges and activities they did to achieve the rewards.
Walking the family dog or a neighbour’s dog not only meets the exercise challenge, but also that of helping others. Getting plenty of sleep is an easy challenge for most students.
They found that playing board games and reading books instead of watching TV and using devices was fun and stretched their minds. Eating well and enjoying three vegetables and two fruits was easy too, especially now that school lunches are provided by the government.
Ideas to achieve the challenges are available on a website with links to other sites promoting healthy lifestyles.
To find out more about the Healthy Heroes programme for your school click here.  
Healthy Heroes Gary Denhard 2021-11-06 11:00:00Z 0

Ngatuawa School

Posted by Gary Denhard


Since 2019 Ngutuawa Schhol had had a relationship with Christchurch Sunrise Rotary Club which has resulted in four significant projects being completed:
 - Library Project
 - Christmas Gift project
 - Garden Project
- -School Uniform project
The initial Library Project was significant and resulted in the school now having a modern library with new shelves, books, computer, scanner, bar-codes, covers and organising a book database.
The Christmas Gift Project in 2020 resulted in donations of a gift to each the children.  Sports goods appropriate to each age were given.
The Garden Project was the arranging of  new school garden, with raised beds, two sheds, fencing, irrigation and work table.
The Uniform Project involved the provision of new uniforms. This expensive project  was supported by obtaining local businesses and trusts for help. Now the pupils look amazing.
For more information go to the Sunrise Rotary web page by clicking here .
Ngatuawa School Gary Denhard 2021-11-06 11:00:00Z 0

Million Masks

Posted by Gary Denhard


Quality masks are to be made available for NZ students who need them but their families can’t afford them.
Rotary has launched its One Million Masks initiiative through the Rotary Club of Porirua by providing Porirua College with just over 2,000 masks, which is enough for their students until the end of this educational year.
Rotary has decided that, where schools wish to participate, they will support them by the purchase of these masks on their behalf.
The Lanaco masks are N95 level and NZ ISO certified and are exactly the same as those specifically developed for and worn in Tokyo by New Zealand’s Olympics team.
Porirua College principal Ragne Maxwell says this offer from One Million Masks is “like manna from heaven”.
If your school has students from families struggling to find the money for quality masks then contact Papanui Rotary ( and they will facilitate action through your nearest Rotary Club.
Million Masks Gary Denhard 2021-11-06 11:00:00Z 0


Papanui Club Chat Snippets
2 Nov 2021
It was a busy period recently with both the Halloween event in partnership with Ray White Real Estate plus the finals of the speech competition at Heaton Intermediate.  We have also completed the packing and sending of a container and another one is already in the wings.
Our annual raffle at Northlands Mall is also coming up fast so please remember to go to the link here to book some times over the coming weeks to help out.  This is also a good opportunity to perhaps join a Club member you don’t run into as often and find out a bit more about them.
Some members also attended a training event last weekend and we look forward to them sharing what was covered as we go forward in what are becoming quite changeable times as we manage the ongoing challenges the current environment presents us with.
With the assistance of our Board, our District, our overseas roots and most importantly our members I feel that we can rise to these challenges by focussing on our core values of service, fellowship, diversity, integrity & leadership.
President Grant
Halloween Event with Papanui Rotary and Ray White Real Estate Papanui
For the third year Papanui Rotary partnered with Ray White Real Estate Papanui to bring some free, safe family fun for local children at St. James Park.
It was unexpectedly cold and rainy and knowing that we had had to work within the Covid Level 2 guidelines this year we had made it a contactless and very simple event. We were somewhat surprised to have about 150 people attend as the wind blew and the rain fell.
We advertised in the News Advertiser and on social media sites and included a QR code from where children could download a scavenger hunt sheet asking questions about the 10 large Halloween icon stations we had in the park.
The children once again came all “dressed to kill” in great Halloween outfits from sharks to spiderman, and witches to ghouls. When the sheets were completed, they handed them in and were able to pick up a bag of sweets from the sack as their reward.
As we were putting up the Halloween icons several parents came up to us to say how grateful they were that we were still holding this event as there was nothing for small children to do in the current Covid environment and they enjoyed dressing up for Halloween.
Comments like this make holding events worthwhile and our partnerships with other organisations are valuable tools to Rotary being visible in our communities even with restrictions. It made us think differently about how we can do things and work together.
Simon Forsyth, a professional photographer and member of Papanui Rotary, took some great photos of the children and once again we thank Ray White Real Estate for partnering with us.
Hopefully next year we can take it back to our large event where over 400+ attend and the weather is kind.
Speech Finals at Heaton Intermediate
On 28 October, the finals of the Papanui Rotary Speech Contest were held at Heaton Intermediate School.  16 students from 7 schools and in years 5-8 competed for the top prizes on the night. One week earlier, 50 students had taken part in the preliminary rounds to find the finalists.
Topics ranged from Animal extinction, Global Warming and Conspiracy theories, to Puppy Farms, Wearing glasses and the Perils of a Popstar. The judges had a very hard job finding the prize winners! 
This year for the first time a special award was presented. Papanui Rotary had formerly run a secondary schools debating contest which has long been discontinued. A trophy given in memory of a former member of the Club was found in a garage where it had been stored since 1996. 
Evan Thompson, a member of Papanui Rotary, beautifully restored the trophy and adapted it for use in the speech contest. Evan was there at the finals to present the trophy to its very first junior speech winner who gave a passionate and moving speech on Racism.
These young students spoke with enthusiasm and expertise and are clearly leaders of the future. As a Rotary Club, it was great to make the opportunity for them to practice the art of public speaking and develop their skills as well as to entertain their families, friends and Rotarians. 
Food for Thought
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Papanui Rotary Club Chat 26 Oct 2021

Papanui Club Chat Snippets
26 Oct 2021
As we head into warmer weather and (yikes) mumblings of Christmas are beginning to be heard, I am left once again feeling that time seems to fly by with ever increasing speed as we continue through life’s journey.    
We had the privileged of hearing from Amanaki Fakakovikaetau last week.  What an interesting person he is and I was especially intrigued by the wide range of service roles he has been involved in and continues to undertake which includes having been in the President role multiple times with the Nuku'alofa Rotary Club.
Last week saw us attending the annual speech competitions at Heaton Intermediate which, as always, was well organised by Lois (including a great lunch) and resulted in the identification of a number of very talented students who will contest the finals this Thursday evening.  I also got to catch up with Andrea Knight, the school’s principal, who I had the privilege of getting to know many years ago when we were both attending Otago University.
Thanks to the hard work of Verdi and Deryn, we are about to embark on our annual Raffle at Northlands Mall (see below) and I look forward to us supporting this well as we have done in the past.  It is also a great opportunity to perhaps pair up with members we might not know as well and find out a bit more about each other.
Onwards and upwards:
President Grant
Greetings from Tonga: “Malo e lelei”
Amanaki Fakakovikaetau, Past president of the Rotary Club of Nuku ‘alofa Tonga and Vice president of the Tongan Olympic committee, was introduced to us by his long-time friend and associate Stuart Batty.
Amanaki, along with 4 of the Olympic athletes, has been stranded in Christchurch after managing the Tongan Olympic team to Tokyo due to Covid-19.
The Rotary Club of Nuku ‘alofa is the only Rotary Club in Tonga and combines with other clubs in the Pacific region to undertake many worthwhile projects.
Married with 4 children and 5 grandchildren, Amanaki is a qualified Oral and Maxillofacial surgeon and is Director of Oral Health Services in Tonga which involves him visiting every school in the country where he gives advice on oral hygiene to children.
While in Christchurch the Tongan athletes and Amanaki helped pack a container of supplies that will be going to Tonga from Rotary NZ World Community Service.
Amanaki appreciated the regular supply of Rotary Emergency Response Kits to Tonga as these give essential help to families devastated by cyclones and other weather-related events.
Keith Mitchell thanked Amanaki for his talk and wished him and the team well for their trip home in a few days’ time.
Malo ‘Aupito
Raffle Details
Deryn has advised members that tickets in this annual fundraiser go on sale from 6th November at our usual site in Northlands Mall. We are now filling the roster and would appreciate any assistance we can get, please. 
This year's recipients are the Papanui RC Children in Need Trust, the Rotary Community Breast Milk Bank Charitable Trust, and the BrainTree Trust Community Health Garden, with each receiving one third of the profits. Tickets are the same price as other years i.e. $5 each ticket or a book of 5 for $20.
All Papanui Club members et al have been emailed the link here to view available times, plus all those interested in helping can contact Kathy (027) 455 7889 or Lois (021) 735 404 who are taking names so please contact either of them to discuss what times we have available that you can help with.
You can also ask your spouse or friends to help you. Some others will also receive an email but only those on our mailing lists. 
Speech Contest Finals
Last week Lois thanked those that assisted with the preliminaries of this popular annual competition and reminded members that the Finals will be held at the Heaton Intermediate School Performing Arts Centre this Thursday (Oct the 18th) beginning at 7.00 pm sharp.
Please note that our meal this week at the Papanui Club beforehand will be served at the earlier time of 5.45 pm sharp to allow attending members to get to Heaton in time.
We look forward to a great night of speeches on the night.  If there are any queries, please do not hesitate to contact Lois.
Papanui Bush
Further to the email sent out to you, this is a reminder that we are back at Papanui Bush this Wednesday the 27th starting at 9.30 am.  If it is your 1st time joining us, we are on Langdons Road, just to the West of Papanui High School and the railway line.
We will be mainly focusing on releasing grass around the trees and some rubbish collection.  We promise great fellowship and morning tea on the logs.  Please bring a flask, clippers and gloves.
Vintage Fashion Event
Regrettably we have had to postpone the Vintage Fashion Parade for a 2nd time. Until we return to level 1 we cannot hold it safely. Hopefully we will have a date in the new year soon. It will definitely go ahead!
Those who have tickets are welcome to hold on to them and they will be valid for the show next year. If you have any queries please contact Lois at or phone her at (021) 735 404.
We will advise a new date as soon as possible. “The parade will be even better on its third schedule” promises Lois.
Halloween is Coming!
Thanks for forwarding this Liz … it was great to see an article in the Nor’West News about our joint venture with Ray White Papanui aimed at children twelve and under accompanied by a parent at St James Park.
In order to comply with Covid restrictions, there will be a contactless Scavenger Hunt for them to take part it.  Halloween characters will be available for participants to find from 4:30 to 5:30 pm on Friday the 29th of October. 
To access the Scavenger Hunt Sheet either go to Ray White’s office at 7 Wilson Ave or email requesting one and they will send you a copy.
Lois and Liz gave out 4x $100 grocery vouchers to Ara Tupu last week.  This will really help some struggling families before Xmas.
Food for Thought
Papanui Rotary Club Chat 26 Oct 2021 2021-10-25 11:00:00Z 0

Papanui Rotary Club Chat 19 Oct 2021

Papanui Club Chat Snippets
19 Oct 2021
Great to see the support for Phill last week who gave us a sound introduction to his varied and interesting life so far. 
I for one didn’t know that hedgehogs can be found high up in the mountains.  Larry and I did keep a lookout at Mt Hutt at the weekend but they were staying well hidden.
A New Zealand PDG has once again offered a cash back deal in the form of an educational grant to Clubs who contribute towards further improving the infrastructure of the Kondiki Dairy in Mwika, Tanzania.
In a bid to improve the sustainable economic and community development of subsistence farmers, the activity sought to process 500 litres of Milk per day. With commitment and enthusiasm the dairy now pasteurises in excess of 4,000 litres a day with the farmers vision to double the throughput.
This initiative together with others has made substantive difference to lift the community out of poverty.  Our Board supported us once again helping with this project which also accesses us additional funding to support our educational focused endeavours.
Our speaker this week has also changed and we will now be hosting Amanaki Fakakovikaetau, the Chef de Mission of the Tongan Olympic team, who is also 4x the Past President of the Nuku'alofa Rotary Club. Thanks to Grant McFadden who was happy to step aside and we look forward to his presentation at a later date.
As they say in Star Trek: “live long and prosper”!
President Grant
Philip McEntee Entertains Us
Our newest member Phill outlined his early life for us. After being born in Nelson he moved to Christchurch with his family when 5 years old. He attended Christchurch Boys High School and Lincoln College.
Philip loves driving as evidenced by his many driving jobs during his career. Along with driving, he has a real interest in conservation, the outdoors and meeting people.
He is a classic car enthusiast, a member of Forest & Bird, and actively involved in predator control at Coutts Island.  He also assists Denis McMurtrie and his team at the Papanui Bush.
Philip has been married to Christine for 45 years and they have two adult sons.
We look forward to getting to know Phill over the coming months.
World Polio Day
Jim Hudson brought us up to date with the latest Rotary efforts to eradicate polio throughout the world. There have been just 2 cases of wild polio recorded recently, 1 in Afghanistan and 1 in Pakistan.
Jim stressed that our continued financial support is needed to complete the job to banish this disease from the world.
Our Centurion numbers have gone well recently, but there is still room for additional members to donate $100 and to become a Centurion member today.
Bridie Washington
Tony Taylor introduced Bridie to the meeting and advised us that she has been selected as our RYLA candidate for 2022.
Bridie has been a regular attendee at our club meetings and has helped with many of our projects as well as volunteering with some other Rotary club projects as well.
Tony presented Bridie with her Emerging Leader Certificate which was acknowledged by members with a hearty round of applause.
On the Road Again!
Tony T has spoken again with the new management at Reality Bites Cafe and they will be pleased to accommodate us! 
Therefore we will gather there around 10.00 am next Friday, the 22nd of October.
You will need to wear a face mask when ordering and paying for your drinks and refreshments.  He looks forward to seeing you there.
Papanui Rotary Club Chat 19 Oct 2021 Grant Paice 2021-10-18 11:00:00Z 0

Papanui Rotary Club Chat 12 Oct 2021 

Papanui Rotary Club Chat Snippets
12 Oct 2021
What a great presentation we were treated with last week by Dr Ben Harris on Covid.  He covered the topic thoroughly and certainly added to my understanding on the way the virus operates and how it has changed.
Our Can Collection is coming to a close with a good result given the issues with us being initially under Level2+.  Many thanks to everyone who supported it during quite challenging times.
Today I have sent out material to all members for the upcoming vote we will be making at our usual Thursday meeting on the 18th of November regarding the proposed Constitution of constituent clubs in our new D9999. 
It includes details on who to contact should you wish to find out more plus notes that a member of the team involved in the development process will also join us on the night we vote to share info and answer queries.
I look forward, as always, to seeing you all at this week’s meeting in support of Phill, one of our newest members, who will be giving his presentation where he will share with us some details of his background, hobbies and interests.
President Grant
Dr Ben Harris
Last week we were privileged to be taken on a journey through the amazing world of microbiology using Covid-19 as a basis for our education.
What a superb guide we had in Mr Ben Harris who had the knowledge and skill to impart information on a complicated topic with such clarity, using his 40+ years of experience in both the UK and New Zealand.
He explained the way various viruses worked and provided a clear explanation of the spread of Covid-19 and the evolving of the numerous mutations, including the Delta strain.
He had us all captivated and was bombarded with questions at the conclusion of his talk.
You can find many references to his work and learn more about it by checking his details on Google and reading through the many informative articles.
Calling all Can Collectors!
This is the last week for you to collect your cans for the City Mission.
Please ensure that you contact me or Deryn if you need your cans collected.
We will be arranging with City Mission to collect the cans next week. Every can helps so please play your part for our community if you have not yet collected any cans. It all helps!
Thanks everyone for your help.
Lois Flanagan
Interclub Target Shooting
Arie has been in touch with personnel from the Christchurch Target Shooting Association recently and found out that because of the need for social distancing and the fact that the guns are handled by multiple people this can only happen at Level One.
We have set a new date of Tuesday the 22nd of February and he has shared this with District Administrator Ken who included this change via his Friday mail out.
Food for Thought
“Together Everyone Achieves More”
Papanui Rotary Club Chat 12 Oct 2021 Tony Tizzard 2021-10-11 11:00:00Z 0

Papanui Rotary Club Chat 5 Oct 2021

Papanui Rotary Club Chat Snippets
5 Oct 2021
Our second gathering back at the Papanui Club included guest speakers from the Community Engagement & Reintegration section at Community Corrections which was well received by those attending.
We have also been active in the community and I had the pleasure of joining the Papanui Rotary food box packing team at Aotearoa NZ Kilmarnock.  What a well-run team it is and, despite me being the newbie on board, we still managed to complete the task in just over one hour.
I have included in this Chat some info on a new initiative, One Million Masks, which is gathering steam in the Rotary world. 
I look forward to seeing you all this Thursday with our speaker being Dr Ben Harris, a medical microbiologist who has a real passion for "bugs".
President Grant
Karen & Pablo from Ara Poutama
Karen and Pablo, our speakers last week, spoke about their roles in Community Corrections.
Karen spoke about the main purpose of their work being the wellness and well-being of our community. They do this by:
  1. Supporting people through the Justice system and:
  2. Assisting rehabilitation by ensuring appropriate levels of support are put in place.
There are currently approximately 27,000 people throughout New Zealand under the care of Community Corrections. The Canterbury district has ~. 2,700 of these.
The major two challenges faced by people under Community Corrections are finding employment and suitable accommodation. Karen is dealing with their accommodation needs.
Pablo then spoke about the task of find employment for these people.
During the last 12 months his section has found work for 267 people and have assisted in the integration into the community of 2,246 people which is a great result with a challenging clientele.
Jim thanked Karen and Pablo for their insights into their work
Rotary Clubs based in Christchurch have been enriched by four unexpected visitors from Tonga including a Past President of the Nuku'alofa Rotary Club.
The Tongans, all members of the Tokyo Olympic Team were sent to MIQ in Christchurch due to them and other team members being stranded in New Zealand en route back to Tonga.
Another member is hold up in a motel in Queenstown with another with extended family in Auckland. Eight other members of the Team either made it home or are currently based in Australia or the USA.
Since making contact with Stuart Batty Rotary, the Team has been hosted by a number of clubs with members of our club taking them on day trips to the West Coast, Kaikoura and Akaroa.
The team are hopeful of a flight home towards the end of the month when on arrival in Tonga, another 21 days in isolation. It will be close to 5 months when they are eventually reunited with family.
Costs including the MIQ and subsequent accommodation are substantial and another club has arranged a fund raiser to support them.
The Rotary Container of DIK due to leave Christchurch within the month will include medical equipment that the PP has been able to source for the hospital in Tonga.
20% of every membership sold contributes to our fundraising.
Help us achieve our goal by sharing the link below with your friends and family - don't forget, they can purchase any one of the 21 Entertainment memberships available throughout NZ and Australia and we retain 20% of the purchase price!
Click here to join and also access the additional offer above.
Thanks for your support:
Gordon & the Rotary Club of Papanui
One Million Masks Project
Item in Ken’s Mail-out by Adrienne Murray (Abridged).
This is a concept initially organised through ROZOPS to further support the people of Fiji who are suffering more than any other country on a per head of population basis.
With COVID on our doorstep in NZ we also have the opportunity to canvas our local schools throughout New Zealand, especially in communities that need support, as children over 12 are required to wear masks.
Lanaco Ltd has offered to continue their support of Fiji and New Zealand through Rotary and to supply masks in boxes of 10 at $23.50 a box.  The masks will all be stamped with the Rotary logo and the Lanaco brand.
The concept is that across New Zealand clubs will be asked to approach local schools and their communities via asking businesses, families or friends to fund the cost of a box, and will be given the opportunity, if they wish, to have the name of their school or logo put on the box.
For this to work we need as many clubs as possible involved. It is also a good opportunity to get all the clubs in New Zealand working together on a project that is not specifically within the RI tent.
(See Ken’s Mail-out for more info).
Ladies Breakfast
A second reminder that the Rotary Ladies breakfast will be on Saturday 11 December this year at 20 Mistral Road, Northwood.
A special surprise this year will be a lovely guest with some wonderful Christmas goodies to buy! 
Email Lois of your intention to attend this fun event at
Food for Thought
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Papanui Rotary Club Chat 28 Sept 2021

Papanui Club Chat Snippets
28 Sept 2021
It was great to finally be back meeting in person at the Papanui Club last week.  I especially enjoyed seeing many of you in “3D” and we were treated to excellent speakers (see below) as an added bonus.
Six Club members including myself attended Philip Lamb’s funeral last Friday in support of Angela and Phil’s families.  At the end of a moving service, we were witnesses to the release of five white pigeons which is something I had never seen before.
Preparing for Releasing the Pigeons
Cheryl and I have received documentation about the upcoming formation of District 9999 which comes into existence on 1 July 2022.  It requires a constitution approved by the constituent clubs of the new district. 
We are awaiting a PowerPoint that is being prepared and will then organise a presentation and sharing of key documents including voting forms for all members.  This process needs to be completed no later than 19 November.  Our current preferred timeline is to have this completed by the end of October.
Can collections are going well.  Please contact Deryn to arrange a time to drop these off in her garage once you have finished collecting them from your drop-off locations.
I look forward to seeing you this coming Thursday at the Papanui Club.
President Grant
Our Guest Speakers Paige & Sue
Paige Sullivan spoke to us about the work of the Korowai Youth Well-being Trust which operates out of the 298 Youth Centre 298 Youth Hub and Dame and Sue Bagshaw spoke about the current progress in establishing the 298 Youth Hub.
Paige was a dynamic interesting speaker. The Korowai Trust’s goal is to ensure that the young people of Christchurch have the best chance to become healthy, fulfilled and contributing citizens to lead Christchurch into the future.
She outlined the Trusts goals and activities and then spent time promoting the latest project for the Trust which is to involve every Rotary Club in our area to contribute to the purchase of a vehicle to assist young clients to travel to appointments and to enable the Trust to make home visits to clients.
The target is $20,000 of which $13,500 has already been raised and we wished both Paige and Sue well with their endeavours going forward.
Children in Need Trust
Over the past four years we have had 84 applications to the trust, almost all of which have been granted and we have provided funds of $9555 to worthwhile causes.
This shows that not only has the Trust actively been paying grants to people, but that many agencies in our community are aware that we have the trust in place for those who need it.
The trust is very definitely working as intended and by putting money into it from our annual raffle then it will be there for many years to come.
Tony Tizard
Lotto Fundraiser
On the front page of our handbook the Fourth Object of Rotary reads:
The advancement of international understanding, goodwill and peace.”
From our perspective, the easiest way to advance this is by financially helping our Sister Rotary Club in Tanzania. Our Wednesday Lotto draw is solely for this purpose. Please take a minute to give thought to those in Tanzania.
Food insecurity and poverty are the main challenges Tanzania faces today. Unemployment is the highest it has been since 2013.  2020 GDP per capita (USD) is 1,076 compared to 2020 GDP per capita (USD) in NZ of 41,791
There have been 25,674 Covid-19 cases so far in 2021 with 714 deaths.  This is a very easy way for us to raise funds for overseas projects. The more numbers taken, the more we raise. 
Can you afford to invest $60? If so please contact Deryn 0211615861.  Our bank details to deposit your contribution 03 1355 0661945 00 Papanui RC Charitable Trust Account.
We hope to start the next round of Wednesday Lotto shortly.
Three people are still to let me know if they wish to continue.  $60 for 20 draws. If I am holding winnings for you then you can reinvest them or the bank details are 03 1355 0661945 00.
Can Collection
Please contact Deryn (021 161 5861) to arrange pick up or drop off of cans or take them to Rotary on Thursday night. We would like to get these off to the City Mission as soon as possible.
Food Packing at Kilmarnock
A reminder that we will be assisting with Food packing at Foodbank Aotearoa, Kilmarnock Street this Thursday the 30th of September.
Anyone wishing to help, please contact Keith Mitchell on 359 1233 or 027 682 8979.
Ladies Breakfast
Rotary Ladies breakfast will be on Saturday 11 December this year at 20 Mistral Road, Northwood.
A special surprise this year will be a lovely guest with some wonderful Christmas goodies to buy! 
Save the date ladies! Delicious food, fun and special gifts to buy. 
Our latest Bush Arrival
Papanui Heritage Group
This local group are arranging a meeting at which some experts will talk about heritage trees and highlight those in the Papanui area.
The meeting will be of interest to members that have assisted in developing the Papanui Bush in Langdons Road.  The meeting will take place at 2.00 pm on Saturday 2nd October and you will be advised of the venue shortly.
Brain Tree Trust Golf Tournament
You will be aware that the club is assisting with this tournament and this is to advise that this has now been postponed until March 2022.
Food for Thought
 “Spring is when life becomes alive in everything.” 
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Snippets 21 Sep 2021

Papanui Club Chat Snippets
21 Sept 2021
Spring is in the air with flowers, lawns (and weeds) starting to take off.  I took the opportunity to get into the garden and have sore muscles to prove it.
A bird sitting on a branchDescription automatically generated with medium confidence
While it is great that we can now have up to 100 attendees at various events, the 1-2 metre requirement remains and so the Papanui Club is still not an option at this time for in person meetings due to the room’s size.
Denis is looking into the option of using the Morrison Avenue Bowling Club which hopefully may be an option for next week.   Drinks would probably be BYO and we will also inquire re the possibility of snack food.  I will get back to you as soon as we have more information as I feel it is about time, we had a catch-up with each other in person.
In the meantime, we will not be having a Zoom meeting this Thursday as I was unsure what might have transpired at yesterday’s Covid announcements and did not want to organise someone to speak and then have to change or cancel them should we have had other options.
Dr Duncan Webb spoke at last week’s Zoom meeting which was well received by 12 attendees.  As Zoom may well remain a main “venue” going forward, we will be looking at how to support additional members attending these events as we have some excellent speakers in the wings.
President Grant
Dr Duncan Webb MP
Duncan began his speech by sharing that political decisions are never straight forward as, whatever is decided, the burden they cause is often unevenly spread as demonstrated by what Auckland is facing compared to the rest of the country.
The challenge is to make things as equitable as possible and, in the case of Covid in particular, ensure that the focus is on health which is a key driver in the Govt’s response.
“Many have lost a significant part of their income” noted Duncan.  “This has created a major shift in how people are currently living and many are feeling more vulnerable doing it hard in this 2nd round of lockdown” he explained.
One of the challenges that comes in being in an economy that is not strictly controlled is that it brings with it not knowing what comes next which creates other issues along the way.
“Rather than Govt being in the business of keeping companies profitable,” continued Duncan, “the focus is more on ensuring support for the whole in times of need.”
Govt is also focussed on aiming to achieve a resilient economy that is protected to a level that helps ensure things can improve and recover quickly.
We thanked Duncan for taking the time to join us and share his current thinking on the journey we are going through.
Wednesday Lotto
We hope to start the next round of Wednesday Lotto shortly. To do so we need another four or five people to invest in it.
All proceeds to go our Sister Club, Usa River RC, in Tanzania. Since running Lotto for them we have been able to supply beds and mattresses for a local orphanage as well as providing funds to give training to teenagers to enable them to get a job, otherwise they would be unemployed.
Lotto is a very easy way for members to assist our club in raising funds for international projects, one of the main objects of Rotary. The cost is $60, but there is a high chance you will win some, if not all, of this back. Well worth the gamble!!
The bank details to deposit your money is 03 1355 0661945 00 Papanui RC Charitable Trust Account.
Papanui Bush Opportunity
A group of NZ conservation volunteers will be at the Papanui Bush this Friday the 24th.  It is your chance for some in person fellowship and to find out what they do.
There will be some releasing and some planting.  A weed eater or two would also be of great help to cut back some of the young spring growth before it gets away.
We will start at 9.30 with morning tea at 10.30 on the new log seating (as above) with lots of fellowship that we have missed over the last few weeks and we will finish about noon.
Please bring your own flask of hot water.
Hope some of you can make it Friday. 
Christchurch Sunrise have had to postpone their e-collection day. It was to have been on 9 October but will now be some time in November. You will be notified.
Food for Thought
 “Persistence and resilience come from having been given the chance to work through difficult challenges.” 
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Snippets 14 Sep 2021

Papanui Club Chat Snippets
14 Sept 2021
Things continue to change and it looks possible, depending on a reduction in new cases and increased clarity on those ones not yet clearly linked to source, that we might see a reduction to either a reduced Level 2 or Level 1 in the next couple of weeks.
In the meantime, we will be having another Zoom meeting at 7:00 pm this Thursday the 16th which includes a 15-minute guest speaker joining us at 7:15 pm.
Dr Duncan Webb who spoke to us earlier in the year will be giving us an update on how things have been going with respect to the Covid scenario et al plus take questions afterwards.
The link to this Zoom meeting will be emailed to all members shortly.
Re the Papanui Club venue, we are still awaiting a return to a less stringent Level 2 or Level 1 before having our weekly meetings there in some form becomes an option.
Denis also suggested a good option might be looking at what is possible with meeting at the Morrison Avenue Bowling Club which I will discuss with him further to see if this is a possibility later in the month should we remain at Level2+.
Mt Hutt 2020
I hope you are all finding things to do that help give life some normality.  Larry and I enjoyed a fantastic day at Mt Hutt last Saturday which, along with one of the largest crowds we have seen, we thoroughly enjoyed.
Take care:
President Grant
As the result of the recent lockdown, we have organised to do another Can Collection for the City Mission to help with their food supplies.  Many thanks to Lois and Kathy et al for helping suggest and organise this.
A smaller number if flyers compared to last time have been delivered to members who have kindly offered to help to distribute to houses in their immediate neighbourhood. 
Once food items have been gathered, please contact Lois or Kathy who will arrange to collect the items, or they can be delivered to Deryn’s house as she has kindly offered storage in her garage. Arie has offered to assist with delivery of the goods to City Mission with his trailer.
This is an easy and practical way Rotary can be seen to be helping in our community where we can all do a little which then helps a lot.
Foodbank Packing
Our club is booked to prepare the food packages at Foodbank Aotearoa, Kilmarnock St. on Thursday 30th September from 2.00 pm.
If you are able to help, please contact Keith Mitchell on or 03 359 1233 to confirm your availability.
Reality Bites Cafe
Our Reality Bites Coffee morning set down for Friday 17th September is cancelled as they are not able to accommodate the numbers during Covid lockdown Level 2.
We will keep in touch with them and let you know as soon as the situation changes.
The Trailer Raffle is Go!
Deryn has pre purchased prizes and Verdi has completed the paperwork for this annual fundraiser.   After gathering the final required signatures our 2021 Raffle Licence Application is all set to go … FAB!
Food for Thought in Level 2+
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Papanui Club Chat Snippets 7 Sept 2021

Papanui Club Chat Snippets
7 Sept 2021
How things can change in 24 hours!  With our move back to an amended Level 2 tomorrow, I took the opportunity to talk to our meetings location today and they are facing some challenges as operational requirements are a lot more stringent than the last time we returned to Level 2.
At this stage we will not be meeting there this week, and possibly not next week, as they are currently evaluating what might be possible and how the required changes might be able to accommodate both us and their wider membership going forward.
In the meantime I am looking at having ZOOM meetings set up for us both DAY / TIMES this & next week in the interim which will hopefully include a speaker for the latter one. 
Take care and stay safe:
President Grant
Click here to view the latest.
Submitted by Stuart
Greetings from Arusha!
Here we are wrapping up our fourth quarter, which means it is time to evaluate the last 12 months of all things Hi5 and Jobortunity! Even with the uncertainty that the global pandemic has brought, we have managed to keep our core mission program on track, offering the Training of Youth program every six months with a full class.
There have been new challenges, but our team has admirably faced each one with creativity and determination to fulfil our NGO’s mission of supporting vulnerable youth. If anything, this moment has made our team stronger and more dedicated.
We have welcomed over 60 new students into the one-year Training of Youth program and introduced them to the world of Hi5. We have graduated 47 motivated youth bringing our total of alumni to 498 and making us proud. We have trained and coached over 30 supervisors and managers at Oasis Young Plants and Fides Tanzania. We have increased our staff by 2, adding two new trainers to the team: one in management and one entry level who is also a recent Jobortunity graduate.
Our 12-year birthday is approaching and we hope this year we can finally celebrate with the events we have been planning and postponing throughout the pandemic. We are waiting for the right time that our students, alumni, friends and family of Jobortunity can celebrate safely together. Some of my naïve optimism from the last Newsletter has been dampened by the reality of on-going global rise in cases, increased travel restrictions and forced quarantines.
If anything, here at Jobortunity we have become more vigilant for the safety of our staff and students.
“If you go down to the bush today you can be sure of a big surprise!”
Denis spied this kingfisher in our Papanui Bush looking for some of Kathy's jam scones. It was a most exciting discovery: a new native in our forest. 
Food for Thought
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Snippets 31 Aug 2021

Papanui Club Chat Snippets
31 Aug 2021
As we near the end of our 2nd week of lockdown, it is once again quite strange for me to see the lack of vehicles and people out and about.  I am hopeful that this suggests we are, on the whole, following the requirements that will help us manage what are some quite different challenges compared to what we faced last time we were in this space.
Snow Ghosts at Big White CA
In addition to missing being able to go skiing, I am also missing the face to face fellowship Rotary provides and it has been great to have been in contact with many of you by email, text, phone and also at our initial brief Zoom get together.
Tomorrow sees us returning to Level Three and, while not a huge change, it is a step forward and rest assured your Governors, Directors and Board are continuing to look at how we can expedite a return to some sort of normality both during and post lockdown as we work through the current challenges.
President Grant
Fashion Parade Update
Unfortunately we need to postpone our fashion parade from 12 September due to the current lockdown situation. The new date has been set for Sunday 28 November. 
Those holding tickets please retain them for this new date. 
We look forward to having our exciting show in November. Any questions please let me know. 
Thanks everyone!
Target Shooting Event
Arie has talked to the Chch Target Shooting Assn and has shifted the District Target Shooting competition to Tuesday 26 Oct. That is about 8 weeks away and should leave enough time for South Island to work its way through the alert levels allowing such an event to happen. 
The Target Shooting Assn were quite happy and are still keen for the event to happen because it is an important fundraiser for them also. From a Rotary point of view it is great to have a district fellowship activity shortly after we come out of the alert levels.
A Message from Bridget Paterson
Fundraising & Marketing Manager
MS & Parkinson’s Canterbury
Unfortunately, we have made the decision to cancel our street appeal on 3 and 4 September.  We will move to an online funding campaign. The $100,000 target for our 2021 street appeal must now be raised in other ways.   The first of our online appeal posts is as follows:
We need your help. Now, more than ever, every $1 counts to ensure our important services continue. In lieu of your time, kindly offered to assist with our appeal: would you consider making a donation yourself?
 Lease donate online here:
Thank you.  We couldn’t provide our support and services without you!
Liz forwarded this for you to look at as it would be good if some of our members can attend. 
The theme is “Learning, Leading, Action - Showcasing the Wonderful Impact of Rotary.”
To find out more about the event and to register go to the Rotary Zone 8 Website
She looks forward to seeing you there!
RYLA 2022 Update
All clubs were contacted again in recent weeks promoting RYLA 2022 (16-21 January 2022).  
More info coming soon!
Food for Thought
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Club Chat Snippets 24 Aug 2021

Papanui Club Chat Snippets
Welcome to a “different” kind of Chat as we once again find ourselves in Lockdown.  It was a pleasure to enjoy the online company of ten fellow Papanui Rotarians last Sunday afternoon on Zoom where we shared our experiences & thoughts from the last few days and what the future might bring.
Your Board is meeting tonight to ensure we keep looking ahead in what will continue to be a quite different local & global environment we will be experiencing going forward.
Please find below some thoughts for the Lockdown scenario we are currently in from Jacqui that I hope you might find useful.
Grant Paice
Papanui Rotary President
Some Useful Advice re Lockdowns
Clinical psychologist Jacqui Maguire reminded us in a recent article not to judge any emotions we may feel in response to lockdown announcements.
She highlighted some important things to remember including:
  • Don’t jump ahead of yourself. There is zero point guessing the unknown. Wait for the briefings to gather your information.
  • Follow the rules. That’s going to help us exit Level 4 as soon as possible. 
  • Stay connected. We know how important relationships and connection are for wellbeing and mental health. Call, check in, wave when you walk past someone and smile. 
  • Get off social media and stick to the briefings. Information bombardment causes a whole lot of issues in itself. 
  • Ask yourself what was most helpful during the last lockdown. Are you someone that needs that quiet cup of tea away from the family, or is a walk a non-negotiable for you?  Plan as an individual and as a bubble about how you are going to spend your lockdown days.  
  • Take care, look after yourself and each other. And if you are struggling reach out.
An Update from the Westport Rotary President
(Abridged: see Ken Booth’s Email 20 Aug full content)
Last month's disastrous floods caused 71 homes to be red stickered and 388 to be yellow stickered and while all red stickered homes are currently uninhabitable and some will need to be demolished, many will be repairable in time. Yellow stickered homes are all deemed repairable now.
Rotary Clubs and Rotarians have once again put their hands up in response to District Governor Nick Courtney's request for help. Clubs in D9970 and D9980 have so far donated $13,350 and $6,650 respectively, while Rotarians from both Districts and private donors have contributed $5,400 towards a total to-date of $25,400.
In addition to this, we are aware of further pledges of around $20,000, and DG Nick confirmed last week that D9970 will match donations from D9970 Clubs and Rotarians up to $20,000. Westport Rotarians sincerely thank you for your support of our community in its time of need.
(Note: The Board we will be discussing the amount Papanui will donate tonight.)
Rotary Voices from Around the World
Rotary Voices is the official blog of Rotary International. They invite members and those who partner with them to share their stories of how they are People of Action: creating lasting change in the world, our communities and in ourselves.
Click the link above to find out more about a wide range of topics and activities from around the global Rotary world.
Food for Thought
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Snippets 17 Aug 2021

Papanui Club Chat Snippets
Brown Paper Bag Auction
Arie Geerlofs, ably assisted by Liz Courtney and their support team, did a splendid job as auctioneer as he “worked the floor” to get a good return for a wide variety of sizes and shapes of well-wrapped brown mystery parcels.
Dr Larry got himself a 1st Aid Kit!
Around $695.00 was raised to help support the township of Westport, which has suffered from severe flooding recently, via their local Rotary Club account.
President Grant informed us that our District will also be supporting the finances raised by Clubs in the District with a dollar for dollar matching grant up to $20,000which received hearty applause from our members.
A big thank you to members for their generous support of the auction.
Vintage Fashion Show Update
Lois reported that tickets for the up-coming show have almost sold out.
Ticket payment
Would those who have purchased tickets please pay for them online to the #2 Rotary account:
03 1355 0661945 00
You must put their name, fashion show and number of tickets in available Reference boxes.
Spare tickets
If you have spare tickets let Lois know as they are almost sold out.  
Period clothing
Join the fun and wear clothing from the 50s, 60, or 70s.
Can you help?
We would like (a) contributions for raffles and (b) helpers on the night with dressing models and (c) supper.
Please let Lois know if you can help. 
Papanui Bush Planting a Success
Denis McMurtrie reported on the success of the recent tree planting day at Papanui Bush where around 50 volunteers enabled a great morning’s work to be done.
Thank you to the helpers from Casebrook Intermediate School, our University Associates and staff from both Mega Mitre 10 and Torpedo7. They were no doubt attracted by the fantastic scones provided by Kathy Anderson.
Thank you all for a superb effort.
Wanaka Rotary Club
Deb & Liz with Deborah
Deborah Badden, a guest from the Wanaka Rotary Club spoke about some of the successful fundraising projects they had undertaken. A total of $70.000 was raised from a Crop Judging Competition that included a supporting auction. A Book Sale and Duck Race also provided excellent community awareness projects.
Trailer Raffle update
Verdi reported that Deryn had successfully negotiated a good reduction in the rental costs originally asked for by Northland Mall for the positioning of the Trailer this year.
Gadsby Ball
The Rolleston Club is holding a Gadsby Ball and they are keen to have as many club members from around the area attend to mark Rotary 100 years as possible. They have a great band and the evening will be good fun.
Click on this link to see what it’s all about and to access the booking process.
Thanks from Ronald McDonald House
We received a Thank You card signed by the current residents and patients of Ronald McDonald House for the great meal provided by some of our club members on Monday 9th August.
Food for Thought
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Here For Good – NZ Red Cross
Caroline Johnson Fundraising Manager for Red Cross in Christchurch gave us an interesting and informative presentation about the past, present and future of Red Cross in New Zealand and around the world.
Red Cross has 14 million volunteers around the world reaching 150 million people.
Caroline spoke about the 7 fundamental principles of Red Cross and the various humanitarian -projects that the organisation is involved in including their successful Caring for Refugees and Pathway to Settlement and Pathway to Employment programmes.
Her talk was liberally interspersed with a series of excellent video clips. A complete package of information about the work of Red Cross can be found at  
Food Box Packing
Keith thanked all those members that assisted with the food box packing at Aotearoa Foodbank. This well-oiled machine is working with speed and accuracy. Well done team!
Welcome Eden Skipper
It was a pleasure to welcome back for a visit, former University Emerging Leader Eden Skipper and past regular participant in club meetings and projects.
Eden is now living and working in Wellington where he has joined the Port Nicholson Rotary Club.
Volunteers wanted
Lois is wanting volunteers to assist with the following street appeal:- MS and Parkinson Disease on 3rd and 4th of September. Please let Lois know if you can help.
Rotary Centenary Planting Day
Liz Courtney reminded members of the upcoming Centennial Planting Day to be held on Saturday 7th August. Please note this in your diary and join with other Rotarians to make this project a great success.
Tree Planting at Papanui Bush
Denis McMurtrie reminded members of the tree planting taking place at the Papanui Bush, Langdons Road on Tuesday 10th August. Start time is 9.30 am and please bring your own gardening gloves and a small spade.
Vintage Fashion Parade
Tickets are selling fast. Limit numbers available so contact Lois NOW to get your tickets.
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Here For Good – NZ Red Cross
Caroline Johnson Fundraising Manager for Red Cross in Christchurch gave us an interesting and informative presentation about the past, present and future of Red Cross in New Zealand and around the world.
Red Cross has 14 million volunteers around the world reaching 150 million people.
Caroline spoke about the 7 fundamental principles of Red Cross and the various humanitarian -projects that the organisation is involved in including their successful Caring for Refugees and Pathway to Settlement and Pathway to Employment programmes.
Her talk was liberally interspersed with a series of excellent video clips. A complete package of information about the work of Red Cross can be found at  
Food Box Packing
Keith thanked all those members that assisted with the food box packing at Aotearoa Foodbank. This well-oiled machine is working with speed and accuracy. Well done team!
Welcome Eden Skipper
It was a pleasure to welcome back for a visit, former University Emerging Leader Eden Skipper and past regular participant in club meetings and projects.
Eden is now living and working in Wellington where he has joined the Port Nicholson Rotary Club.
Volunteers wanted
Lois is wanting volunteers to assist with the following street appeal:- MS and Parkinson Disease on 3rd and 4th of September. Please let Lois know if you can help.
Rotary Centenary Planting Day
Liz Courtney reminded members of the upcoming Centennial Planting Day to be held on Saturday 7th August. Please note this in your diary and join with other Rotarians to make this project a great success.
Tree Planting at Papanui Bush
Denis McMurtrie reminded members of the tree planting taking place at the Papanui Bush, Langdons Road on Tuesday 10th August. Start time is 9.30 am and please bring your own gardening gloves and a small spade.
Vintage Fashion Parade
Tickets are selling fast. Limit numbers available so contact Lois NOW to get your tickets.
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DG Nick presents Rob with the PHF Award
Our meeting last week began on a high note with President Grant giving a brief overview of the origins & significance of the Paul Harris Award in Rotary. Euan Hilson then gave a citation for recipient Rob Thomson outlining some of the highlights of his activities as a Club member since joining us in 1999.
District Governor Nick Courtney then presented Rob with his Paul Harris Pin & Certificate after which Rob briefly spoke including sharing with us his appreciation at being recognised for this award.
Rob was well supported on the night by his wife Andrea, his daughter Alesha & son in law Simon with their two children Grace & Sophia, and his son William & his partner Tae all in attendance.
An Industrial Engineer’s Journey
Our speaker last Thursday evening was Simon Dearsley, an Industrial Design Engineer who is a Design Director for the Microsoft Corporation.
Simon gave the history of his employment journey from working for Navman in New Zealand to his current position with Microsoft. This included two years with Nokia in London where he learnt about leadership and management.
He then worked for them in Norway. After a couple of years there Nokia appointed Simon to develop their offices in Beijing where this training continued.
In 2014 he joined Microsoft in Seattle to develop their mobile phone product. There he was running a design office of 200 people.
The onset of the Covid 19 pandemic persuaded Simon and his young family to move back to New Zealand to continue developing products for the future. 
In conclusion, Simon shared that developing strong cultural values greatly assists in making a successful company.
Welcome Phill!
President Grant had the pleasure of inducting Phill McEntee, who was accompanied by his wife Christine, as a new member of our Club.  Phill brings with him a wikde range of experiences including in the real estate and transportation industries plus his passion for the environment
Denis McMurtrie was appointed as mentor for Phill who was allocated to the Community Service committee where he can continue to persue his interest ebvironmental activities. 
After receiving the 4-Way Test, name badges and a Rotary Pin, Phill then gave a brief introduction of his work and interests which he will be following up with a more detailed talk in the near future.
Vintage Treasures Fashion Show
Lois spoke to the meeting about this up-coming fundraiser Fashion Show and made promotional posters available. Tickets are now also available for sale.
We have a target of 200 attendees so please talk to your friends, neighbours and personal associates and encourage support for this interesting and professionally run event. 
Contact Lois for tickets at (021) 735 404.
Brown Paper Bag Auction
Be Very Afraid … Arie, who scored a rather interesting book during a previous similar evening, is running our Brown Paper Bag Auction at our weekly meeting on Thursday the 12th of August. Family members and friends welcome … remember to let Deryn know they are coming.
Bring along something of $10+ in value either in a paper bag or wrapping paper and enjoy the fun!  If it is worth a significant value, please let auctioneer Arie know so we can ensure it gets a good price.
Our recipient this year, which was suggested as a Rotary supported worthy cause by our DG Nick, is going to help flood stricken local residents affected by widespread and devastating recent flooding on the West Coast.
Raised funds will go into a special Rotary bank account that has been set up for this purpose.
Tree Planting Opportunity
When:  Tuesday 10th August 9.30 - 12.30.
Where: The Papanui Bush, Bridgestone Reserve 42 Langdons Road near the Railway Crossing opposite Mitre 10.
Who: Rotary, Locals and anybody who wants to walk the talk and have a chance to plant native trees in the lungs of Papanui.
Wear gloves, strong footwear or gumboots. Planting spades provided.
See the Papanui Bush which at one time rivalled the Riccarton Bush and have a chance to plant your “Rotary Tree” and bring back the birds.
Hope to see you there.
Regards Denis McMurtrie (021) 125 1920.
Food for Thought
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Club Chat 27 July 2021

Olympics Competition
A fun night was had last week as we celebrated the Olympics via five teams of Papanui Rotary members engaging in a variety of amended activities (golf, javelin, shot put & table tennis) plus a team quiz on Olympics facts.
Budding golf & table tennis players in action
The overall winner with a weighted average score of 54.6 was Team New Zealand (Lois, Liz, Donna, Charles & Verdi) with Team Canada (Kathie, Deryn, Heather, Gordon, Mark & Keith) coming in second at 50.7
Team Canada also took out the Quiz result with ten out of fourteen answers correct. Thanks to all competitors in what was a fun evening.
A picture containing text, clipart, signDescription automatically generated
We have two special presentations at the Papanui Club this Thursday the 29th:
  1. We are recognising one of our members for their sterling service over the years and:
  2. We are inducting Phill McEntee into the Club.
Our new DG (Nick) will be there!
I look forward to seeing you there to support and celebrate these activities.
President Grant
Upcoming Activities from Kathy
We are collecting for the MS & Parkinson’s Society at New World as follows:
  • Friday the 3rd of September at Northwood New World, 2 Mounter Ave, Northwood in two-hour time slots starting at 9am and finish at 7pm.
  • Saturday September 4th at Peer Street New World, 47-57 Peer Street, once again in two-hour time slots starting at 9am and finishing at 7pm.
The other event we have committed to helping with is the BrainTree Golfing with the Stars to be held at Clearwater Golf Club on Friday October 8th starting about 11am.
They are seeking 8 volunteers to help with various tasks & activities around the course. Golfing knowledge is not needed. Further details to follow nearer the date.
Please let Kathy Anderson know if you can help at these events.
We are celebrating International Breastfeeding Week
The newly relocated Rotary Community Breast Milk Bank Rooms are on the 1st Floor in St George’s Hospital and we are having Open Hours Tours to show you around.
We will be open to the public, all interested Midwives, and Lactation Consultants, to inspect our rooms on Tuesday 3rd and Thursday 5th August.
 Tours leaving at 09.30, 10.00 and 10.30 in the mornings.
 2.30, 3.00 and 3.30 in the afternoons on both days.
We look forward to welcoming you.  Ask at St George’s Hospital main reception for directions to the milk bank.
For more information phone: 03-3756 281
Like us on Rotary Community Breast Milk Bank Facebook and share !
Cheese Rolls Fundraiser
Lois is attending this event on the 28th of August and would love some company.  She will share more info at this week’s Club meeting and in the following Club Chat.
Food for Thought
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Dallington Landing Tree Planting

Dallington Landing Tree Planting

Saturday 7 August 1 – 4 pm
Forest of Peace, Remembrance and Community
In partnership with Christchurch city council and supported by rotary forests of peace remembrance and community, conservation volunteers New Zealand are helping to create a native forest at Dallington Landing in Christchurch's red zone.
We'll be planting around 42,000 trees, shrubs and grasses over the next 18 months to increase biodiversity and recreate a forest-type environment.  Come along and help create this forest at the first community planting day. Following the planting there will be a BBQ.
To access the site, turn off river road into Dallington Terrace. Parking is through the gate alongside the river. Bike parking is even closer! We'll provide tools and team leaders. You’ll need to bring gardening gloves, a water bottle and wear sturdy footwear.
Please register on our website:
or email donna ( for more information.
Download the flyer by clicking here.
What to Bring
We will have lots of extra drinking water on site. CVNZ will provide a BBQ after the event.
Bring your own gardening gloves.
What to Wear
You need to wear:
- strong work or walking boots
- long sleeves and long pants
- broad brimmed hat
- rain jacket
Where to meet
Dallington Terrace off River Road, Dallington.
If coming in a car, drive along Dallington terrace to the gate, parking is inside the gate alongside the river.
Bike parking is even closer!
Dallington Landing Forest of Peace, Remembrance and Community is a Christchurch City Council community initiative supported by Rotary Trees, Te Uru Rākau and Conservation Volunteers NZ.
Dallington Landing Tree Planting Liz Courtney 2021-07-25 12:00:00Z 0


Fundraising Project Night
President Grant outlined the basis for our discussions on exploring opportunities for Fundraising events by using a grid that proved a useful guide to measure the viability of our ideas.
Each table then discussed project ideas and reported back to the meeting.  Some of the more prominent new suggestions were:
  • Car Boot Sale
  • Melbourne Cup Trifecta
  • Community Fair
  • Photographic competition
  • Assisting another club with a major project
The Club now needs to decide upon projects to run with and then get them organised.
Trailer Raffle Time is Nigh
Our Club’s Children in Need Charity is one of the recipients chosen for this year’s Trailer Raffle that Verdi and Deryn are setting up shortly. 
We need to choose the 2nd recipient and possible ones we have received to date are the BrainTree Wellness Centre. Womens Refuge, a Refugee & Migrants Project and the Breat Milk Bank.
If you would like to suggest other possible recipients please let us know so we can consider them. 
Ronald McDonald Dinners
Keith is asking for volunteers to help prepare and cook the evening meal at Ronald McDonald House on Monday 9th of August.
Please contact Keith if you can help.
Olympic Games Evening
Be prepared to have some fun this week as we indulge in our own Olympic Games.
President Grant has a variety of activities for us with gold coins up for grabs as we try some interesting variations of actual events.
Food for Thought
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Prizes galore!
Eight members plus Kathy’s friend, Angela went to Lyttelton Rotary Club on Monday night.

Jo Laing, Harbour Pilot spoke about her trip to Campbell Island and other Islands. Jo was retracing footsteps of her father who was based on Campbell Island for several years in the early 1950’s.  Garden City Rotary were also present.

Lyttelton put on a wonderful night with a wonderful supper.  Money raised from the raffle was to go to Lyttelton volunteer Fire Brigade. 
Our members plus went home with 10 of the 12 prizes from the raffle draw.
Rotary Centenary Planting Day
Liz Courtney reminded members of the upcoming Centennial Planting Day to be held on Saturday 7th August. Please note this in your diary and join with other Rotarians to make this project a great success.
Entertainment Membership Fundraiser
In the past we have supported club funds by purchasing the Entertainment Book containing coupons for use at a large variety of restaurants and food outlets.
The book is no longer produced but is now available as an electronic app. It’s scope has also broadened to include shopping and travel discounts. The club gets 20% of the purchase price for each membership bought. Buying a membership supports our club. 
Contact Gordon for more details.
Congrats to Liz
It was a very special day last Sunday when Liz Courtney was presented with a Paul Harris Fellow Ruby at the Rotary District 9970 Changeover.
Liz worked tirelessly in multiple roles since becoming District Governor in 2015-2016.  Not only is she an independent Director and Vice Chair of Rotary Oceania Zone Operations, Liz is also an International Trainer, Vice Chair of the Rotary Community Breast Milk Bank and is continuing her role as the Assistant Rotary Public Image Coordinator for Zone 8.
Congratulations Liz and thank-you for inspiring us with your endless energy promoting Rotary.
Nick Courtney is District Governor
It’s official … after last Sunday’s major District Changeover celebration, our Nick is now the District Governor for 9970.  Congratulations, Nick, and we wish you the very best for what will be a busy, challenging and rewarding year as we move Rotary forward into the future.
Brain Tree Collective Golf Tournament
The Brain Tree Trust is asking for a few members to volunteer and assist them with this event assisting them during the tournament at Clearwater Golf Course on 8th of September. Please let Kathy Anderson know if you can help.
Papanui Rotary Ladies Brunch
from Deryn
A group of fourteen women associated with Papanui Rotary, made up of members, wives, widows and friends, had a lovely time at our first official brunch, last Saturday morning.
It was a lovely mix of ladies, including some new to Papanui Rotary, some who have been involved for a very long time, and those in between. The food was enjoyed by all, as was the chatter.
We plan to do this on a regular basis, with the next brunch to be arranged in August. If you know of someone who would be interested but did not get an email this time round, please let Deryn or Cynthia know.
New Community Support Vehicle Unveiled
Last Saturday President Grant and Past President Janice, Arie and Deryn attended the unveiling of the new Community Support car.  Sitting beside it on the right is the vehicle we supported the year before. 
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Refugee Families

Caring for Refugee Families
by Tony Tizzard
Last week’s speakers, Sabidah Gillespie and Abid Ahmed, were from the Canterbury Refugee Centre. They outlined the objectives of their organisation and their work to rehouse refugees and help them integrate into New Zealand society.
New refugees find settling into New Zealand society challenging where even the simplest requirements pose difficulty. The support and advice their organisation gives them is invaluable.
They also outlined the Community Organisation Refugee Sponsorship (CORS) programme that enables additional refugees over and above the government quota, to be sponsored into NZ.
To see more about what their organisation does, click here.
Refugee Families Tony Tizzard 2021-07-12 12:00:00Z 0

Globus World Travel

Globus World Travel Insights
By Tony Tizard
Last week’s speaker was Kate Imrie, the Development Manager for Globus Travel. She covers the area of New Zealand from Napier to Invercargill. The Globus group of companies are a privately owned Swiss family company and have been in operation in the travel business from 1928.
The Covid pandemic has been responsible for the company implementing new strict cleaning protocols on their coach and ship fleets throughout the world. Measures include daily cleaning of all transport. They limit coach passengers to 24 but continue to use 48-seater vehicles thus providing proper social distancing.
Kate gave a broad outline of the 14 new Australia and New Zealand tours on offer for 2022.  She then outlined the rules governing cleaning of all products taken on board Avalon’s river cruising vessels and the regular hourly cleaning of the public areas on board. All travellers must have had a Covid vaccine and have completed a Covid free test before boarding. Client safety is of prime importance.
Kate closed by outlining the environmental project that Globus are supporting: “The Great Ocean Clean-up”.
Globus World Travel 2021-07-05 12:00:00Z 0


New Appointment(s)
DG Nick Courtney had the pleasure of advising us that Lois Flanagan has been appointed Assistant Governor for the Cashmere, Garden City, Riccarton, Christchurch and New Horizon Clubs.
Denis McMurtrie is a member of the new District Environment Committee and Mandy Bates has agreed to chair the District RYLA organising committee. Deb Gimblet and Arie Geerlofs are members of the District Development Committee while Liz Courtney is on the District Public Image committee.
Nick gave his congratulations to these hard-working Rotarians and noted that their work on behalf of our District is appreciated.
Jim Hudson congratulated Nick on behalf of our Club and wished him well for his year as District Governor.
Quiz Evening
A successful quiz evening was run at Bailies Bar on Monday 21 June. There were 12 teams entered and 9 members, an honorary member and a handful of partners/spouses made up the Papanui contingent.
Many thanks to those that supported the event and also to those who gave items for the hampers and the prize pool. The event raised $1563 for Give Every Child a Future (GECAF) the Australian/New Zealand centennial project seeking to provide 100,000 vaccinations to the children of the South Pacific."
Nick asked members to diary 7th August and come along to assist in the Rotary 100 year Tree Planting project in the Dallington area. This project is a key item in celebrating 100 years of Rotary in New Zealand.
Papanui Bush Tree Planting
Denis McMurtrie is liaising with the Christchurch City Council and arranging for the provision of trees to be supplied for planting in the Papanui Bush. The next regular monthly working bee at the Papanui Bush will be on the morning of Tuesday 13th. We meet in the Bridgestone Reserve (on Langdon’s Rd near the Railway line) for a 9.30 am start.
Wear gloves, gum boots and bring a spade. Hot water for morning tea. All help would be most appreciated.
Lotto Bonus Number Fund Raiser:
Deryn asked members to advise her urgently if they wished to participate in the next sequence beginning with the draw on Saturday 10th July.
Ladies Brunch
The first brunch meeting arranged for ladies of the club, members wives and friends of Rotary will be held at Untouched World, Roydvale Ave, from 11.00 am on Saturday 10th July.
Centurion Campaign
Jim Hudson thanked members for their efforts in becoming Centurion members. A total of 24 club members are now involved.
Canada Day
President Grant, with the support of fellow Canadian Larry Skiba, then reminded us that today was Canada Day.  
Canada has a large number of Clubs registered with Rotary International including the Toronto club with ~ 160 members.  Imagine having them and their partners over for a New Year BBQ!
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Changeover Evening 2021

Changeover Night 2021
The Placemats were a hit!
With almost sixty club members, dignitaries and family in attendance, we had a full and busy night for our annual changeover 2021 with Gary Denhard as our MC ensuring things ran in a timely and smooth manner.
We were graced with the presence District Governor Mark Yaxley accompanied with his wife Stella and Assistant Governor Craig Murphy who were well looked after by our own District Governor Elect Nick Courtney and wife Liz who has also served as a District Governor for our district.
DG Mark Yaxley
After welcomes were completed by President Janice and Mark, Janice then proceeded to invite Club Members who proposed our recipients for Paul Harris Fellowships to introduce them as follows:
Gordon Shields introduced Heather Mitchell
Jim Hudson introduced Sue Nichol
Stuart Batty introduced Jenny Haworth.
This special award is given to show appreciation for substantial contributions.  All three recipients have given excellent service & support to the club and beyond and President Janice took great pleasure in presenting the PHF pins, medallions and official certificates to our three worthy Fellows.
During our meal together we enjoyed the opportunity to view a PowerPoint that shared the broad and comprehensive range of activities & support services our Club has been involved with.
After we had been well fed and watered, President Janice then shared her report for the year and presented a number of Achievement Certificates to various members in appreciation of their efforts.
It was then time for President Janice to lead the Changeover Ceremony with Grant taking over the role as President for the coming Rotary year. 
After the customary raffle MC Gary closed the event by playing the well-known tune ‘Que Sera Sera’ which we heartily joined along with.
Many thanks to the large team of Club members et al who supported putting the evening together.  Too many to mention here but you know who you are.
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Vintage Fashion Parade 4pm Sunday 12 Sept
Take a trip down memory lane.  Remember Crimplene dresses, mini skirts, stubbies, and that famous fashion icon, walk socks and Roman sandals! These will all be on display at our Vintage Fashion Parade held at the Chapel Street Church Centre on Harewood Road.
Our own models will parade the garments so book the date in your diaries for a fantastic and fun time. Garments are all supplied by Deborah Gill-Smith, known to us for her delicious food which we have enjoyed on many Rotary occasions. A great event for all your family and friends.
All proceeds to Papanui Rotary Community projects.  
Food for Thought
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Bars to Bars

A Journey from Bars to Bars
Euan welcomes Grant to the Podium
We were treated to Grant’s interesting journey from a sea faring background to becoming the Assistant Director of Rolleston Prisons.
Grant was born in Lyttelton and ran away to sea as a fifteen year old.  This involved spending many years overseas in the Navy where he initially completed an electronics apprenticeship and later became an officer.
“I also spent a summer in the Antarctica which was like being on another planet” he continued.  He also got to visit a range of other interesting places including Bosnia.
Like Rotary, Grant describes his life as serving others which gave him a great education and, at age 35, he left the Navy with a pension. 
After undergoing some more training he ended up as a project director responsible for a billion dollar contract building an assault ship in Spain which included completing a targeted MBA degree.  “This was a great project and opened a lot of other doors for me” he smiled.
On returning to Christchurch after the quakes, Grant decided to help out with the recovery for three years.  He was then contacted by the Navy and asked if he would like to come into the Limited Service Volunteer (LSV), a youth development programme that offered six week military style experience.
This involved teaching youth key values that they could take with them into the labour market.
After three years he was beginning to wonder what might be next.  He looked into social development options and came across a Prison Director role at Christchurch Men’s and Women’s Prisons which he successfully applied for. 
“My role is to support my team of 75 staff in helping those locked up to reintegrate into society” he explained.  The variety of projects and programmes offered include building houses from scratch, offering a variety of education programmes and case managing individuals to assist with their successful integration back into society.
“We aim to help fix what is broken and help them move on” he continued.  This involves helping them understand what needs done and teaching skills they can develop to reduce the chance of reoffending which includes reducing violence and avoiding drugs.  Each person also gets a personalised individual development plan targeting their specific needs.
“This includes planning a gradual release including support with basic tasks such as opening a bank account as they are often quite stressed and nervous doing these things” Grant explained.  
The prisons are also now offering a special project that focusses on a Maori cultural approach as a sizeable proportion of inmates are Maori.  This includes learning about and reconnecting with their background.
Grant concluded by noting that the role of volunteers in the prisons is paramount in helping keep prisoners functioning and busy. 
Euan thanked Grant for his insights into his background and the valuable work he does in his current role.
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Changeover Reminder

Papanui Rotary Changeover 2021
A final reminder that our Changeover is only two days away!
Date: Thursday 24 June 2021
Time: 5:30pm for 6:00pm start
Dress: Smart
Location: The Papanui Club
Cost: $24 per head which includes a buffet dinner. EFTPOS is available. Drinks are available at the bar at the guest’s expense.
If you haven’t replied yet, please email responses to by 10am on Wednesday 23 June re:
  1. Your non-attendance or:
  2. If you are bringing a partner or guest(s) as we need to know exact numbers in order to prepare for the evening.
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Liz sent through this link which is also being added to our Facebook page.
Stephen is the author of Mana Tangata People of Action 100 years of Rotary in NZ book.
Great Effort Team!
A big thank-you to the people who came and filled 144 food boxes last Thursday. It was a good effort so please mark your calendars for the 5th August for another session.
We will also be passing a board around so that people who wish to be involved with Ronald McDonald House cooking a meal can identify themselves. It is a very rewarding experience. It will be a couple of weeks before the board will be passed around.
The Club is booked in for the next couple of years and this has been entered on the Club Calendar. 
Regards Keith
Paul Harris Fellow
Can all members with PHF’s please bring along and wear your regalia at our Changeover evening this Thursday.
Food for Thought
"The best time to do something significant is between yesterday and tomorrow."
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Please bring donations for our Hampers along to our meeting this Thursday which will be used for Raffle prizes.
The Brain Tree Trust is organising a Golf Tournament on October 8th and is looking for 4-5 people to help prepare scorecards at the start and assist with checking scores at the end of the tournament.  Leave a message for Malcome Rickerby here if you can help out.
Food for Thought
“Maybe we don’t know what we have until we’ve lost it. But maybe it’s also true that we don’t know what we’re missing until we find it.”
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Bruce Lamb's Survival

Bruce Lamb’s Story of Survival
Bruce with Police dog Gage
Senior Sergeant Bruce Lamb shared his moving experience of surviving being was shot in the face at short range in 2010.  Sadly his loyal Police dog Gage did not survive the event.
In responding to a call, Bruce and Gage went into a property and he decided to check out the rear flat.  “When we looked inside, I spied a lot of drugs stuff everywhere”.
As is common practice he also took along Gage, a very skilled dog, and while one guy was under restraint there was a second one further inside.  “I thought he’d run away but the moment I opened the inside door I spied the silhouette of a firearm and immediately saw it flash” continued Bruce.  
The bullet smashed through his lower jaw and the side of his head.  “As I grabbed my jaw and fell to the floor I thought I was dying” continued Bruce.  The gunman was preparing to shoot again when he released Gage who flew up and over him as another Policeman dragged Bruce out to the driveway.
While he noticed that Gage’s leg was hurt he seemed OK but as he got to the end of the drive he realised he was dragging Gage.  “The dog had bled out in 90 seconds” he explained.
Shots were still being fired so sadly he had to leave his dog on the road.  “We ended up getting over 1,000 cards from well-wishers but only three were for me with most of the rest being for Gage“ smiled Bruce.
Back at the scene, another cop helped him pressure the wound while they waited for an ambulance.  Luckily he made a really good decision to ask a colleague drive him to the hospital as this was significantly faster than waiting for an ambulance. 
Still feeling that he might not survive, Bruce then set an initial goal of staying alive until he saw the hospital.  He was still losing blood so decided that breaking down the trip into small steps made sense as a survival tactic so he started to identify and verbalise the names of the streets they went past on the way.
While starting to drift in and out of consciousness, he realised they had finally got to the hospital. By this stage he had lost approximately 50% of his blood but luckily his approach to using a police car and to identify small steps helped keep him alive.
His wife was called and told to come in and the 1st thing she said was: “What’s he done?” smiled Bruce.  They couldn’t tell her but she had guessed he might have been shot.  By now he was cold and shivering. As they started treatment one of the last things he remembered her saying before he went under was: “How do I access Internet Banking?”
Bruce had seven surgeries in the first 24 hours and over the next while underwent multiple skin grafts as they rebuilt his jaw and face.  Over a lengthy period he eventually recovered and decided that he wanted to return to being a dog handler in the drugs area as he sees meth in particular being a huge cost to all those who take it and society in general.
He ended the session with some slides including one of Gage’s farewell which was very well attended.
Jim thanked Bruce for sharing his amazing survival story and the way he was able to help ensure he survived and eventually returned to active Police duty.
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Changeover 2021

Papanui Rotary Changeover 2021
President Janice and President-Elect Grant cordially invite you to join them for the Papanui Rotary Changeover 2021.
This is a celebration of the past year, recognition of key participants and a vision of what is to come.
The event is open to all club members, partners and guests.
Date: Thursday 24 June 2021
Time: 5:30pm for 6:00pm start
Dress: Smart
Location: The Papanui Club, 310 Sawyers Arms Road, Bishopdale, Christchurch 8053.
Cost: $24 per head which includes a buffet dinner. EFTPOS is available. Drinks are available at the bar at the guest’s expense.
RSVP: As with our normal meetings, it is assumed that all club members will attend.
  1. Please notify non-attendance and / or:
  2. If you are bringing a partner or guest(s) as we need to know exact numbers to let the Papanui Club know this in order to prepare for the evening.
Please email responses to the above by 10am on Wednesday 23 June 2021 to
This is a very special annual event for Papanui Rotary. As there are some special presentations which cannot be announced beforehand and as the buffet is shared with the public it is not possible to have an exact timed agenda. The Master of Ceremonies will run the event as efficiently as possible within these constraints.
Also be prepared for the meeting to go slightly longer than the normal weekly meetings. If anyone has to leave early, however, this will not be a problem.
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Stuart sent this link through which includes celebrating 100 years of service in Oceana including a special project he was involved with on Page 22.
Note: in some browsers you need to click & drag the pages to the right or left rather than use the < > characters buttons.
It would be great if Papanui Rotary members got together with family & friends to make up tables of six as the $$$ are going to the Give Every Child a Future Centennial Project.
Senior Constable Bruce Lamb with son Michael
Our speaker this Thursday is Bruce Lamb, a Senior Constable with the Police with many years of experience as a dog handler. He has an incredible story of bravery of himself and a dog from an incident which occurred a few years ago. 
Please come and listen to Bruce as he shares his experiences with us. Partners and friends welcome.  We hope to see lots of you there to hear Bruce’s amazing story. 
It was a great pleasure today to present to Aratupu a Vax vacuum cleaner for use at the preschool. The ladies were delighted and also that it has a wet and dry feature which will save the preschool considerable costs in having the carpets cleaned each year. Now their own cleaners can do the job! 
When we helped with the Market Day earlier this year we noticed their cleaner was very old and hardly worked. The Children in Need Trustees agreed to the purchase of this machine which was sourced by Janice Geerlofs.  Thanks so much Janice for finding the Vax at a great price. Being endorsed by Janice we knew it was an excellent machine! 
It is great to be able to help the preschool and make a difference in our local community. 
Food for Thought
“The way to be in the right place at the right time is to be in many places all the time.”
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Valda Cordes Visit

Valda Cordes Visit
We were privileged to have Valda Cordes, District International Service Chair and Board Rep for Rotary NZ World Community Service, visit us last week and speak about her broader Rotary experiences.
Valda comes with a strong background in education which included working at both the Christchurch College of Education and the University of Canterbury plus she has been an active member of the Riccarton Rotary Club for 20 years, President for 2 years, and has served on a wide range of local & national committees including becoming the National Training Coordinator. 
“As Rotarians we are categorised by many but we are also different and we walk in the shadow of previous leaders as we grow in the service of Rotary both locally and internationally” continued Valda. 
As an example, she shared the activities shown in the video Compelled to Act which highlights what has happened in Berlin where 100,000 refugees overtaxed the health-care system, jeopardizing the lives and well-being of refugees and German citizens alike.
Rotarian Dr Pia Skarabis-Querfeld assembled a talented team of medical professionals from her community to assist. The members of the teams are highly motivated to serve vulnerable people and to work together to help their community.
“This is a good example of how Rotary ensured things happened” noted Valda, which also includes Rotary’s response where three local Clubs came together to identify and assist those most vulnerable to better manage the challenges Covid brings. Some of these activities included:
  • Building a community garden.
  • Setting up a migrant play group for pre-schoolers & mums.
  • Organising a foot clinic for the elderly.
  • Supporting a migrant women’s group which includes teaching them to sew, mend and improve their skills.
  • Setting up a “Winter Warmth” space where locals meet in their own neighbourhoods
“These activities also help prevent isolation plus they provide companionship while also supporting a feeling of community and good health” explained Valda, “and I especially love these opportunities as I am a face-to-face person.”
Observations Valda has noticed recently as a result of Rotary’s activities in a Covid world include:
  • Greater numbers of world-wide connections.
  • Communications are different and more varied.
  • There is more in depth engagement.
  • Invitations from all over the world are increasing.
  • There is increasing numbers and use of technology tools being employed.
“Both the Riccarton and Papanui Club gave a similar interest in global international work and this offers us the opportunity to involve a wider number of Clubs we can partner with” noted Valda. 
She finished by challenging us with the following thought: “It all starts in your Club and how you connect with other Clubs.”  Grant thanked Valda for her presentation and the challenge she has set us to look at how we can partner with other Clubs to increase our effectiveness.
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Red Cross Migration Programme

A friend indeed: supporting refugee-background youth
Wahida, Tedros & Elizabeth
A key part of Red Cross work in Aotearoa involves running Migration Programmes that help young people coming from a refugee background settle in New Zealand.  We were privileged to welcome three visitors involved in this work to our Thursday meeting last Thursday:
Wahida Zahedi, a former refugee from Afghanistan, who now works as a Case Worker with New Zealand Red Cross helping new arrivals get set up in Christchurch. One unique thing she shared with us is that she has never found out how old she is.
Elizabeth Magabbo, a Youth Worker based in Christchurch. Elizabeth has years of experience working with non-government organisations advocating for vulnerable people. She sees her goal in her current work as ensuring that young former refugees are given the right support to be able to thrive.
Tedros Habtegiorgis, who works as a Settlement Case Worker at New Zealand Red Cross.
Wahida began the session by explaining that helping new arrivals settle throughout New Zealand involves a wide variety of tasks including providing meals and community-based support.  “Here in Christchurch we are a bit more specialised with our focus being to help those who have been victims” she continued. 
The team that provides this support include a wide range of helpers and volunteers that address a range of areas which includes pathways to employment.  One section of support focusses in particular in helping restore links to family overseas that refugees have lost contact with which is especially rewarding.
The team help families on their initial arrival in NZ for up to six weeks at the Mangere Centre after which they then go to their respective resettlement centres where they are assigned case workers who support them for up to 12 months. 
“We teach them how New Zealand works and refer them to other services de[pending on their needs with the goal being to help them work towards being able to stand on their own two feet” she explained.  The orientation programmes are also supported by wide range of organisations which cover aspects such as housing, health, education and a sound orientation to Christchurch.
Cross cultural workers are also used to help with language and learning about New Zealand cultural norms.
We next heard from Elizabeth who mainly works with 12-25 year old refugee youth with most coming from Eritrea and Afghanistan.  “Youth are introduced to me and told about what I do but they must choose to want to work with me” she explained. She has learnt to never judge them by the culture they come from but instead by who they are and what they are like.
As part of her job she organises youth gatherings where she explains the various services and organisations they can access and also helps them unlearn any prejudices they bring and learn instead how to how to respect all cultures and types of people.
“They especially love all the outings to places like the zoo, the museum plus also playing sports” she smiled.  This also helps them learn to have fun, enjoy spending time with friends and not feel guilty about their experiences in the past.
Elizabeth also liaises with schools in order to help them fit in mor easily as refugees often come with issues from their past experiences.  Volunteers are used throughout their activities so they can also get a feel for how to enjoy themselves as they learn about living in Christchurch.
“One of their more emotional experiences”, shared Elizabeth, “is when they first get to visit their new living space as this is a very happy time for them.” 
Tedros ended their presentation by sharing that each person’s background is very different in terms of where they come from, the experiences they have had and the challenges they have faced.  These can include experiencing anxiety, loss if home, loneliness and cultural shock which our three visitors are also often are called upon to help them deal with.
“One guy spent a year hiding out in an airport, smiled Tedros, “and now he is happily settling into living in New Zealand.”
Liz thanked our three guests for their interesting and informative presentation which gave us a better understanding of the great work they do.
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Papanui Bush Doing it’s Thing
Please note that there is now no working bee on Friday the 4th as the Papanui Bush basin is otherwise occupied doing its’ job and we do not want to get in the way.  Denis.
Tres Chefs Fantastique!
Thanks so much to all those ladies who supported our Pink Ribbon Breakfast this year. 
20 ladies and our 3 fabulous chefs enjoyed a great time of pink fun and fellowship on Saturday 22 May at Northwood. Kathy Anderson won the best dressed award looking fabulous in a pink net tutu! 
We raised $325 for breast cancer which has been paid to the Breast Cancer Foundation.
Again a special thanks to Tony, Keith and Gary who not only looked magnificent in their pink aprons and pink bow ties but cooked delicious corn fritters and did all the dishes! 
Customs Detector Dog Demi
A good number of keen Papanui Club members attended a great session with Rotary New Horizons he where we got to see Demi (the Lab) along with her handler Kadion in action. 
These are very clever dogs and they work hard to earn their favourite toys and food.  Every dog is a member of their handler’s family and you could easily tell by the dog’s enthusiasm and tail wagging that they really enjoy their work.
Thought for the Week:
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Firewood for Sale
We have 2 trailer loads of beautifully dried willow wood for sale. Ideal for log burners or fires.  Each trailer holds 3 cubic metres and will get you through the winter nicely.
The price is an amazing $200 per trailer load, delivered.
The 2 trailer loads will go quickly so call either Keith Mitchell  03 359 1233 or 027 682 8979 or Tony Tizzard o3 352 8926 or 021 664 801 to arrange delivery.
Click here for an eight-week in-depth look at Rotary International and its good work it does in Canterbury and the world.
Kia Rite Hoea Workshop
(Previously named Get Set Go!)
Date/Time:  Wednesday 23 June 2021, 9.30am to 2.30pm 
Venue:  Waikura/Linwood-Central-Heathcote Community Boardroom, Smith Street, Linwood.
Kia Rite Hoea is your one-stop-shop resource and workshop to help you  run a safe and successful community event or programme and includes 55 pages of jam-packed guidance, checklists, hot-tips and case studies.
The workshop is facilitated by Christchurch City Council Community Recreation Advisors who have experience in planning and delivering recreation programmes and events.
Workshop cost: $35 for not for profit group, $55 for Govt departments or commercial business.  You will be able to register for the 23 June Workshop at a later stage, by going to this link.
Consistency is the key to successful communication
By Liz Courtney, assistant public image coordinator for Zone 8 (Australia, New Zealand & Pacific Islands)
Since the COVID-19 pandemic, we are working in a virtual world and it has created a huge upsurge in using technology to communicate.
We know that using social media and online marketing tools can reach a huge audience in a cost-effective way and it gives Rotary clubs an opportunity to be seen by many.
As a training leader, I often teach clubs how to make sure their club logo is used correctly and consistently in their communications, especially online and on social media, because consistency builds trust and recognition. Here’s what I share during my trainings:
Letter of Thanks
Lois, thank you so much for your support with Aviva’s Annual Street Appeal!  With your incredible support we were able to raise $27,500 for our Annual Appeal, well surpassing our expectations! You managed to raise $218.90!
Every little bit is so incredibly important to reaching that overall total. We could not have done it without you.
Regardless of how much you raised, we are so thankful for your presence out and about that weekend. Every person you spoke to or who even just passed by, becomes a little more familiar with Aviva.
Some of them have already gone on to donate online. Some of them may finally decide to donate next time. Perhaps most importantly, you have helped spread awareness to our communities, so that when one of them needs help, they will know we are here and that they can come to us for support.
Thank you for all you do!
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Bush Restoration Denis McMurtrie 2021-05-24 12:00:00Z 0

Howard League

Howard League for Penal Reform
Cosmo (Cos) Jeffrey, President of the Canterbury Howard league, gave us an interesting insight into his journey and current activities with the Howard League.
Born in the North Island, Cos left school in the 4th form and became involved in the Road Runners motorcycle gang.  He then decided to study for a BA while also attending a church where he became increasingly involved in helping those in need which led to him deciding that this was a worthy vocation to pursue.
“I looked about for social work training and completed a 2 year Post Graduate Diploma in Social Work” continued Cos. This then led to him working for a year in the prison system with a motorcycle gang who were so poor that they couldn’t afford to own many bikes.
It was a great experience, however, and the church he was with decided that a good approach at that time was to support them which resulted in him getting a job in 1974 as a “detached” social worker.  “Unfortunately, my mode of transport at that time was a Vauxhall Viva which did not go down that well, so I swapped it for a Triumph Trident which was much more acceptable” smiled Cos.
About that time a full scale war developed between rival bikie gangs and he took this opportunity to start going to Rolleston prison where he was allowed access to jailed bikers.  After a while a truce was eventually formed as they began to see that there was little future in remaining rivals.
As the groups began to gradually develop ways of helping themselves move forward, they decided to develop a co-op and began working on various projects that gave them work experience.  This eventually led to building a solid base via a farm setting they were able to access.
“I then retired for a while “ continued Cos “but eventually returned to Christchurch and worked with the unemployed while also becoming involved in a programme that helped kids ride mini motorbikes”.
At that time there was also a lot of car importing going on, and so he next got into this area importing specialist vehicles and parts. Unfortunately his business was raided in 1979 as, unbeknown to him, a colleague had arranged for drugs to be stowed away in one of the imported cars.  After a court case Cos suddenly found himself in jail with a six-year sentence.
“Jail was a struggle for me as I was a pacifist and soon found I had to protect and defend everything I had with me” he continued.  Luckily after 2 years the Parole Board released him which he found rather overwhelming.  He eventually got back into business and also decided to join and work with the Howard League which he soon became President of and remains so to this day.
It terms of his current thinking about incarceration, Cos feels that most prisons have little going for them as there is often very little for inmates to do.  This gave him an idea … why don’t we get training courses in place?  He felt this was a good solution for many prisoners who are locked up most of the time with people they often don’t like and little to do which as a result often leads to them acting out in a frequently violent manner.
Offering and running training, on the other hand, helps push the idea of ‘being better when you get out’ as courses focus on helping inmates learn skills that will help them grow and hopefully survive when they are released which avoids becoming trapped in seeing jail as a way of life.
“I currently work in the 18-21 year old Unit” shared Cos.  For most youth this is their 1st time in jail and the programmes ensure they have things to learn and do which includes managing & operating a sizeable garden.  The produce they grow are entered in shows and win prizes which helps give them a real sense of achievement. 
“For many this is the 1st time they have ever done anything like that” noted Cos. The programme is also beginning to offer cooking lessons which is another skill many have little experience of.
Cos ended his talk by noting that the Howard League is struggling and suggested that donating as little as two cups of coffee a month would help cover half of a co-worker’s salary and will also give the donator a regular newsletter on what the League is up to.
We thanked Cosmo for his presentation and for giving us a glimpse into the valuable skills-building work the League does.
Howard League Grant Paice 2021-05-24 12:00:00Z 0

Stuart India Project

North India Project Presentation
Stuart Batty gave us a fascinating look back at a major international project in North India.where the team was sent in to appraise how it had gone.
Initially based just South of Shimla, the aim of the ten year project was to educate ~30 communities (7 informal settlements and 23 neighbouring villages) in an underdeveloped part of the District of Solan, Himachal Pradesh to become self-sufficient which included being able to grow their own crops and develop irrigation with improving water, wealth, health and agriculture being the main focus.
Shimla, Northern India
“The area was mountainous, barren and very hot and there were monkeys everywhere” smiled Stuart.
The team were not allowed to wear any items with the Rotary logo as NGOs were not welcome so the team had to go in as tourists and be very discrete about what they said.
They began by discussing and getting feedback on the efforts of the project so far across thirty communities.  “We also checked progress in making check dams”, explained Stuart, “which stored water for use in irrigating land to grow food”.
Another focus was to produce water via building reservoirs in order to feed animals plus they also drilled down to obtain water and raise it up to secured storage areas so that animals and thieves couldn’t get at it.  In addition the project involved the use of water tanks that were filled when it rained. 
Other reservoirs were built on land to facilitate the growing and irrigating of crops.  The project also involved the propagation of seeds and the building of shelters to protect the seeds and plants from animals.
“The outcomes were fantastic” smiled Stuart “as locals were now able to feed their families with extra food being sold with the money raised spent on important things including education for children.”
The project also supported multiple and huge settlements that were very poor where children and young teenagers were living in crowded situations with little comforts.
The team then headed to Shimla which is built on the side of a mountain.  “In the past the town used to house the Government during the hot season” explained Stuart.  
Overall, the major outcomes of the trip were seen as having been achieved which was  highly relevant to local needs and in particular with respect to the emphasis on water conservation & capture for agriculture and the availability of a safe drinking water supply.  Health training and testing was also relevant to the needs of both the landless and smallholders.
There was a shortfall of $90,000 overall and the team were delighted when one Rotarian wrote out a cheque for the total amount.
We thanked Stuart for his interesting presentation on a very successful and worthwhile project that made a significant difference for the population of the area it was based in.
Stuart India Project Grant Paice 2021-05-17 12:00:00Z 0


Pink Ribbon Reminder
A final reminder all lady Papanui Rotary Club members and friends.
Come and join the merry crew for our Annual Pink Ribbon fundraising breakfast on Saturday May 22nd starting at 9:30 am at 20 Mistral Road, Northwood.
Our three wonderful chefs will do us proud with an amazing spread being delivered as always.
Please let Lois know via that you will be attending.
In 2020 RNZWCS set up an appeal for Covid-19 response specifically to support our Pacific neighbours. In recent weeks inquiries have been coming in as Rotary’s response to India.
RNZWCS is in regular contact with Rotarians in India and elsewhere regarding the pandemic through Zoom calls and email.  The message from India is clear – do not send goods.  Incompatibility with India’s equipment standards, customs duty and GST are just some of the roadblocks.
India’s population is 1.4 billion.  At last count India had 21 Rotary Districts and 115,000 Rotarians.
RNZWCS has long outstanding partners in India and is in touch.  Donations sent to its established contacts directly will see the money reach the end need immediately.
For Clubs and Rotarians wishing to donate, contact details are:
RNZWCS Limited
03 1702 0192208 01 Ref. 777
snippets Grant Paice 2021-05-17 12:00:00Z 0

Asia NZ Foundation

The Asia New Zealand Foundation
We were privileged to hear last Thursday from Alistair Crozier, Director and Business Manager of the Asia New Zealand Foundation who brings a wide variety of experiences across various overseas regions to his work.
“Asia represents approximately 60% of the world’s population”, shared Alistair, “with eleven of New Zealand’s top 15 trade partners coming from this region.”  As a result, he explained, we are increasingly tied to this area with one in six New Zealanders (including Alistair) also speaking an Asian language and the NZ Govt. believes Asia is going to be increasingly influential in NZ’s future.
Asia is currently seen as the 2nd most important region to NZ behind Australia, but only half of us know much about the region.  Alistair then asked what words do we associate with Asia?  Most think immediately of China, but it is significantly more than that. 
The Foundation’s purpose, he explained, is to help NZ gear up to thrive in Asia by raising awareness and encouraging access to the programmes offered.  These core programmes include business, entrepreneurship,   leadership, arts education. Media, research, diplomacy and sport area.
As Director of the Business programme, Alistair’s team arranges internships for recent graduates which include inviting Asian experts to NZ to provide Professional Development to various sectors.
In addition to leadership development the Foundation also runs entrepreneurship programmes and provides educational curriculum, resources and online classes to schools and NZ educators which aims to inspire interest in Asian culture.
“A key advantage is that we now have more multicultural classrooms which helps teachers and students understand more about Asian culture” explained.  While media coverage tends to often be quite focussed on issues, the Foundation tries to show “all of Asia” including how they live, what they do etc.
We thanked Alistair for his informative presentation on what the Foundation does and wished him well going forward.
For more detained information check out their website at
Asia NZ Foundation Grant Paice 2021-05-10 12:00:00Z 0

Gates Foundation

The Gates Foundation
Jim Hudson gave us the following update on the Foundation.
As you know, our Rotary Foundation is funded by individual Rotarians, Rotary clubs & districts and individual benefactors.  The Polio programme is funded through contributions from WHO, UNICEF, world governments and Rotary. 
And the source of Rotary funds? It’s from individual Rotarians, clubs, districts and benefactors who “choose” to work in close relationship with organisations like Rotary.
The best known and by far the most generous is the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, a not-for-profit organisation fighting poverty, disease and inequality around the world.  I had the mistaken belief that if Rotary reached its goal of raising $50m this year then Bill would write out a cheque for $100m Rotary could get on with its vaccination programmes.  Not a bit of it.
The Gates Foundation is guided by the belief that every life has equal value.  It works in developing countries focussing on improving people’s health and giving them a chance to lift out of hunger and extreme poverty.  In the US it focuses especially on Blacks and Latinos to give them opportunities otherwise denied them.  It is based in Seattle and Warren Buffet, the financier and investment Guru, is one of four directors.
In 2019 the Foundation invested over US $5 Billion dollars in the fields of global development, health, growth and opportunity for the oppressed. 
These are very broad categories but they have a Global Delivery Programme to make their systems work, whether it be helping with the education of children in Sub-Saharan Africa or an agricultural programme in India.  They work in partnership with global financing organisations like the World Bank and the Global Fund to fight Aids, tuberculosis and malaria as well as polio.
So, while the Gates Foundation does its incredible work dealing with a host of challenges worldwide, we must fulfil our commitment towards Rotary’s goal of $US$50m this year.  What is requested of us?  US$1500 per club.  Not a big ask.  We are half way there.  But the Rotary year is 5/6ths over.   Become a Centurion.  Get in touch with Deryn and help our cause. 
As a matter of interest, how many of us have contributed so far and have we done this directly to RI?  April 24th-30th was World Immunisation Week so this suggests that now a great time to show our commitment. 
Rotary won’t be giving up on this project until it is finished.  And that is three years after the last case of wild polio has been eliminated.  This is everyone’s commitment.
Gates Foundation Jim Hudson 2021-05-10 12:00:00Z 0


Rotary - RNZWCS Limited - News in Brief
Thank you to all who support us to support others.
Please find more details of how you may assist.
Also on Facebook
Pink Ribbon Reminder
Reminder all lady Papanui Rotary Club members and friends.
Come and join the merry crew for our Annual Pink Ribbon fundraising breakfast on Saturday May 22nd starting at 9:30 am at 20 Mistral Road, Northwood.
Our three wonderful chefs will do us proud with an amazing spread being delivered as always.
Please let Lois know via that you will be attending.
Food for Thought
“Winning doesn't always mean being first.”
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Aratupu Pre-School Market Day

Posted by Gary Denhard

Aratupu Pre-School Market Day

Aratupu is a place where children play, learn, and explore their unique passions and strengths. It’s a place where parents, whānau, and kaiako gather to chat, laugh, and problem solve. It's a place where anything is possible.
They use exploratory play and evidence-based education strategies to develop natural curiosity and a passion for discovery in every Aratupu child. Their holistic approach makes space for each child to grow and develop at their own pace. 
In April 2021 they ran a Market Day to raise much needed funds. Papanui Rotary assisted by running a BBQ and also served Tea and Coffee with beautiful home made cakes.
Aratupu Pre-School Market Day Gary Denhard 2021-05-07 12:00:00Z 0

Howick Rotary Fun Walk & Run

Posted by Gary Denhard


Thirteen primary and intermediate schools join the Sunday Fun Walk and Run. Over 200 registered online and another 130 on the day’s registration. Additionally, 100 teachers and parents participated in the event. Numbers competing the course exceeded 600.
Primary school students ran and walked the 5.9k course. Intermediate students completed the 6.9km course. There was also an 8.1km extended course for those who wished for a harder challenge.
The Fun and Walk Run is a family-centric event.
There were over $3000 worth of prizes provided by local businesses.
Students were awarded medals for completing the race. Cups were presented to the first team of four runners, from Primary and Intermediate schools, to cross the finish line. Shelly Park and Farm Cove won the Primary and Intermediate School Cup, respectively.
All funds raised from the Howick Fun Walk and Run were donated to the Howick Coastguard.
Howick Rotary Fun Walk &amp; Run Gary Denhard 2021-05-07 12:00:00Z 0

Lincoln Students at Science Forum

Posted by Gary Denhard

Lincoln Students at Science Forum

Lincoln High School Students attend Rotary’s Science & Technology Forum
Something to be aware of if you have an exceptional science student at your school.
Lincoln Rotary sent two candidates to the Rotary National Science and Technology Forum held in Auckland from 10 to 23 January 2021.
Both candidates were from Lincoln High School and performed extremely well during their interview process.
This Forum is a programme aimed at high achieving, well-rounded science, maths and technology students in Year 12 at New Zealand Secondary Schools who will be returning to Year 13 and who are planning to study science or technology subjects at tertiary level in New Zealand.
COVID-19 was on the club's side and both candidates flew to Auckland and enjoyed their two weeks of learning more in depth aspects of technology and science. They both now have a much clearer vision of the direction and specific areas of study they wish to pursue in the future.
Lincoln Students at Science Forum Gary Denhard 2021-05-07 12:00:00Z 0


Container Packing Appreciation
Thanks to  Anne, Arie,  Deryn,  Gordon,  Heather, Keith, Lesley,  Liz,  Neville, Nick and Stuart for packing the Container bound for Samoa along with Cashmere Rotary members.
During a coffee break on Monday,  Stuart and Gordon (Cashmere) presented a Certificate of Appreciation to Kim Steetskamp for generously providing a place to park our containers.
Car Rally to Wilson’s Mill
Eighteen Rotarians, family and friends enjoyed a fantastic day taking part in a Car Rally, car collection and garden visit at Wilson’s Mill, Ohoka.
The day started with a coffee at The Flax Eatery in Prestons and from there we followed a route set by Rob Nicholl and answered a series of questions before arriving at Wilson’s in time to tour their amazing car collection.
After this we assembled for a picnic lunch in the magnificent garden and grounds of this outstanding property. There was ample time to wander at leisure, soak up the sun and listen to our generous host Kelvin tell us about both his unique car collection and how he and his wife have developed the property since purchasing it around 2012.
Our sincere thanks to Rob Nicholl for organising such a wonderful, entertaining and thoroughly enjoyable day.
Pink Ribbon Reminder
Calling all lady Papanui Rotary Club members and friends.
Come and join the merry crew for our Annual Pink Ribbon fundraising breakfast starting at 9:30 am at 20 Mistral Road, Northwood.
Our three wonderful chefs will do us proud with an amazing spread being delivered as always.
Please let Lois know via that you will be attending.
Paul Harris Fellow Nominations Reminder
We are still seeking further nominations for up to seven high achieving Papanui Club members or people we know in the community with links to Rotary to be awarded Paul Harris Fellows.  This is a great opportunity for us to show our recognition of those we feel have served us well in our community and deserve this honour.
Please send any nominations by 10 May to Cheryl  Colley at
Food for Thought
Volunteering your time to support a cause you are passionate about is something you will never regret. It will enrich your life, familiarize you with your community, and connect you to people and ideas that will positively impact your perspective for the rest of your life. Helping your community is an opportunity for you to grow as a person, to better understand how you fit into the world around you.
Snippets Grant Paice 2021-05-03 12:00:00Z 0

Foodbank Aotearoa

Foodbank Aotearoa
Last week we had the CEO of Foodbank Aotearoa speak to us about the work he and his team do to alleviate the plight of those in our community who struggle to afford to put a supply of nutritious meals on their table on a regular basis.
John Milligan and his wife Janice set up Foodbank Aotearoa six years ago. John has worked on four continents around the world and trained numerous executives. His motto is: 
“Wise men plant trees in whose shade they will never sit”.
Over one third of the food grown around the world is wasted. 8o million people in the world go without food on any given day. New Zealanders throw away 122,547 tonnes of food including 20 million loaves of bread and nine and a half tons of potatoes a year!
The average New Zealand household throws away the equivalent of three large supermarket trolleys of food a year.
And yet across New Zealand, 270,000 kids go to school every morning without breakfast or go to bed each night without any dinner.
Foodbank Aotearoa was set up to collect surplus food from whatever source and to re-distribute it to local hubs who service those families that need it. Across New Zealand, 270,000 kids (or one in every four children) go to school every morning without breakfast or go to bed each night without dinner. It tackles the logistical problem of getting the food to people at the right time. Foodbank Aotearoa puts surplus food to good use in a sustainable way. We get surplus food safely to the hungry.
While hundreds of Cantabrians go hungry each day, safe, healthy and usable food is being disposed of as waste. We collect this nutritious surplus food from all segments of the food industry including restaurants, grocers, supermarkets, wholesalers, hotels and caterers.
We are most grateful for the support of over 240 volunteers such as you that make this all possible.
Post the Covid outbreak we are processing 95 tons of food a month. We work with 170 Charitable organisations in Christchurch and a further 26 in Timaru.
All food is turned over in 36 hours. We are supplying over 9,000 meals a day and still need to do more.  We are New Zealand’s sole representative in the Global Foodbanking Network.  A key approach of the team is:
“Fight Hunger Feed Hope”.
We thanked John & Janice for their efforts and look forward being able to support them going forward.
Foodbank Aotearoa Tony Tizzard 2021-05-03 12:00:00Z 0


Paul Harris Fellow Nominations
Our Club has amassed sufficient points to nominate up to seven high achieving Papanui Club members or people we know in the community with links to Rotary to be awarded Paul Harris Fellows.
Please send any nominations by 10 May to Cheryl  Colley at
A Great Day at Aratupu
Dear Lois & the rest of the amazing Papanui Rotary.
Thank you so much for all your support on Saturday 10th April.
We really enjoyed having you with us on the day with your positive energy and helping to run the tea and coffee and the BBQ. It made a real difference to have you all on board. Hope you like the photos.
While this year was quieter will still managed to raise just over $800! This will go towards resources for the children here.
Many thanks once again
Hannah Sylvester
Aratupu Preschool and Whanau Hub
Container Packing
We still need helpers on all days to assist in packing a container of DIK for Samoa.  
Dates :
Saturday              1 May                   From 9.30 am
Sunday                 2 May                   2.00 pm
Monday               3 May                   From 9.30 am
Tuesday               4 May                   From 9.30 am
Please contact Stuart on (027) 269 5615 if you or family members are available to help.
Car Rally
We need final numbers for coffee on May 2nd … please let Rob know at  or (021) 069 0915.
Food for Thought
“When you are tempted to lose your patience with someone, think about how patient others have been with you.”
Snippets Grant Paice 2021-04-26 12:00:00Z 0

Duncan Webb MP

A Visit by Dr Duncan Webb
We were treated to a visit by Duncan Webb, MP for Christchurch Central, who spoke to us last week.
Duncan began by telling us he left England in 1974when he was six years old.  He initially lived in Aranui and later in New Brighton.  He attended Shirley Boys High and afterwards completed a Bachelor of Laws at Canterbury University.
A strong League supporter, Duncan explained that he has two jobs: Party Whip which includes a responsibility for mentoring and pastoral care, and Chair of the Finance & Expenditure Committee. 
He is also currently looking into banking as it continues to shift from personal service to on line transitions.  “This can be an issue for members of the public with limited IT skills and / or visual issues” explained Duncan.
Duncan next noted than an increasing number of New Zealanders in full time jobs are finding they have little extra cash left over.  They are also experiencing issues getting into housing as it can take up to 500 weeks to save for a deposit. 
As a result, he explained that there has been a shift towards “well-being” becoming a key determinant of policy which is quite different to previous budgets. This includes a stronger focus on allocating funds to improve outcomes. As an example, rather than a focus on having more police to target domestic violence, Duncan suggested that a better focus is to look at adopting an more integrated response including the use of a multi-disciplinary process based on case management which, while more expensive, results in better outcomes.
The questions become “where do we look” and “what do we need to ask” including, on another front, considering how we can better manage our environment plus, on a larger scale, considering what responsibilities we have to our population in the more distant future?
“Another area involves looking at is human capital based on the looking at how we are all doing” noted Duncan which includes considering are we well, educated and happy and what is our best spend to keep us in good shape.
This includes a focus on social capital i.e. looking at how strong our community is. “Compared to the US, we are generally on board with our Covid response which an excellent example of having strong social capital” explained Duncan.
He added that our responses to the quakes and the Mosque attacks are further examples of our current social capital where we reached out, provided support and accepted the cost.  This shows that we are one of the 1st countries in the world to measure our progress based on social outcomes.
“One of the key things that give us quality” added Duncan “is trying to avoid excessive numbers of ‘haves’ and ‘have nots’ and to instead look at keeping these two group closer to each other”. 
As an example, with respect to health care, Duncan suggested that we need to shift our approach away from hospitals and focus more on improving our general health.
We thanked Duncan for his thoughts on adopting a social capital perspective where the focus is on helping everyone thrive rather than just getting by.
Duncan Webb MP Grant Paice 2021-04-26 12:00:00Z 0


Last Thursday we were privileged to host three visitors (Simon Challies, Maddie Smith & Malcolm Rickerby) from BrainTree, a Papanui based wellness centre for brain health that is planning to open in April 2022.
We were particularly interested to hear about this as their location is adjacent to Papanui Bush, a project that our Club actively supports with the goal of returning a sizeable area of land back to it’s native heritage condition.
Simon spoke on behalf of our visitors and knows first-hand what it’s like living with Parkinson’s. He took on a Directorship at the Canterbury Brain Collective because he wanted to help other people with the condition while also utilising his extensive experience in property development and design, establishing community spaces and understanding the needs of older people with health issues.
BrainTree Grant Paice 2021-04-19 12:00:00Z 0


Flu Shot
A reminder that Larry will be brining flu shots along this week for those of you aged 65 and over.
Car Rally
The Fellowship Committee has a car trial to Wilson's Mill Gardens and car collection organised for Sunday the 2nd May. 
Get a car load together and join the fun of a car rally expertly organised by Rob Nicholl.
Starting at the Flax Eatery & Bar, 41 Raranga St, off Te Korari St. (on Preston's Rd cross Marshlands, 1st left is Te Korari).  The trial starts at 9.30 - 10.00am.  BYO picnic lunch.  It includes a conducted car collection and garden tour and will run wet or fine.  The cost is $10 per head.
To register email or text Rob Nicholl or phone him on  (021) 069 0915.
For more info on this offer click here.
Mitre 10 Mega BBQ
The next Papanui Mitre 10 Mega BBQ is on Saturday 24 April and we need some volunteers to help out.  Note it is on Saturday again this time.
The profits will be specifically for the Papanui High School Kimi Ora Camp, a great activity for Special Needs children at the school.  We have four rosters as follows:
  • 8:15am to 9:00am: Gary and Cheryl setting up.
  • 9:00am to 11:00am: Gary and Cheryl Denhard need 2 more helpers.
  • 11:00am to 1:00pm: 4 helpers required.
  • 1:00pm to 3:00pm: Euan Hilson 3 more helpers required.
  • 3:00pm to 4:30pm: Gary Denhard 2 more helpers required (the last shift does the clean-up so we are all done by 4:30pm).
I trust you will support this fundraiser once again. We will have a sign up saying it is for Kimi Ora and we will also make sure Papanui High School are aware of this.
Unless Mitre 10 Mega has a cancellation and asks us to step in I won't organise any more BBQs until Spring time.
Check out this year’s offer and fundraising benefits here.
Kate with her New Headband at Aratupu
Dear Lois and the rest of the amazing Papanui Rotary,
Thank you so much for all your support on Saturday 10th April.
We really enjoyed having you with us on the day with your positive energy and helping to run the tea & coffee and the BBQ. It made a real difference to have you all on board. Hope you like the photo.
While this year was quieter will still managed to raise just over $800! This will go towards resources for the children here.
Many thanks once again:
Hannah Sylvester
Aratupu Preschool & Whanau Hub
Food for Thought
“Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.”
Snippets Grant Paice 2021-04-19 12:00:00Z 0


Wood Chopping Fun & Games by Deryn
There were seven of us altogether involved in our recent wood chopping endeavours which resulted in us loading two trailers twice each so four trailer loads in total.
We then took it all to Wayne Lyons and unloaded it onto nine pallets each 3-4 feet high where it is waiting patiently to be cut and split into smaller pieces.
Cuppa time at cafe after we finished was especially enjoyed by all 😊.
Mitre 10 Mega BBQ a Hit!
Last week was our first Saturday and we had light rain to start with. We sold out of sausages just after 4pm and had a turnover of $844.20 ($636.20 cash and $208 EFTPOS).  This means that we make just of $500 profit once again.
I managed to see a little bit of every roster and I always found very friendly chatter amongst the members who helped. There was also friendly banter with the locals who were buying our sausages and drinks.
Helping with the BBQ is easy and really enjoyable. If you haven't been involved yet then the next BBQ is in 2 weeks on Saturday 24 April. Funds we raise will go to the Papanui High School Kimi Ora Camp later in the year.
Special thanks to Arie who bought the sausages and bread once again and did the first shift even though he has a lot on his mind.   We all had a "we're thinking of you" sausage to honour President Janice. 
Also, a big thanks to Deb Gimblett who took eight of our wooden foot stools home for her & her husband to oil over the next week or so.
Thank you once again to all who assisted:
Wednesday Lotto Needs a Boost
We still have a few numbers left in our next Wednesday Lotto fundraiser.  Contact Deryn to join.
Rotary Centennial # Plate Surrounds Project
Christchurch South Rotary is coordinating Matamata Rotary's centennial number plate surrounds project. At $15 per set, this is a fantastic way of promoting Rotary.
Athol McCully is the contact person for our district and he mentioned that he still has a few of these available. We would appreciate if you can please promote this project to your members. Click on the link below to order.
Janice Update
Hi Everyone.
Just a wee update you let you all know I came home from the hospital recently in a wheelchair.  In six weeks’ time I will be taught to walk again as at this stage there is to be no load bearing on my left leg.
I would like to thank you all for the lovely card & well wishes. I also appreciated you asking Arie how I am but also asking how he is as it has been quite a stressful period as you all can imagine He will have to be my carer now that I am home which is going to be a huge lot of work for him.
A big thank you to the Rotarian who helped by giving him a meal.  It was a whopper, big enough for six people, and has been put it in the freezer as we will eat it next week when we have a few people staying with us.
A # of things had to be done to make our home usable for a wheelchair including a ramp for access into our front door, a sliding shower seat & a raised toilet seat chair on wheels.  No driving my car but I have two means of transportation: my wheelchair & the toilet chair.
Not sure which shower will be best yet to use yet.  Our oldest son came and sprayed a coating of spray over our ensuite tiles and in the other bathroom he took out the shower rose and installed a slider with hand-held sprayer.
I will be sending Grant photos of my x-rays before and after the operation.  He will email those to you.  In the after operation one it shows where they have put in oyster shells in so they will grow new bone for my leg as my compound fracture hit the bone so hard that it impacted the bone itself.
I would also like to also thank all those members who came to help out at the Mitre 10 BBQ and at Arutipu Preschool’s Open Day on a cooler day. Thankfully for you the rain stopped but you did have to contend with a bit of a cold wind.
Well - that’s it from me and I wish you all best.  Enjoy your Rotary meeting on Thursday night this week.  Just a wee note: I love visitors but do check with Arie by giving him a call first.
Cheers from your laid-back President Janice LoL!
Thought for the Week
 “Keep your face to the sunshine and you cannot see a shadow.”
Snippets Grant Paice 2021-04-12 12:00:00Z 0

Future Project

Give Every Child a Future Project
Liz Courtney shared some key information about our Centenary Project for the Pacific which was chosen as it was deemed likely to have the most impact.
“A number of children in these regions die young, and our aim is to significantly reduce this with three effective vaccines” explained Liz.
So far there are 27 grants being applied for and some are already in progress.  One target is to reduce the effects of the two biggest killers, pneumonia and diarrhoea.
UNICEF is working closely with the Ministry of Health in order to lower the mortality levels over three years by vaccinating the most disadvantaged children and adolescent girls across what is a challenging and remote region.
“These vaccines are effective, and we are ready to go once flights allow” noted Liz.
At this time Covid is not a threat, but there is concern about low immunisation levels.  This will be included with the other vaccine rollouts. 
Liz concluded by noting that the overall result will also help strengthen our borders by improving our neighbours’ situation and she suggested we can support this project by sharing with others what we are doing, seeking Corporate sponsorship and subscribing to the project’s website which is located here.
Future Project Tony Tizzard 2021-04-12 12:00:00Z 0

My Time in the RNZN


My Time in the RNZN
Geoff & Dorothy
Senior Lieutenant Commander Geoff Andrew, accompanied by his mother Dorothy, gave us an informative and interesting talk on his time in the RNZ Navy.
Geoff joined up when the cold war ended and noted that it changed dramatically over his next 30 years. .
“We currently serve a huge area including the south-west Pacific, Australia, southeast Asia and Antarctica plus at times taken an even broader area when required” began Andrew.
“New Zealand is involved in the protection of fishing, plus keep an eye on our closest neighbour Australia which is our only ally with other countries being seen as partnerships” he continued.
It is a very time-consuming job as the Navy needs a large amount of information which helps identify risk and place staff where they can do the most good.  Some specific areas they are involved with include illegal fishing, smuggling, and watching ships entering our space plus they also keep an eye on a huge merchant shipping operation.
The Navy operates on a wide variety of platforms with people being the central part of our operations. Aotearoa, our newest and largest ship, has a specific role in helping keep our other ships at sea.
The Navy frigates are under constant upgrading which is an ongoing process as things change rapidly.  “Our focus is also very different to 30 years ago and includes ensuring effective coordination, planning, investment and operations to achieve the desired results and my job is essentially to manage threats” note Geoff.
Collaboration is an essential component in order to understand what is happening in the areas the RNZN operates in.  It is also tasked to watch for global instability and challenges to global world order. Covid has recently had an impact in taking staff away from these usual tasks in order to help manage the specific threats it brings.
Geoff started his career on HMNZ Canterbury which has served our Navy for 35 years. He also served on many other ships as well as ships from different navies with the biggest one being time spent on USS America operating out of Hawaii.  “I enjoyed my time on them all” he smiled.
In closing Geoff noted that he found it a privilege to serve in a large number of areas where the accessing of key information was a critical requirement in order to help meet the goals of helping manage or reduce conflict quickly before other countries became involved.
Liz thanked Geoff for his informative and interesting insight into the extensive operational activities our RNZN has and continues to be actively engaged in during his career.
My Time in the RNZN  Grant Paice 2021-04-06 12:00:00Z 0


Mitre 10 Mega BBQ April 10th
The next Papanui Mitre 10 Mega BBQ is on Saturday 10 April and we need some volunteers to help out.  Note it is on Saturday this time.
This is a good chance to help raise money from the public instead of our own membership. All profits (usually $500+) will go into our general club funds.
This is the current status of our BBQ Rosters for this Saturday 10 April.
Note: Deb Gimblett has offered to do one or two rosters but I haven’t selected a time for her yet. I’ll see how your own preferences pan out first.
The BBQ opens to sell sausages at 9:00am
We have four rosters as follows:
8:15am to 9:00am:  Arie dropping things off, Gary and Arie setting up.
9:00am to 11:00am: Arie, Gary, Max Wright. 1 more person needed.
11:00am to 1:00pm: 4 people needed
1:00pm to 3:00pm: 4 people needed
3:00pm to 4:30pm: Gary Denhard, 2 more people needed
Hope you will support us again this time.
The next BBQ is Saturday 24 April. By the end of April these BBQs would have raised over $2,500 for club funds this Rotary year.
Thank you.
A reminder that we would encourage as many members as possible to attend our meeting this week.
Simon Forsyth will be taking new individual photos for inclusion in the Members Handbook and a group club photo as well.
We look forward to seeing you there:
Stuart sent through some great pictures of the work the Foundation / International Committee helps support.
An Update from Janice
Today a physiotherapist came to see me and told me that the wait list to get to Burwood Hospital is huge.   Still not sure if I will go to Ashburton Hospital then or go home?
Our home has to be accessed so that I can manoeuvre a wheelchair around our home and which of our two showers will be best to be used.  The problem is, is I am not allowed to weight bear on my left foot I have to imagine there is an egg under my foot that I may not break.
Today the physiotherapist taught me how to get in and out of my wheelchair using my right leg.  I can move the wheelchair with my right foot and right arm but only for a little bit as I am still waiting to be operated on my right frozen shoulder.
This is an old injury I did in June 2019 when I went give our cocker spaniel a smack for digging under the big square terracotta planter we have in our back yard.  Well the little minx saw me just as I was about to smack her bum.  As she ran past me to run away I lost my balance and fell on the edge of the planter with my right shoulder.
I went to our family doctor who gave me some pain killers and was told to go to see my specialist, which I did.  After having an MRI which showed I had a tear in my shoulder and bursitis I received 2 cortisone injections one in the front of my shoulder and one in the back of my shoulder.  These two injections kept the pain away for quite some time however the pain came back.
After a number of rounds of cortisone I had another MRI which showed the tear was still there and that my shoulder needed to be operated on as I was struggling to use my arm properly. 
I officially had what is called a frozen shoulder.
My specialist applied for ACC to fund an operation. 
He sent them all the details and the two MRI scans at the end of February. I have received a letter from ACC saying they were still accessing but needing notes from my specialist and family doctor and would get back to me by JUNE!!
I emailed my family doctor after getting that ACC letter and asked him once he got the letter to get all the details they needed back to them soon as possible so I could have my operation as quickly as possible.
The ACC letter arrived the 1 March and our family doctor sent them all they asked for back to them on the same day, via email and he emailed me to say what he had done on that day as well.
Fortunately on Friday before I had this horrible accident I got to see my specialist and he put another 2 cortisone injections into my right shoulder. Did feel a lot better during the day but still sore sleeping at night.
Now with having to pull myself up onto a moving apparatus called SARA STEADY my right shoulder is getting quite sore again.  I have rung my specialist today and his receptionist said the hospital will just need to give me more cortisone as he will not be able to come to the hospital to administer it.
So sorry for the long spiel but just putting you in the picture so to speak.  Today I am having a bit of a blue day and a number of tears have fallen.
I am happy now as have my lovely nurse Deb, who is a very compassionate and caring, is looking after me tonight.
Cheers Janice.
Thought for the Week
 “A diamond is merely a lump of coal that did well under pressure.” 
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Mark & Stella Yaxley

A Visit by Mark Yaxley
DG Mark Yaxley, accompanied by his wife Stella, visited us last week and gave us some of his thoughts going forward.
Mark began his address by thanking various club members for their efforts and the great job they do.  His thoughts then turned to a couple of sayings from a fellow Rotarian in the past which state:  “Rotary opens opportunities” and: “Everything we do opens another opportunity for someone, somewhere.”
In terms of DG goals for the year, these have included (1) create and celebrate memorable moments and (2) collaborate with others to expand the reach and impact of Rotary.
With respect to our upcoming centennial year, Mark paid tribute to some projects that are addressing this including “Give every child a future” and Polio Plus.  The addition of “supporting the environment” as a new key focus was also noted as a significant and important approach in what we do going forward.
“We want to be revolutionary from time to time” suggested Mark and he then shared a famous quote from Henry Ford:
“If I had asked people what they want they would have said faster horses!”
As for change at the top, Mark concluded by noting that RI’s new President Elect is Jennifer Jones. 
Tony thanked Mark for sharing his thoughts with us and the challenges & opportunities these will bring in a constantly changing world.
Mark &amp; Stella Yaxley Grant Paice 2021-03-29 11:00:00Z 0


An update on Janice from Arie earlier today:
I went back to visit Janice last night and they had her off the pump machine for pain management and she had her eyes wide open and we were able to have a real conversation with her thinking clearly - first time since Saturday night. 
She is due to have surgery today to repair the fractures.
We have received many lovely messages via email, phone and text wishing her all the best and offering to help. We are thankful for that and sadly at present there is not enough time for me to respond individually much as I would like to.
Regards Arie
River Queen Trip Snaps
A fun trip was taken by a hardy few on the Kaiapoi River Queen last Sunday. 
The Rotary International Convention, scheduled for 12-16 June 2021, in Taipei, Taiwan, will now be a virtual event in response to the ongoing threat of COVID-19.
We are sorry that we will not see you in Taipei this year, but this decision, made by the Rotary Board of Directors, is necessary to protect the health of everyone involved. 
Click below to learn more.
Thought for the Week
“The only person you are destined to become is the person you decide to be.”
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The Chathams

The Chatham’s Experience
Our intrepid explorers
After an intro from Keith, Simon shared our Papanui Club member’s experiences from their recent visit to the Chatham Islands accompanied by the excellent range of pictures he took that showed the range of scenery, wildlife and activities they were involved in and the variation & starkness of the landscape that included references to a hand trained Weka, remains of planes and the ruggedness of life there.
“We almost didn’t land”, started Simon, as the cross wind was close to the maximum allowable but luckily they did touch down and so their journey began.
The Waitangi Wharf
The pictures of trees at varied locations showed then to mostly be quite deformed and small as they often have to grow at unusual ankles to survive the rugged weather. While some beaches showed quite geometric rock formations, many of them were also rugged but the group noticed that the seals seemed happy enough with their lot.
Our accommodation at Waitangi
While there is some power available, be it very expensive, there are also quite a few residents that live off the grid and use diesel to generate power when needed.  As most items need to be brought in, shopping can also be a challenge with some residents ordering up to six months’ worth at a time.
An 1860's stone cottage
“Only a small amount of road is sealed”, continued Simon, “with the majority being gravel as they are mostly on private land”.  Cars are unwarranted and unregistered and the cost of bringing a car over by ship is $6,000. 
Weather during the trip was often cloudy but they did occasionally get some sun.  They also visited the statue of Tommy Solomon, the last of the full blooded Moriori, plus ancient carvings on the trees in the centre of the island.
One of the highlights was finding up to 150 million year old sharks’ teeth on the beaches at the lagoon.  Other experiences including visiting and viewing a range of old buildings and also getting to see a few places where hardy residents were living off the land with few facilities that we take for granted.
Honey farm which produces freeze dried honey
Other interesting experiences included visiting a honey farm.  The Freeze Drying is done in New Zealand, but the honey is produced on the Chathams. A unique blend of both native and imported fauna, Chatham Islands Honey is a partner in this venture which produces a distinctive taste.
We also enjoyed an interesting day with the Jockey Club where, despite a small number of horses being available, both gallops and trots were run.  A visit to the Moriori Kopinga Marae was also a highlight with the building looking like a bird in flight from the air.
The Kopinga Marae
The group found the overall atmosphere on the Chathams to be very laid back in general and they bring back a wide range of memories from the varied and interesting sights, animal life, landscapes’, ruggedness and from the conversations they experienced with many of the locals.
We will also be looking for a suitable project on the Chathams we can support  in the future.
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New Rotary Associate

Welcome Brydie
Tony introduced Brydie Washington, our new Rotary Associate, to Club members attending our meeting last Thursday. 
She chose us as her 1st choice of Clubs and will be integrated into our culture and community projects. This is a year-long involvement, and Brydie’s activities will include attending relevant meetings and completing service activities with us over the coming year.
Brydie is currently studying towards a Bachelor of Science majoring in environmental science and psychology at Canterbury University.
In her application form she mentioned that her hope is that this programme will offer her a broader perspective and help her strengthen her current skills while also acquiring and developing new ones that will add to her self-confidence and networking abilities.
Welcome, Bridie, it is our pleasure to have you and we look forward to getting to know you more as we invite you to our events and the various the activities we are actively involved in that give back to the community.
New Rotary Associate Grant Paice 2021-03-23 11:00:00Z 0


Latest BBQ Result
Another successful Mitre 10 Mega BBQ was run last weekend.
We sold 360 sausage sandwiches at $2 each plus lots of drinks. Interestingly, Sprite was by far the most popular drink. Way above coke and water.
Thanks to the fourteen helpers who were there today. If you haven't helped before you will find that once you get there it is quite enjoyable. The public love our sausages and Rotary.
All the money we make comes from the public.
Aratupu Market Day
The next Aratupu Market Day is on Saturday 10 April from 10am to 2pm.  Hannah as organiser has outlined what will happen on the day. They plan to have a White Elephant stall (donations of anything saleable are really welcome) i.e.  games, bouncy castle, a BBQ and tea and coffee. 
Lois has volunteered Rotary to run the BBQ and also look after tea and  coffee and provide scones or muffins to go with the tea and coffee. The preschool already has a BBQ which will be placed in the carpark out the front of the preschool. We will need to provide sausages, bread, onions and napkins. The preschool has sauces. 
The tea and coffee will be provided for us so we just need to serve the drinks and provide some scones or muffins to eat with the drinks.   
Can you all please put the date in your diaries and Lois will be in touch closer to the time to confirm helpers. We will need to get other club members to help so the committee is not doing all the work! 
Details for the current Entertainment Publication
Gordon sent through details below for this year’s publication.  For each Membership purchased the Club receives $14 which helps us raise money for this year.
Jim gave a brief update on the wild polio situation which now shows only two cases worldwide.  Funding helps us keep it at this level and we are also now half way though our Centurion fund raising.
March 31st is the end of the financial year so, if you are not already, sign up to become a Centurion for only $100 pa before this date to support this amazing cause and you will be eligible for a tax credit.
Contact Deryn to check where you deposit your $100.
The President’s Blurb
Thank you to Simon Forsyth for speaking to the club about the trip that a number of the club and friends took to the Chatham Islands at the beginning of the year. It is always interesting to hear about a place many of us have never visited and are unlikely to do so.
This week we have District Governor Mark Yaxley visiting us. District Governors try to visit every club in the district at some point during their year. Juggling the visits with other DG responsibilities and a career can be difficult and we thank DG Mark for making time to come and visit us. 
On Saturday night there is an evening with the Kilmarnock Edition enjoying Celtic music. The evening is a fundraiser for the Christchurch Breast Milk Bank. Anybody wanting a ticket please contact Kathy Anderson.
This Sunday there is a cruise on the Kaiapoi River on the River Queen commencing at 4.00pm. The time of the cruise has been altered by the company operating the boat which has reduced the number able to do the trip but it looks as though it could be a lot of fun.
We had a very successful Mitre BBQ Hut fundraiser last Sunday. Thank you to Gary Denhard and his team of helpers. We are back on Saturday April 10th. 
Thought for the Week
“Use what talent you possess: the woods would be very silent if no birds sang except those that sang best.”
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Example to Youth

Every Rotarian an Example to Youth
A little bit of interesting history … (abridged).
The ABCs of Rotary by Cliff Dochterman
1992-93 President Rotary International
In much of the official literature of Rotary International relating to service to young people, a special slogan will be found: "Every Rotarian an Example to Youth." These words were adopted in 1949 by the Rotary International Board of Directors as an expression of commitment to children and youth in each community in which Rotary clubs exist.
Serving young people has long been an important part of the Rotary program. Youth service projects take many forms around the world. Rotarians sponsor athletic teams, handicapped children's centres, school safety patrols, summer camps, recreation areas, safe driving clinics, fairs, childcare centres and children's hospitals.
Many clubs provide vocational counselling, establish youth employment programmes, and promote use of the 4-Way Test. Increasingly, drug and alcohol abuse prevention projects are being supported by Rotarians. In every instance, Rotarians have an opportunity to be role models for the young men and women of their community.
One learns to serve by observing others. As our youth grow to become adult leaders, it is hoped each will achieve that same desire and spirit to serve future generations of children and youth.
It is a very thoughtful challenge: "Every Rotarian an Example to Youth."  The slogan accepted many years ago is just as vital today.
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Coffee Time!
Come and join us at Reality Bites Cafe this Friday 19th March from 10.00 am for good coffee and conversation liberally sprinkled with laughter.
Tony Tizzard
Newer Members Meeting
A meeting for our newer members will be held on March 31st.  More details from Club Development to follow shortly.
The President’s Blurb
This week we meet at the club to hear from the group that went to the Chatham Islands. I am looking forward to the presentation and understand there will be some visitors coming along. Tony Taylor is also bringing along a new Rotary Associate to introduce to us. 
The following week 25 March District Governor Mark Yaxley will be coming along for his official visit.
Each year the District Governor of the day visits the club in an official capacity.  Often they speak on the night and reflect on what they have observed so far during their year and what is happening in the world of Rotary. The District Governor also meets with the board either before or after the club meeting for a more in depth chat. 
The River Queen cruise on the Kaiapoi river is scheduled for Sunday 28 March 2.00pm. The fellowship committee are looking after this activity but we have booked 30 tickets and need to get our names down quickly or let the surplus tickets go. Please support this activity. 
We have decided to have the Rotary meeting of 1 April back at the club - guest speaker still to be arranged.
A contact at Belfast/Kaiapoi Rotary club has been in touch and has ordered a carton of books celebrating the 100 years history of Rotary in NZ "Mana Tangata". I have ordered a book for the club but any members wanting their own copy at the discounted price of $40 should touch base with me. 
Thought for the Week
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SPPEDS Event 2021
Because Saturday was the last day of restrictions on meetings, the President Elect Development Seminar was held virtually last weekend via ZOOM.  I was impressed with how well the medium performed with only minor glitches which were quickly overcome. 
It was great fun attending both Plenary and Break-out Sessions, with Liz doing a fantastic job of keeping us on time and focussed.  The Break-outs included varying groups of us being whisked away from the main group into smaller numbers which allowed us to interact more personally to discuss focussed topics. 
We were also able to “chat” with either others or the entire group in the background.
While I did miss the opportunity to mingle and meet people in 3D, the range of speakers and the content was varied and topical to where we are at as well as looking at where we might focus going forward.
I was especially impressed with the last presenter, Christopher Luxon, MP for Botany Downs.  Chris has vast experience in leadership including most recently at Air NZ and Unilever.
One particular slide that I valued was this one that relates to managing change by preserving the core values & purpose of Rotary while also ensuring we keep changing as our focus and practices to meet ongoing changes in the environments and communities we serve.
He concluded by suggesting we focus on building diverse teams and focus on 1-3 major changes with small goals rather that spreading our focus too thinly and to ensure we look after each other first and summarised this approach with the phrase:
“Invest in relationships 1st and then focus on vision and action.”
SPPEDS 2021 Grant Paice 2021-03-09 11:00:00Z 0


When: Sunday 28th March
Where: Kaiapoi
Cost: $35 per head
Departing at: 2.00 pm
The cruise is of 1 to 2 hour duration (depending on tides)
Bar and café facilities are available on board.
Invite partners and friends. Come and enjoy this highly recommended experience.
 A board will be circulating at our next meeting at the Papanui Club on the 18th and again on the 25th March.
Book a place now by contacting either President Janice, Tony Tizzard or Donna Cherry.
Mitre 10 Mega BBQ
Because our Papanui Mitre 10 Mega BBQ on Sunday 28 February was cancelled (because of Covid-19)  Mitre 10 have offered us Sunday 21 March as this is available.
I discussed this with President Janice and, as we missed out on club funds from the cancellation plus the catering fundraising from SPPEDS cancellation she has suggested we agree to do this date.
This means we need some volunteers to help out.
This is a good chance to help raise money from the public instead of our own membership. All profits (usually $600+) will go into our general club funds.
Based on feedback from the December BBQ we are now asking for 4 people for most shifts. Some shifts around midday get busy.
We have four rosters as follows:
8:15am to 9:00am:  Arie dropping things off, Gary, Cheryl, Janice and Arie setting up.
9:00am to 11:00am: Arie and Janice, Gary and Cheryl Denhard.
11:00am to 1:00pm: 4 helpers needed.
1:00pm to 3:00pm: 4 helpers needed.
3:00pm to 4:30pm: Gary. 2 helpers needed (this shift does clean up at 4:00pm).
We look forward to you supporting us again this time as the club benefits from the money we raise which goes to supporting our current and new activities.  
The next BBQ is in April.
The President’s Blurb
Last week we had a week off normal rotary  as we would have been assisting  the organisers of the President Elect training seminars being held in Christchurch in some way.
Because of Covid restrictions that had to be held on an on-line platform rather than face to face which meant that our services were not needed. 
I enjoyed the break as no doubt many of you did. 
This week we have committee night so your director will be in touch regarding the arrangements. 
Gary Denhard has been in touch with Mitre 10 who have offered a slot on Sunday 21st March to replace the slot we lost in February when Covid restrictions were put in place.  Please contact Gary if you can assist with this fundraising effort. 
On Sunday 28th March  we hope to do a cruise on the River Queen departing from the Kaiapoi river bridge and wharf at 2.00pm. The Fellowship committee are working on the details of that - it sounds like a great outing.
Please remember those on leave due to health or family issues. Richard Hamilton and Angela Lumb's husband Phillip are both very unwell at present.  
Thought for the Week
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International Night

International Night 2021
International Night Attendees
A great night was had by attending members and guests last week at the Netherlands Society Clubrooms.  Great food was provided by caterer Deborah Gill-Smith with the chocolate dessert being a particular favourite!
Stuart Batty and his Foundation & International team hosted the evening which began by Euan going over a bit of history about Rotary starting in 1905 and being 116 years and three days old.  It currently has approximately 1.2 million members in over 360 clubs across 220 countries with all members sharing the same common good of providing service to the community.
After toasting Rotary International Jim then raised a 2nd toast to the Usa River club in Tanzania which we are a sister club with.  This club relies on support from Rotary in various ways that support their needs and in particular helping locals find and keep job opportunities.
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Guest Speaker Nicole

 Guest Speaker Nicole Macaballug
Honorary Philippines Vice-Consul Nicole
Lois introduced our International Night guest speaker, Nicole, the Honorary Vice-Consul of the C0nsulate of the Philippines.
Born in Manila but raised in Invercargill by her two parents who were doctors, Nicole was initially interested in the sciences but after attending a forum organised by the Sunrise Rotary Club she decided instead to study towards a B.Com which she followed up by completing her Masters in Sydney.
She was then inspired by a friend to study law and enrolled to follow this path at Otago University.  She later met with the Philippines Ambassador and two years later they both took on a role to support people from the Philippines who were living in New Zealand.
She then met Lois and at that time was promoted to her honorary role.  “If it wasn’t for Rotary I wouldn’t be in this role” she smiled.
Nicole explained that people from the Philippines value looking after family in a respectful manner via sharing wealth and showing respect for the elderly and are especially active working in the dairy, engineering and carer fields.  As the country continues to experience challenges in getting itself well organised, many tend to move to live and work overseas including coming to New Zealand which creates a brain drain on their home country.
When in NZ they need to meet various requirements to help ensure their time here respected and of value and this is what Nicolle helps them with in her role.
Jenny thanked Nicole for her talk and the Foundation & International team for an informative and interesting evening.
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City Mission Letter

A Letter of Thanks from City Mission
Good Morning Cheryl
In terms of the Can Collection donation you guys managed to put together it was absolutely incredible. In the week leading up to Christmas day we handed out over 1400 Christmas food parcels, which was an all-time record for us here at the City Mission.
To put that in perspective that’s over 4x the amount we would hand out in a normal week throughout the year.   As you can imagine, serving that number of our people requires a huge amount of preparation, planning, volunteers and of course food.
Without people like yourselves getting together and supporting us we simply could not serve our people, so rest assured the work you and the team put in directly affected some of our communities’ most vulnerable families, and allowed us to provide them the opportunity to have the kind of Christmas that all kiwis deserve.
So from all of us here at the City Mission, thank you so much for your hard work and support. We couldn’t do what we do without the help of people like yourselves. We are humbled and ever so grateful for your continued support.
Ben Ryan
Foodbank Stores Coordinator
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Papanui Bush Visitors
I have our new Council Ranger and members of Conservation NZ down at the bush on this Friday morning from 9.30 am on if any members would like to make a Rotary presence, meet  them and perhaps throw in a little help, and hear (or throw in) a few forward thinking ideas. Morning tea as usual.

Naga Mihi Denis.
At our last meeting it was stated that the bank details for Centurion Fund would be in the next Chat. So, here are the details:
If you wish to support this fund, with money going to PolioPlus please deposit $100, with 'Centurion' as reference, to  our Trust account 03 1355 0661945 00.
This is tax-deductible, so a receipt can be issued.
A Message from Deb
Due to the latest Covid19  restrictions the President Elect training  for next weekend at St Margaret’s College is longer a face to face so the club isn't needed to do the catering. 
A big thanks to all members who had offered their baking and time to help out.
The training will now be down virtually. 
Gary contacted  Mitre 10 Mega Sunday morning and found out that all Children's Playgrounds and Community BBQs are cancelled when In Level 2.
Thanks to all who volunteered to help.  The next BBQ is on April 10.
As we hadn't purchased all the loaves of bread yet the only thing we will lose is the 10kg of onions Cheryl and Gary chopped. They are freshly chopped and we have them in bags of 1-2 kg each.
If anyone wants any chopped onions let Gary know as soon as possible and he will drop them around - otherwise they go to the tip.  Got any good french onion soup recipes?
For the benefit of Club Chat, the winners of the International Committee Voucher Raffle were:
1st Prize: Return flight Trip to Chatham Islands   
Ticket No.166  won by Slade Hocking
2nd Prize: Helicopter Flight Instructed by Richie McCaw. 
Ticket No 130 Won by Arie Geerlofs
Cheers: Verdi
The President’s Blurb
The international dinner at the Netherlands Society clubrooms was very enjoyable. A different venue, a wonderful meal from former caterer Deborah and an interesting speaker in Honorary Philippines Consul Nicole Macaballug. Thank you to the members and partners that attended. 
The winners of the remaining prizes from the international quiz night were drawn with a friend of Verdi's winning the Chatham’s Island trip and Arie winning the helicopter flight with Ritchie McCaw. 
Turning to this week who would have guessed that we are back under Covid restrictions. The Mitre 10 BBQ hut couldn't go ahead - most of the food purchased can be frozen and kept for the April 10 event. 
SPPEDS training for incoming Rotary club presidents  is on this coming weekend but because of restrictions on numbers and restrictions on the travel of those from Auckland it is being held on line rather than face to face. Nick and Liz are heavily involved in the weekend, Nick as incoming DG, Liz as part of organising committee and MC for the event. We wish them both well. President elect Grant will also be attending on line. 
The Covid situation has also affected the emerging student leaders group from Canterbury University who we were going to host at the Hanmer Springs Forest Camp 13-14 March. The date has shifted several times as we had to adjust to available space at the camp and our capacity to deal with the group. The students in the meantime have gone to an online learning platform. 
We have abandoned plans to do anything in March or April and the students are looking at the possibility of doing something local in May with our assistance possibly at Papanui Bush. 
The changes to this project can be frustrating but have been caused largely by matters out of our or the students control. Let's be patient as we seek to keep this activity on our programme for the year. 
Richard Hamilton has been very unwell and has been in hospital. He is now at home and would love to receive calls. 
Remember there is no Rotary meeting this Thursday 4 March.
Thought for the Week
 “A fool tells you what they will do, a boaster what they have done, and a wise person does things and says nothing.”
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Sam's Talk

Sam Clark's Visit
Last Thursday Sam Clark, grandson of Rotary member Tony Tizzard and Cynthia came and spoke to us about his participation in the RYLA course held at University College in January.
Sam is no stranger to Rotary having two grandfathers who are Rotarians at the Belfast/Kaiapoi and the Papanui clubs and having been to many of our activities with his parents Lisa and Stuart. It was great that his parents and both sets of grandparents were present last Thursday.  Sam's older brother Josh was also a RYLA student some years ago. 
Sam gave us a day to day account of RYLA. He enjoyed the entire week but his favourite speaker was Richard Smith who was diverse, very informative and assisted the students in a range of activities and skits.
The first morning of RYLA the students were asked to get up at 6.00am to participate in a daily exercise routine. Sam wasn't looking forward to this but after the first  morning he was hooked as were many of the other RYLArians. 
On one of the activities Sam needed six volunteers to come and together hold a fishing rod with one finger whilst they lowered themselves down and did a squat. Try as they might they were not able to get into the squat position and hang onto the fishing rod.  This exercise proved you don't always need an entire team to be successful in an exercise. 
On day four the group went to the high ropes course. There they learnt you did some activities as individuals but at times you need to assist others who might feel challenged in some way get across the line. Sam had done the high ropes course several times before so with some encouragement from the others he did part of the course blindfolded including grabbing the trapese swing. 
Sam is doing an engineering degree at Canterbury University and is open to the opportunities open to him when he completes his degree.  Sam thanked Papanui Rotary for the sponsorship stating that he had made friendships that he believed would last a lifetime. Already the group had met several times for a meal and a drink together.
Sam was great ambassador for Rotary and we wish him well for the future. 
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Kevin's Story

Kevin - Another ROMAC Success Story
Submitted by Liz
Kevin, born in 2004, was a normal healthy active child growing up in a rural area in the New Britain Province on the island if Rabaul, Papua New Guinea. The youngest of seven children to Paul and Veronica, the family owned land on which they grew crops for the markets among other enterprises. Their community, Toma, is one hour inland from Kokopo, the island's main town and commercial centre.
Life was simple for Kevin. There was no electricity or running water and from an early age he was required to chop the firewood each day to fuel the oven. Other chores involved pollinating crops and tending nursery plants and making and selling ice blocks.
He was very enterprising and diligent at school, attended the local Catholic Church every week with the family, and even played the music for services by the time he was 12. But this idyllic life was about to change.
At about age 11 in 2015 Kevin started experiencing dizziness, headaches, blurred vision, nose bleeds and hearing loss. His nose was so blocked he couldn't breathe through it. Even eating was difficult. Eventually he was diagnosed with a juvenile angiofibroma - a relatively rare condition which only occurs in teenage boys, where a growth develops between the eyes and spreads within the skull.
Eventually, in January 2018, Kevin and Veronica flew to Port Moresby seeking treatment. Without beds available at the Hospital the pair slept on an open veranda on the deck for six months. The growth had become too advanced to be treated locally and the family was referred to ROMAC (Rotary Oceania Medical Aid for Children).
Finding a surgical team willing to take on Kevin's advanced case was not easy, but two Auckland Surgeons Dr Peter Hepner and Dr Richard Douglas said "we do difficult, bring it on", so ROMAC NZ did just that.
NOTE: the full PDF of this wonderful story, including the challenges and successes achieved, will be emailed out shortly.
Club Chat Publisher
Kevin's Story Liz Courtney 2021-02-23 11:00:00Z 0


SPPEDS Food Requirements
Deb Gimlett
Food Requirements for Morning/Afternoon Teas on the 6th & 7th of March 2021 at St Margaret’s College are as follows:
  • 9.35am-10am - Saturday Morning Tea (arrive 8.30 am)
  • 3.50pm-4.15pm – Saturday Afternoon Tea (arrive 2.50 pm)
  • 10.50am-11.15 – Sunday Morning Tea (arrive 9.45 am)
The Papanui Club is catering Saturday and Sunday morning teas. Another Community group is catering Saturday afternoon tea.  We will be catering for around 200 Rotarians.
Closer to the day we will know everyone’s dietary requirements. Deb will let Club members know final numbers and what the dietary needs are.
The Club will need to supply tea, coffee, herbal teas, sugar, artificial sweetener and milk.  Enough for two day’s supply.
Food suitable for morning and afternoon teas: scone, muffin, fruit loaf, slice or biscuits. There are no facilities to heat savouries. There is a fridge in the kitchenette. 150 cups and saucers. SPPEDS committee will supply 150 disposable hot drink cups if needed.  If anyone has access to extra mugs please contact Deb. 
Members will be preparing in the kitchenette and setting up in the Atrium of the Auditorium at St Margaret’s College.  We have access to 3 urns (Thanks Heather) for hot water. If anyone has more urns can they please let Deb know.
Arie and Janice will provide rubbish bags for rubbish.
Allow time to clean and clear away and leave tables ready for lunch.
Thanks to those at Reality Café Friday, who volunteered to bake (Heather, Deryn, Adrianne) and Mandi and John to be Marshalls.
We still need more offers of baking, assistance to set up for morning teas and Marshalls to assist in the smooth running through-out Saturday and to help clean and pack up Sunday 2-4.30pm. 
On Saturday we need two Marshall Teams of four members. Start times for Saturday: 7.30 am-12 noon and 12 noon to 4.30pm and Sunday: 2-4.30pm to clean up and pack away.
Any questions please contact Deb 021 105 6139  0r email he on .
SPPEDS Deb Gimblett 2021-02-23 11:00:00Z 0


Next Mitre 10 BBQ Update from Gary
The current status of our BBQ Rosters for this Sunday 28 February is that we still need four helpers.  We have four rosters as follows:
  • 8:15am to 9:00am:  Arie dropping things off, Gary, Janice and Arie setting up.
  • 9:00am to 11:00am: Arie and Janice, Gary and Mark Bond (full).
  • 11:00am to 1:00pm: Deb Gimblett, Tony Tizzard and Lois Flanagan.  One more helpers needed.
  • 1:00pm to 3:00pm: Simon Forsythe, Donna Cherry, Euan Hilson  1 more helper needed.
  • 3:00pm to 4:30pm: Gary. 2 helpers needed.  This shift does clean up at 4:00pm).  Euan is rostered for 1-3pm but is happy to do 11-1pm if it helps anyone.
John Stringer is working at Mitre 10 on Sunday and happy to help if something is needed.
Also, thank you to those who responded and said they would normally help but they are tied up on that day. That allows me know that you have read the request for help.
Papanui Bush Development
The Canterbury Brain Collective has announced that Armitage Williams have been appointed as head contractor for the BrainTree build by Papanui Bush and have become anchor donors. The team have been very supportive since the get go, and have a real affinity with the cause.
They are working with the civil contractors right now and plan to start earthworks on site in early March. It's pretty exciting for them to be finally breaking ground after almost four years of planning and fundraising. 
Saturday Lotto Draw
We have now begun Round 4 of Saturday Lotto. There are still a few numbers not taken, however, if has been decided to run this round as we do Wednesday Lotto, where winnings from numbers not taken go to Usa River Club.
Any winnings from numbers in Saturday Lotto that are not taken will go directly to our own club.
If you didn't get an email with the results of last night's draw and you want to be in this round please contact Deryn so she can arrange a number for you.
Dear Lois
The safety of all New Zealanders is our priority and due to the recent community cases of Covid-19, we have decided to cancel our Big Heart Appeal Street Collection.
We are so grateful to you for volunteering to be an Area Co-ordinator and to the thousands of volunteers who were prepared to give their time for us.
Please pass on our thanks to the wonderful volunteers you have been working with over the last months. We are truly grateful to you all for your support.
But you can still help, as now more than ever, we are relying on big-hearted people like you so we can continue to fund our life-saving work.
The Big Heart Appeal is our largest public fundraising campaign of the year and we are incredibly disappointed that we can’t proceed. Funds raised from the Big Heart Appeal Street Collection go towards life-saving heart research and supporting our loved ones who are living with heart disease.  
We still need you to help us, please take the time now to join our first ever Virtual Street Collection. Join and help us spread the word throughout the country, by sharing this with your friends and family to ensure that we can continue to raise much needed life-saving funds.
It’s quick and easy to get started. Simply create your fundraising page and then spread the word.
Create your online Virtual Street Collection page – in a few simple clicks you will have set up your page. It’s easy – just follow the steps.

Add personal touches – Share your story, tell your friends why you choose to support the Heart Foundation and why the cause is important to you!

Spread the word and tell the world – Share your story with your friends, family and colleagues. Tell them why you’ve chosen to help and why the cause is so important to you! Let them know they too can help make a difference by donating online to your fundraising page.
Alternatively, please donate online at or by calling 0800 830 100.  Every donation no matter how big or small, helps. Please support us by donating today.
Once again, thank you for your support, it means so much.
Stay safe, Kia kaha.
The Big Heart Appeal Team
The President’s Blurb
Last Thursday we had Megan Waddington and Sam Clark speak to us. Megan came to say thank-you on behalf of Presbyterian Support Services for the gifts from the Tree of Giving we have in Northlands Mall at Christmas time each year and she presented us with a Certificate of Appreciation. Sam spoke of the great time he had at the RYLA course that the club sponsored him to attend at the beginning of the year. 
I spent a lot of time last Thursday before our meeting began trying to organise stand-ins to cover absent members rostered on to do duties. All our members have others things going on in their lives that mean they will be absent from club meetings from time to time. Most of the time, but not always, they remember to put in apologies but I am finding that more frequently members have not organised standins to do their duties for them.
Please remember to do this and when you have organised a stand-in send me as President a quick message so I am not racing around organising somebody else. It makes my job easier and I also get to enjoy the meetings and am able to relax and meet & greet people. 
We are looking forward to the International dinner at the Netherlands Society clubrooms this Thursday. The clubrooms are at 637 Marshland Road and it will be 6.00pm with dinner being served at 6.30pm.  There is no bar available at the Netherlands Society but you are welcome to bring your own. Carafes of water and wine glasses will be supplied. 
Gary Denhard is busy finalising his rosters for the Mitre 10 BBQ Hut for Sunday 28 Feb. Have a look at your diaries and see if you can help him by doing a shift. 
See you on Thursday.
Thought for the Week
 “Life offers so many choices … all you have to do is see them.”
Snippets Grant Paice 2021-02-23 11:00:00Z 0

Burwood SU BBQ

BBQ at Burwood Spinal Unit
Last Thursday evening 26 of our members and spouses enjoyed a lovely barbeque meal, on a beautiful warm evening, as guests of the staff and patients of the Burwood Spinal Unit.
We were welcomed by Liz Oliver, Service Manager of the Unit, along with Wayne Ramsay, Accommodation Officer, his wife, Polly, Hans Wouters, CEO of NZ Spinal Trust and some patients.
Some of the proceeds from our Trailer Raffle in 2018 were donated towards the barbeque area that was planned to be developed in the grounds of Burwood Hospital. It was finally fully completed this year at a total cost of around $25,000, of which we gave $7,100.
HRS Contractors donated the concrete and labour for the concrete pad and the balance came from a large bequeath by Cyril Smith. A plaque proudly sits beside the area acknowledging Papanui Rotary Club’s involvement.
Liz told us how much the patients and their families enjoy the area as it is good therapy for them to socialise away from the hospital wards; somewhere they can see as a ‘normal space’.
Liz presented President Janice with a certificate acknowledging Papanui Rotary involvement and offered heartfelt thanks from all the staff and patients and invited us to visit anytime.
Burwood SU BBQ Deryn Tregurtha 2021-02-15 11:00:00Z 0

S&K Workshops

Skills & Knowledge Workshops
“Get those arms up”
This event was hosted by the Papanui Rotary Community Committee as a respond to ideas for fund raising.  Around eleven club members participated one way or another plus we had 4-5 attendees from other clubs.
It was quite different from the  traditional raffles/collecting donations for other agencies as members were sharing their skills and knowledge with other members, engaging and interacting across a wide range of topics including Wills & Power of Attorney, Skills for Young Parenting/Babies, Grief Counselling & Depression, Exercises for Mature People, Facebook for Beginners  and Great Presentations.

activity from the exercise workshop
We raised $318.30 being $33 from the café with the balance coming from the workshop donations.  This was delivered to Treasurer Deryn on Saturday straight after the event.
The organising committee also contributed hours of their time in preparation as well as managing the food/café catering costs. A special thanks to Denis for helping with setting up and to Papanui High School for allowing us to use their facility.
The committee received excellent feedback from attendees including the following:
Hi Lois
I really want to thank you for your presentation yesterday. It has filled in many knowledge gaps for me and spurred me to action. I’m also thrilled to be able to use the example of the Knowledge and Skills workshop approach to Vocational Service with my District Amalgamation Focus Group.
Many thanks:
Riccarton Rotary Club
Both Liz and Simon turned up to take photos at different times so we can expect some excellent marketing material from these members.
Kate Smart
Community Committee, Papanui Rotary
S&amp;K Workshops Kate Smart 2021-02-15 11:00:00Z 0


In November last year Gary asked for volunteers to join a special section of the club to assemble some wooden footstools as a fundraiser.  The club’s Wooden Footstool Assembly Section (WOOFTAS) so far is Gary Denhard, Rob Thomson, Max Wright, Keith Mitchell & Evan Thomson (non-building overseeing consultant).
On Thursday Evan Thomson and Gary inspected the first prototype foot stool made for us by the Kaiapoi Menz Shed.  It is a beautiful piece of solid rimu furniture as shown above.
The dark stool at the back of the first photo is the original rimu footstool built by Gary 62 years ago.
International Dinner – Partners Night
A 2nd reminder that this is being held on the 25th of February at the Netherland Society Clubrooms, 637 Marshlands Road.
The meal, catered by Deborah Gill-Smith, starts at 6.30 pm at a cost of $30 pp for a two course dinner.  Drinks BYO.
The speaker is Nicole Macaballug, the Honorary Vice-Consul of the Consulate of the Philippines in Christchurch / South Island.
Numbers to be confirmed by Thursday 18th February
The President’s Blurb
It has been a great week during which the club has been active on a number of activities. 
The BBQ at the Burwood Spinal Unit was a lovely night. Not a breath of wind, great food and great company. We had some of the staff of Burwood Spinal Unit led by Liz Oliver and Wayne present plus had some patients and Hans Wouters representing the NZ Spinal Trust.
Liz and Hans both had some nice words to say about Papanui Rotary's contribution to the BBQ shelter and presented the club with a certificate. A plaque acknowledging our contribution as also been placed on site. 
The community workshops while lightly attended seemed to go very well. I have seen a number of emails praising the speakers for the quality of the presentations. Thank you to Lois and her team. 
This week we have Sam Clark our RYLA student coming to speak to us. Sam and other RYLA students want to stay connected to Rotary so the club development team will be looking at how we can make that work. 
The SPPEDS conference is approaching fast 5-7 March providing delegates will be allowed to travel. I will put a board around this Thursday looking for volunteers for the marshal duties and assistance with catering. 
The following weekend is the weekend with the Canterbury University emerging student leaders at Hanmer Springs Forest Camp. The date has shifted forward a week because of a double booking at the camp. We will need 10-12 Rotarians/partners for the Saturday/Sunday to assist with supervision and catering. If you are interested see Arie or Janice or Nick. 
My thanks to all those volunteering to help with the various projects. 
See you on Thursday.
Thought for the Week
“Submitted by Janice”
Snippets Grant Paice 2021-02-15 11:00:00Z 0

BBQ at Burwood Spinal Unit

BBQ at Burwood Spinal Unit
This Thursday 11 Feb we are being hosted by Liz Oliver and the staff at Burwood Spinal Unit BBQ shelter. Hans Wouter CEO of the NZ Spinal Trust who came and spoke to our club 18 months ago will also be present. The evening is being put on as an appreciation for our partial funding of the BBQ shelter from a trailer raffle several years ago.
Come through Gate 5 on Mairehau Rd and park in the public carpark. We will have the Rotary teardrop banner up to direct you to where you need to go.
Dinner is being served at 6.00pm
Bring an outdoor chair and $15 for your  meal. Burwood are funding part of the meal - we are covering the balance. After a bite to eat we will take our chairs into the dining hall for a short period of club business. If the wind is too cold we may also eat in the dining hall. 
Burwood Spinal Unit is on CDHB land  so there is zero tolerance of smoking and alcohol. Burwood Spinal Unit will have water and orange juice available. If you want something different bring it along but please no alcohol. Glasses, plates etc will be provided. 
BBQ at Burwood Spinal Unit Janice Geerlofs 2021-02-09 11:00:00Z 0

Actor Extraordinaire!

Actor Extraordinaire!
Mark with President Janice & Tony
We were delighted to hear from Mark Adlow, an Aussie born “Kiwi”, who introduced his life’s work as “large and interesting”.
Mark’s 1st experience of talking to an audience was as an alter boy in his Dad’s church.  After that his travels began with moving to India which led him becoming interested in the acting world.
One of his early favourites were  Wayne & Shuster, a Canadian comedy duo  who hosted a regular comedy show on CBC. He avidly watched them for two years.  After returning to Australia, he then moved to NZ in 1969 following the Wahine disaster which he spied when flying in.  He then attended St Martins school where he did his 1st performance at age 10 to 150 parishioners. 
At this stage his parents decided to send him off to board at Christ’s College where he came under the tutelage of Head of Music which had a strong influence on his development at that time.  While scrapping through School Cert he also manged to learn a lot about acting. And, as fate would have it, ended up deciding to join the Navy!
Actor Extraordinaire! Grant Paice 2021-02-09 11:00:00Z 0


Photos from our Foodbank packing on 28 January!
International Dinner – Partners Night
This is being held on the 25th of February at the Netherland Society Clubrooms, 637 Marshlands Road.
The meal, catered by Deborah Gill-Smith, starts at 6.30 pm at a cost of $30 pp  for a two course dinner.  Drinks BYO.
The speaker is Nicole Macaballug, the Honorary Vice-Consul of the Consulate of the Philippines in Christchurch / South Island.
Numbers to be confirmed by Thursday 18th February
Click here to see a 7 page slide show about the event.
Our Peer Support Shirts are “Go”.
The President’s Blurb
What a great evening with Mark Hadlow who did not disappoint with his hilarious stories.
Thank you to the partners and spouses who came along, thank-you to the three members of New Horizons Rotary who attended and also to Assistant Governor Craig Murphy and his wife Shirley for coming. With the added numbers there was a lovely buzz in the room.
Evan Thomson hosted the Celebrity Golf Tournament on Sunday at Kaiapoi Golf course and had 20 Rotarians and friends turn up. Well done Evan. Sadly Arie and myself weren't able to attend as we had a litter of pups born in the weekend.
As I write this piece Rotarians are helping Deb Gimblett cook the meal at Ronald McDonald House. Tomorrow Rotarians will be helping Denis McMurtrie at Papanui Bush.
This Thursday we will be hosted by the Burwood Hospital Spinal Unit at the BBQ shelter that we partially funded from our trailer raffle several years ago. 
Liz and Nick are still busy with Governor-elect training on line meeting they are having to get up at 3.00am to attend sessions. 
This weekend Arie and Nick have a 2 day Board meeting of the Hanmer Springs Forest camp. This is the beginning of the year strategic planning meeting and it is an overnighter.
Several of our members have been affected by health and family issues recently and have had to be absent from Rotary. We don't need to know the detail but can still be thinking of them and supporting them. If you haven't seen somebody for a few weeks it is OK to ring them or email them and tell them that you missed them. 
Have good week and see you on Thursday at Burwood.
Thought for the Week
”I am still waiting patiently for the wisdom that comes with age.”
Snippets Grant Paice 2021-02-09 11:00:00Z 0

Pedal for Pacific

Get on your bike and help children
Get on your bike and help young children.
Pedal for the Pacific is a sponsored charity bike ride on the Little River Rail Trail.
The ride is on Saturday 20th February starting at Prebbleton School and ending at the Little River Domain.
You can help by letting all your friends and family know about this awesome event.
We celebrate 100 years of Rotary doing good in Australasia
We also help UNICEF and Rotary Give Every Child A Future achieve their goal of vaccinating 100,000 children in the Pacific.
Further information is available on the Pedal for the Pacific website (
Click on the image above or here to see a 7 page slide show about the event.
Pedal for Pacific Liz Courtney 2021-02-07 11:00:00Z 0

Power of Passion

The Power of Passion
We were privileged to hear from our guest speaker Trevor Lord, accompanied by his wife Jill, about the journey they experienced in resurrecting the Sydney Street Power Station in Wellington.
What a transformation.
In addition to operating 3 companies that specialise in managing electrical and power operations, Trevor also works in business and training while also enjoying his passions with flying and more recently pipe organ restoration.
In addition to many other projects, Trevor has also spent 35 years restoring their family home. 
His talk focused in particular on the challenges of restoring what originally opened as the Mangaho Power Station in 1924 which was designed to fit into a suburban community and included a roof garden. 
Power of Passion Grant Paice 2021-02-01 11:00:00Z 0

International Assembly Update

International Assembly Update
Liz & Nick
Due to COVID Nick's DG Training, which should have been held in Florida this year, is being done virtually over a period of 12 days beginning February the 1st. It involves sessions at 3am and throughout the day over this period.
Liz is an International Training Leader this year and has already undertaken 11 days of practice sessions and will also be on the same timetable as Nick for another 12 days.
So if you are wondering why they are absent we are sure you will understand that at some times over the next two weeks they might require some well-earned sleep.
International Assembly Update Liz Courtney 2021-02-01 11:00:00Z 0


Big Heart Foundation
Lois asked that members be reminded that we have volunteered to assist with the Big Heart Heart Foundation  Collection on Friday 19 February from 2-5 pm at Northwood New World store.
We need 6 people to do a one hour slot with 2 people in each slot.  Can people please email Lois to let me know if you can help.
Papanui Bush Needs your Help
Denis asked that as many of us as possible turn out on the morning of Tuesday the 9th of February at Papanui Bush as the weeds have come back with a vengance this summer and the natives really need our help. 
As usual a cuppa with get things underway.    
The President’s Blurb
What an inspiration last week's guest speaker Trevor Lord was to us all. He is a man that genuinely follows his passion. This week we have actor comedian Mark Hadlow as a guest speaker. 
I was challenged by a member last week as to why I had not declared in Club Chat that next week was a partner's night. In fact I had not yet received Club Chat but had it on the agenda to suggest that last Thursday night.
I will however reinforce what I did say on the night and that is that members are welcome to bring partners and spouses to Rotary any time. Just let Deryn know so we get the catering numbers right. 
There are lots of activities on in the month of February and that can be a bit overwhelming but not all of them require the attention or the presence of all our members. Read through Club Chat and mark in your diaries those you want to be at. 
Deb Gimblett is organising the next cook up at Ronald McDonald House on Monday 8 February and she needs two more helpers. Helpers are required from 4:30 onwards. Her contact details which are not in the yellow book are as follows: 340 Marine Parade, New Brighton, Cell 021 105 6139 or Email
Lois Flanagan is looking for 6 people to fill 3 time slots of an hour each (2 people per slot) 2.00-5.00pm Friday 19 Feb at New World Northwood collecting for the Heart Foundation. If you can help please contact Lois on (021) 735 404.
Have a good week. 
Thought for the Week
”Judging a person doesn’t describe who they are … it describes who you are. 
Snippets Grant Paice 2021-02-01 11:00:00Z 0

Ryla Story

Forwarded by Gary & Liz
Below is an email from our RYLA attendee (Sam Clark).  Another brilliant accolade for this event and a good reason why we should keep sending attendees each year.
Sam has offered to come and talk to the club about the event so can the appropriate board member who organises guest speaker slots please arrange this.
Gary has responded positively to Sam on the club's behalf.
Good Morning Gary
I would like to thank you and The Rotary Club of Papanui for sponsoring my attendance at RYLA 2021. RYLA was genuinely the greatest experience of my life.
From hearing motivational speakers to climbing the high ropes course at The Groynes, there was not a dull moment over the entire 5 day program. I met numerous incredible young leaders who, over the course of RYLA, grew to feel like one big 44 member family. The only downside of the course was that it had to come to an end. 
I would love to come in and talk to The Rotary Club of Papanui about my experience, if you have any space available in your schedule.
Once again, I cannot say thank you enough.
Yours sincerely
Sam Clark
Ryla Story Gary Denhard 2021-01-25 11:00:00Z 0

International Quiz Spinoff

International Committee Quiz
At our International Committee Quiz night last year, two silent auction vouchers were donated.  One was a return flight to the Chatham Islands valued at $1,540 and the other was a Helicopter Trial Flight instructed by Richie McCaw valued at about $300.
Both items were under bid and in an effort to raise the bidding, both Keith and Heather Mitchell, who incidentally, had sourced the vouchers, kindly placed bids which were not out bid.  Therefore, they were obliged to pay the amount bid.
Therefore, in order to reimburse the Mitchell's and to also obtain a reasonable amount for the vouchers, it was decided to raffle them for $10 per ticket but limit the number of tickets to just 250 tickets.
I have prepared books of 5 tickets and am happy for people to offer a book for $40 (same as we do in the trailer raffle).  This increases the odds of winning from 1 in 200 to 1 in 40 !!
Verdi has attached the following documents to an email that will be forwarded to recipient s of the Club Chat shortly:
1.  Air Chatham’s Voucher
2.  Helicopter Flight voucher
3.  Sample of the ticket.
The funds raised will be used to pay for the orphanage in Tanzania.
There is no time limit on when the raffle is drawn but would like to do so within 3-4 weeks or once all or sufficient tickets have been sold.
International Quiz Spinoff Verdi Van Beek 2021-01-25 11:00:00Z 0


Our speaker this week is Trevor Lord. He’s the ‘Lord’ in this article. He will talk about saving our heritage buildings. Check it out here.
Tony & Rob
The Big Heart Collection which we are supporting is being held at Northlands New World on Feb 19th.  We need 6 people, two per hour, to cover this from 2-5pm.  Please let Lois know if you can help with this.
We had a great start at our 1st meeting for the year plus were joined by a previous member who joined us on the night …
… Simon Dynes!
The President’s Blurb
It was nice to have meeting back at the Papanui Club again last Thursday. Thank you to all those members that contributed holiday stories. It was also great to see former member Symon Dynes who is back in Christchurch after working up in Kaikoura for the last two years. 
As I indicated last Thursday there is a bit on the programme over the next two months. I ask you all to keep a close on eye on Club Chat to see what you can be involved in and where you can help out. 

Our speaker for 4 February is Mark Hadlow which will be entertaining.  Mark Selwyn Hadlow ONZM (born 1957) is an Australian-New Zealand actor and comedian. Hadlow is perhaps best known internationally for playing the roles of Harry in King Kong and Dori, a Dwarf, in The Hobbit series.
Thought for the Week
“"Great decisions are found at the intersection of just enough speed, just enough information and just the right context.".” 
Snippets Grant Paice 2021-01-25 11:00:00Z 0

Papanui Voices

Rotary Voices: Stories of Service Around the World

Posted by Liz

By Liz Thiam, Rotary brand specialist

As a Rotary brand specialist, I see Rotary signs everywhere. I guess you could say it’s an occupational hazard. Even my children spot Rotary signs wherever we go. So when I attended a local Rotary event in my hometown last year, I couldn’t help but notice how Rotary’s logo was being used.
At first, I was thrilled to see the club’s logo featured on a banner welcoming attendees. But then, I spotted another banner featuring the Rotary wheel as a pancake. Inside the tent, the club hung up a huge banner displaying the old, retired Rotary wheel. Club members who greeted us were all wearing polo shirts with the old wheel on them, but they were handing out brochures that included their newer club logo. Here were five different opportunities to promote the club, and each used different Rotary logos. It was bewildering.
So what?
When a club logo isn’t used properly, it can create confusion and mistrust. In 2012, Coca-Cola temporarily replaced the iconic red can with white cans that featured polar bears on it for the holidays. But they had to pull them from shelves when retailers and customers reported being confused. The cans looked too much like Diet Coke cans, and that’s not what consumers wanted.
This is one example of what happens when a logo is altered. By just changing the can color, the public was frustrated. They didn’t trust the product anymore. And that impacts the brand.
Now imagine that each Rotary, Rotaract, and Interact club had its own logo. How would the public know which Rotary club to trust, to join, or to donate money to?
When a club alters the Rotary logo – like turning the Rotary wheel into a pancake, changing the fonts, or adding additional colors – it weakens our global brand. That can impact our ability to attract future members, earn the trust of donors, encourage volunteers to help on our service projects, and even secure partnership opportunities. Old branding tells the public that this club is outdated. Inconsistent branding sends mixed messages of who we are.
Papanui Voices Liz Courtney 2021-01-18 11:00:00Z 0

Papanui Club Fund Raiser

Papanui Rotary Club Fundraiser
Knowledge & Skills workshops for everyone
All Funds go back into the local community.
Venue              J Block , Papanui High School
Date/time       Saturday 10am – 5pm    13 February 2021
Bookings                  Please book through Secretary
Donation        $10 per workshop ( eftpos available on site)
10am Lois Flanagan
Basics - Wills and Power of Attorney
1pm Keith Mitchell  & Sonya
Exercises for mature persons :)
11am Kathy Anderson
Young Babies care – session for new or soon-to-be parents and new grandparents
2pm Connie Smart
Facebook for Beginners
12 noon Doug Archbold
Handling Stress and depression and Where to Find Help
3pm Grant Paice
Make your Presentations great!
We need members to come along to at least one workshop! It would be great if they bring a friend of a family member as well.  Car parking in school grounds off Langdons Road.  Tea, Coffee and snacks available   
Papanui Club Fund Raiser Lois Flanagan 2021-01-18 11:00:00Z 0

Pedal for the Pacific

Pedal for the Pacific
We are excited to have the support of our district leadership team behind Rotary Pedal for the Pacific so we can go all out to not only celebrate 100 years of Rotary doing good in Australasia but also help UNICEF and Rotary Give Every Child A Future achieve their goal of vaccinating 100,000 children in the Pacific.
Pedal for the Pacific is a sponsored charity bike ride on the Little River Rail Trail. The ride is on Saturday 20th February starting at Prebbleton School and ending at the Little River Domain.
How can you help? By adding this event to your bulletin as well as letting all your friends and family know about this awesome event. Further information is available on the Pedal for the Pacific website (, the events page on the District Facebook page (@RotaryDistrict9970) and Instagram. I have also attached our flier.
 Registration closes on 7 February. Even if you don't ride, we would still love your support. Through our website you can either donate directly to Pedal for the Pacific, or you can sponsor a specific individual/team. All funds raised through our website will be going directly to the Give Every Child a Future project.
 One of the committee members will be in contact over the next few days. 
Pedal for the Pacific Liz Courtney 2021-01-18 11:00:00Z 0


The President’s Blurb
Happy New Year  to you all for 2021. Hopefully  you are all refreshed after your Christmas/New Year break and ready to help the community of Papanui etc.
We have already had a number of our community contacting us due to needing school uniforms, school stationary etc.

It is going to be a busy year ahead and a year of trying to find fundraisers to help those in need.

2021 The 100th Year of Rotary NZ
This year is 100th year of Rotary in New Zealand and I am in the process of purchasing one Centennial of Rotary, book for our club.

National Fundraiser
The fundraiser for this year is Give Every Child A Future and no doubt you have all read about this in your District Friday Mail-Our that you all receive from our District Administrator, Ken Booth.

On Your Bike!
For those of you who are keen bicycle riders  you may wish to ride for Rotary Pedal for the Pacific.
A flyer is attached to Papanui Rotary Club Chat.
One our club members will speak more about this.

South Pacific President Elect Development Seminar, (SPPEDS)  at St Margaret’s College, which PE, Grant Paice will be attended

*Our club will be needed for setting up, packing up, marshalling duties and catering.*

Normally this is held in Waipuna Hotel in Auckland but the hotel has become a quarantine facility.
There is expected to be over 200 President Elects District Governor Elects and Assistant Governors.

Chatham Islands
Keith Mitchell, Lois and some of those who went to the Chathams are planning  to speak to us once they have sorted some of the many photos that were taken while away there and Keith plans to invite the friends that also were there with to also attend our Rotary meeting.

Papanui Bush
An URGENT request from Denis Mc Murtrie: many hands needed to do weeding. The weeds have just grown so much with the rain and the sun and are needing to be pulled out.

Do not wait for the monthly call up from Denis. Take a family member or a friend to help so that trees and plants grow for our future generations.
Just also remember you can  also go in the evening as it’s lighter longer.

Thought for the Week
“Teamwork is the ability to work together toward a common vision. The ability to direct individual accomplishments toward organizational objectives. It is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results.” 
Snippets Grant Paice 2021-01-18 11:00:00Z 0

Xmas Function 2020

Xmas Function 2020 a Hit!
A great time was had by all at the Rosebank Estate Winery Restaurant on a lovely balmy evening.
In addition to good food, beverages and company, we were also privileged to hear Amanda Atlas, our guest entertainer, present a range of songs that demonstrated her amazing talent as a professional singer.
President Janice then outlined the names three recipients of Certificates of Appreciation in recognition of their contributions as follows:
Cynthia Tizzard for the tireless work she does on our raffle prizes and baskets.
Heather Mitchell for the work she does with Ronald McDonald House and the support she provides to Keith in his Rotary activities.
Cynthia & Heather receiving their Certificates
Glen Tregurtha for the support he provides to Deryn across a wide range of fund raising activities plus his help in setting up our new accounting system.
We also had a visit from “Santa” who was in fine form assisting with the handing out of a small gift to us followed by Evan who reminded us ten times when the New Year fun golf game is being held which your Club Chat editor has already forgotten :-) before we bade each other farewell for another year.
Xmas Function 2020 2020-12-15 11:00:00Z 0

Trailer Raffle Winners

Trailer Raffle 2020 Winners
Julie, Subrata & Helen congratulated by President Janice
We were delighted to meet and congratulate the three winners of our annual Trailer Raffle outside The Papanui Club last Saturday.  
1st prize went to Julie Forsyth from Swannanoa, with 2nd and 3rd prizes going to Subrata Saha and Helen Kent who were both from Christchurch.
Trailer Raffle Winners 2020-12-15 11:00:00Z 0

Can Collection Day

Can Collection Day
Despite the short turn-around time frame we were very pleased, as was the City Mission, with the variety of thoughtful food items and other related products that our neighbourhoods donated to help out those in need over the coming holiday period.
Many thanks to the organisers and especially Ron for kindly offering up his garage as the collection and pick-up point.  
Can Collection Day Grant Paice 2020-12-15 11:00:00Z 0

A Special Gift

A Special Gift
We recently purchased a significant number of grocery vouchers in different denominations to give out to families who are struggling at present.   Liz created the above envelope for the vouchers to be placed in prior to delivery. 
Lois and Liz received some lovely feedback from a number of schools they have visited so far and are hoping to be able to take a photo of these being given out to the teachers for distribution during some of their next visits.
A Special Gift Grant Paice 2020-12-15 11:00:00Z 0


Last Coffee Morning
Our last coffee morning of the year will take place this Friday 18th December from 10.00 am at Reality Bites, Sawyers Arms Road.  Come and join us, we would love to see you there.
The President’s Blurb
We enjoyed last Thursday's end of year function. The venue was wonderful, the food was great and there was lots of laughter and fellowship. Amanda Atlas was amazing and entertained us beautifully. Many thanks to the partners and spouses for joining us on the night. 
The club presented some certificates of appreciation to a number of family members of Rotarians who are always doing a lot of work behind the scenes. Cynthia Tizzard received one for the work she does making sure our raffle prize table and baskets are looking good.
Heather Mitchell received one for all the work she does supporting Ronald McDonald House and supporting Keith in his Rotary work. In addition to the shifts at the trailer raffle desk they did together Heather did additional shifts while Rotary was meeting and even had Keith's trailer cleaned up and ready to go if the new trailer ordered didn't arrive in time.
Glen Tregurtha received a certificate as he is always supporting Deryn in the work she does for the club. He is continually setting up spreadsheets for rosters doing design work and producing posters for the trailer and the trailer raffle desk. This wonderful work going on in the background by these lovely folk makes Rotary run very smoothly.
A big thank you to all three of you. 
In addition to our club's end of year function Liz and Nick, Arie and myself attended the end of year BBQ of the Rolleston club. They are a great bunch of younger Rotarians doing wonderful work in their community.
A highlight of the evening was being able to catch up with Keagan McLean, the district Rotary Youth Exchange student who arrived home a couple of months early after spending time in Brazil, much of it in lock down. He had to quarantine in Auckland on the way home but he was looking well and has quite a story to tell. 
Our district (9970) merges with Otago/Southland (9980) to form a new district 9999 as from 1 July 2022. Nick is the last District Governor of our district as we know it and Jan Boustead, our former district trainer is the first District Governor of district 9999.
There is a lot of work involved in merging two districts with different policies and procedures, different banking set ups and reserves built up over the years that everybody is concerned about etc. Nick and Arie are on the transition management team (TMT) overseeing this.
There are 8 focus teams made up from Rotarians across the South Island that will be busy over the holiday period meeting by zoom and exchanging emails as they think how about how a new district will look.
Liz is co-chair of the Public Image group, Mandi is a co-chair of a New Generation group and Johny, who is now a member of Rolleston Rotary, is a member of the Young Persons group.
Nick is also committed to a programme of sessions training incoming District Governors over the holidays. Sadly he doesn't get to travel to Orlando for the training but is receiving it via zoom sessions. 
South Pacific President Elect training always happened in the first weekend of March at Waipuna Conference Centre in Auckland. Waipuna is not available next year because it is still a quarantine hotel. The training has therefore been shifted to Christchurch and will be held at St Margarets College 5-7 March 2021.
Liz is heavily involved in the organisation and management of this conference and Deb Gimblett has also been drawn into organising things. Our club will be looked to to help and has been asked to do significant catering over the weekend as a fundraiser. This will involve incoming presidents of Rotary clubs from all over New Zealand. At this stage our Pacific Island neighbours will not be joining us. 
In addition to that there is lot on in 2021. I will speak to that more at our first event of the year which is "Bring Your Takeaways" to Deb Gimblett's house at 340 Marine Parade, New Brighton on Thursday the 14th of January at 6.00 pm.     
Thank you for all your work during the year. Please enjoy your Christmas break with your families and stay safe. 
Thought for the Week
“Christmas is most truly Christmas when we celebrate it by giving the light of love to those who need it most.”
Snippets Grant Paice 2020-12-15 11:00:00Z 0

Ladies Breakfast

Great Papanui Ladies Breakfast!
Twenty-two ladies enjoyed food, fun and fellowship together in the name of Rotary. 
We were treated to a fantastic breakfast on Saturday with fresh waffles cooked by our three famous chefs, Tony, Arie and Keith. 
Much fun and laughter as Secret Santa parcels were stolen and bartered! 
Ladies Breakfast Lois Flanagan 2020-12-07 11:00:00Z 0

Raffle Stats

Trailer Raffle Stats
A few stats about our recent raffle.
We sold 1331 books and made a profit of $17,591.41. 

We did roughly 442 volunteer hours excluding the time members spent selling their allocation.
Many thanks to all members, partners, friends and others for helping us with the selling of our raffle this year. 
And an extra special thanks to Deryn for her amazing work in organising and managing this signature project for yet another year!
Raffle Stats Deryn Tregurtha 2020-12-07 11:00:00Z 0


Have You Ever?
Helen ran a fun session at last week’s meeting that challenged us to see how many diverse experiences we might have had in our lives.
Some of the more “interesting” ones included:
  • Plucked a chicken?
  • Had a tattoo?
  • Kissed a red haired beauty?
  • Stole fruit from someone’s tree?
  • Thrown a stone on someone’s roof?
The red haired beauty one got a few interesting “yes” responses but most related to a red haired baby or young child.
The “winner” with the most got 16 ticks but their name will remain an in house secret.
Lilies for sale
Liz is currently selling these lovely lilies at $25 a pot which includes 2 bulbs and a lovely black or white ceramic pot.
What a great Xmas gift!
Mitre 10 Papanui Fundraiser
In just 3 hours we have almost filled the roster for this Sunday’s BBQ. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Details are:
8:15am to 9:00am:  Arie dropping things off, Gary and Arie setting up.
9:00am to 11:00am: Arie and Janice, Kathy Anderson and Gary
11:00am to 1:00pm: Nick and Liz Courtney, Evan Thomson, Tony Taylor.
1:00pm to 3:00pm: Donna Cherry, Anne Spicer, Lois Flanagan
3:00pm to 4:30pm: 3 volunteers needed (this shift does clean up at 4:00pm with me being there as well).
If you can help then please note that we are just looking for the short final time spot.
Deb Gimblett has offered to do any time but I still need to confirm with her that 3pm-4:30pm is OK.
Thanks again. Remarkable response.
Papanui Christmas Function
Looking forward to seeing everyone at the Christmas function this Thursday at Rosebank Estate Winery, Johns Road (take the Groynes turn off).
Snippets Grant Paice 2020-12-07 11:00:00Z 0

Trailer Raffle Winners 2021

Trailer Raffle 2021 Winners

We are pleased to announce the winners of the 2021 Papanui Rotary Trailer Raffle.
1st Prize - Ticket No. 8618. 
 Hirone Waretini 
2nd Prize - Ticket No. 2852
Hope Ragadi of Bryndwr
3rd Prize -Ticket No. 6570
Heather Cunningham of Bryndwr
HUGE congratulations to these winners enjoy your prizes!
Prizes to be presented at Papanui Club on Saturday, 11 December at 8.45am 

The Rotary Club is in the process of contacting the prize winners.

The Rotary Club of Papanui would also like to again thank our partners Northlands Mall, Mitre 10 Mega, Stihl, Harmans Lawyers and Allprint.

We also acknowledge the generous support from everyone who took part in this community fundraising event.

All funds raised will be distributed as follows: !/3 to Papanui Children in Need Trust, 1/3 to Rotary Community Breast Milk Bank, and 1/3 to Braintree Trust Community Health Garden.

Once again, congratulations to all the winners!
Trailer Raffle Winners 2021 Verdi Van Beek 2020-12-03 11:00:00Z 0

Trailer Raffle Winners 2020

Trailer Raffle 2020 Winners

We are pleased to announce the winners of the 2020 Papanui Rotary Trailer Raffle.

1st prize.
Ticket No. 4099
Julie Forsyth of Swannanoa
2nd prize.
Ticket No. 1135
Subrata Saha of Christchurch
3rd prize.
Ticket No. 6365
Helena Kent of Somerfield, Christchurch.
HUGE congratulations to these winners enjoy your prizes!

The Rotary Club are in the process of contacting the prize winners.

The Rotary Club of Papanui would also like to again thank our partners Northands Mall, Mitre 10 Mega, Stihl and Harmans Lawyers.
We also acknowledge the generous support from everyone who took part in this community fundraising event.

Funds will go towards Ronald McDonald House and the Papanui Children in Need Trust.

Once again, congratulations to all the winners!
Trailer Raffle Winners 2020 Gary Denhard 2020-12-03 11:00:00Z 0

Xmas 2020

Papanui Rotary Christmas Function
Members and a partner or friend are invited to Papanui Rotary’s Christmas function at Rosebank Estate Winery, Johns Road (take the Groynes turn off).
Thursday 10th December 2020.
We plan to assemble at 6.00 pm and canapes will be served from 6.15 pm.
Cost is $40 per head for a scrumptious Christmas menu.
The bar will be open to purchase your liquid refreshments.
 RSVP by Friday 4th December to Tony Tizzard 021 664 801 or 03 352 8926 or by emailing him at
Xmas 2020 Grant Paice 2020-11-30 11:00:00Z 0

Trailer 2020 B

Trailer Raffle 2020
In aid of Ronald McDonald House & Children in Need Trust
Many thanks to all members, partners, friends and others for helping us with the selling of our raffle this year.  And an extra special thanks to Deryn for her amazing work in organising and managing this signature project for yet another year!
Trailer 2020 B Grant Paice 2020-11-30 11:00:00Z 0


Bowling with Scottish Accents
As noted by Janice below, our night at The Morrison Ave Bowling Club was very well attended and a great success.
Great prep and delivery Tony!
Papanui Rotary Christmas Can Appeal
Please note the following important changes as we accidentally gave you incorrect phone number details for Ron in a previous message.  The correct ones are:
  • Ron does not have a mobile phone.
  • You can instead ring him on his home line which is (03) 352 8443.
Last call
A final reminder that ladies interested in coming to this event need to contact Lois at 021 735 404 or email her at by Wednesday this week (2 December) re their intentions. 
The President’s Blurb
The night at The Morrison Ave Bowling Club was very well attended and a great success. Thank you to the bowling club for hosting us and putting on a very good meal. Thank you to all the members and partners that came along. 
The trailer raffle came to end in the weekend and the indications are looking good. Thanks to Deryn for all the effort she has put into this and also to the assistants that helped her. Our thanks also go to the ticket sellers both inside the mall and elsewhere.
This week Arie and I are taking the week off and are heading away to Hanmer Springs for some pre-Christmas R&R. I will be back on Saturday briefly to attend the Ladies Christmas Breakfast (thank you Lois) but won't be back to normal Rotary duties until Tuesday 8 December. My thanks to Grant for being prepared to take this week's club meeting. 
Food for Thought
“Giving does not only precede receiving; it is the reason for it. It is in giving that we receive.”
Snippets Grant Paice 2020-11-30 11:00:00Z 0

Supporting Education

Supporting Education during a Pandemic and Beyond
Liz Courtney
Rotary Clubs and Districts have been using Rotary Foundation global grants for years to work with our partners to expand access to learning, because we know education can be a pathway out of poverty.
Many projects address the complex components that go into educating children. The COVID-19 pandemic, with school closures, loss of jobs, and physical distancing, has made it more difficult to achieve the United Nations goal of universal access to education for children.
But there are steps you can take to make sure your grant project leads to sustainable outcomes and has the desired impact.
Learn more here.
Supporting Education Grant Paice 2020-11-22 11:00:00Z 0

Trailer Raffle

Trailer Raffle 2020
In aid of Ronald McDonald House & Children in Need Trust
The Trailer Raffle is heading for the finishing post.   It is a lot more fun with two people and we apprecite your ongoing help to fill in the roster here.   
And if you are feeling really game, maybe try what Rob Nicol has had some great success with. He has sold 40 books so far via an email to his Contacts without leaving the house which reads as follows:
Yes,the Rotary Club of Papanui has organized another trailer raffle. Following the successful years and helping so many worthwhile causes we are this year sharing the profits with Ronald McDonald House and our own Children in Need Trust. Both very worthwhile charities. 
Tickets are 1 for $5 or a book of 5 tickets for $20.
Purchase online by paying into my account #(add here).
No money? No ticket? No problem!  A photo of your purchase will be sent online. 
Looking forward to seeing your name on my bank statement. 
Many thanks for your ongoing support with this signature project that has served our community well over recent years.
Trailer Raffle Grant Paice 2020-11-22 11:00:00Z 0


Bowls Night this Thursday 26th November
Arrangements have been made for all meal and bowls hire payments to be made at the bowling club bar where an EftPOS machine is available.  A cash bar will also be in operation.
Xmas Puddings
Please get your final orders in this week for the Xmas Puddings.  These are 700g which at $20 each is great value with $5 going back to the Club.
If you aren’t going to the Club event this Thursday please contact Gordon with your order via (027) 471 5241 or email it to him at
Ladies Christmas Breakfast Sat Dec 5th 
All Rotary ladies are warmly welcome to come and enjoy great fun and delicious food at Lois’s house 20 Mistral Road, Northwood at 9:30 am on Saturday December the 5th.
Our lovely Christmas Elves will be cooking so you are guaranteed great service and food!  Remember to bring a $5 gift for Secret Santa. 
Please reply to Lois by text or phone to 021 735 404 or email her at by Wednesday Dec 2nd. 
Looking forward to seeing you all soon!
The President’s Blurb
I enjoyed last Thursday nights screening of the video of New Zealand and the South Pacific projects. It was great to see a couple of Papanui Rotary projects in the mix.
I would also like to thank Jim Hudson for continuing to keep Rotary Foundation in our minds. It is Foundation month and we could do our bit by becoming Centurion members. It cost $100 and it qualifies for a charitable donation rebate so you get part of your donation back by way of tax refund.
Arie as District Club Development Chair briefed us on a number of membership projects on the go. Opportunities for membership are always there and the trailer raffle is a case in point. This year we have had 4 queries about Rotary so far. 
On Monday Arie and I, Liz, Denis and Mandi joined a group of students from Ara Institute School of Broadcasting down at the Chch Bowls Club. The students were putting together  a video of the students interacting with Rotary club members while playing a game of bowls.
It is an initiative led by Liz who has been working with the broadcasting school for some time. They were a great bunch of students and we had a lot of fun. 
Don't forget to keep checking the trailer raffle rosters to see if you can help. When I checked in the weekend there were a few gaps.  See you all on Thursday
Food for Thought
“It is worth remembering that when we are pointing the finger at someone else there are three fingers pointing back at us.”
Snippets Grant Paice 2020-11-22 11:00:00Z 0


Rotary Leader Nov 2020
Helping Club and District Leaders achieve Success
Posted by Liz
Leadership Development available from Toastmasters
As part of our alliance with Toastmasters International, we’re offering a series of leadership and communication courses to Rotary and Rotaract members.
The first two courses, now available in multiple languages in the Learning Centre, discuss fundamental leadership skills like motivation, integrity, and team inclusiveness.
You’ll also discover how ethics, decision making, goal setting, and delegating help you develop the skills necessary to lead a team effectively.
Watch this video to learn how to find the courses in the Learning Centre and how to get the most out of them.
Toastmasters Liz Courtney 2020-11-16 11:00:00Z 0

EftPOS Unavailable

No EftPOS Machine on November 19th
A reminder that there will be no EftPOS machine at our meeting this week on the 19th of November as it will be at the trailer raffle.
You will be able to pay with cash or otherwise you will need to deposit the cost for your meal via internet banking into Papanui Rotary Inc. Account 03 1355 0892268 00.
EftPOS Unavailable Deryn Tregurtha 2020-11-16 11:00:00Z 0

Trailer Raffle Update

Trailer Raffle 2020
In aid of Ronald McDonald House & Children in Need Trust
The Trailer Raffle is now into the second week. We need help to fill this week's roster, please. There are a few gaps in the week, but we particularly need people to help on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.
You can find the roster here.  Any time you want to check it out just bring up this link, or refresh it on your computer to get the latest version. You can also view it on your phone or ipad with the Google Sheets app. At the bottom of the page (or top, on some phones)  you can view weeks 3 and 4.
Please contact Lois or Deryn to put your name on the roster or to ask for help if you have any problems viewing the roster.
Thanks for your help to turn the yellow to white!
Trailer Raffle Update Deryn Tregurtha 2020-11-16 11:00:00Z 0


A reminder to come and enjoy our Bowls Night on 26th November. This is a Partners Night where we are being hosted at the Morrison Avenue Bowling club on Thursday 26th November.
Come and have a go! Bowls are available for hire at a cost of $5 per person and helpful advice and tuition is available.
There will be people on hand from 5:30 pm to assist with coaching etc.  Bowling will start at 6.00 pm and will be followed by a delicious buffet meal at 7.00 pm. The meal cost is $25 per head. A cash bar will operate during the evening.
Don’t forget to wear an item of tartan or other Scottish attire to celebrate St Andrew’s Day.
Please contact Tony Tizzard on (021) 664 801 or email him at by Thursday the 19th November to register for this event.
Come and join us from 10.00 am on Friday 20th November for fine coffee, good conversation and a fun time at Reality Bites Cafe, Sawyers Arms Road.
Everyone welcome. 
The President’s Blurb
It was good to have another committee meeting last week. The committees are doing good work so don't put in your apologies. Be part of making things happen. 
We are into the silly season and our trailer raffle is underway again. I see many of our members are getting involved and thank you for that. 
There are a lot of membership initiatives underway at present, many of them involving younger people who things differently to ourselves. I have asked District Club Development chair Arie to brief us on Thursday about these initiatives.
Food for Thought
“Winning is fun, but those moments that you can touch someone’s life in a very positive way are better.”
Snippets Grant Paice 2020-11-16 11:00:00Z 0


No EftPOS Machine on November 19th
Please note that there will be no EftPOS machine at our meeting on the 19th of November as it will be at the trailer raffle.
You will be able to pay with cash or otherwise you will need to deposit the cost for your meal via internet banking into Papanui Rotary Inc. Account 03 1355 0892268 00.
EftPOS Grant Paice 2020-11-08 11:00:00Z 0

Community Awards

Community Awards Night
We had a great turnout for our annual Community Awards Night last week with Lois welcoming us by noting that serving our community and acknowledging those who do this is a significant part of what Rotary is about.
This year we acknowledged four women from a diverse variety of areas as our award recipients as follows:
Dorothy Andrew
Dorothy was recognised for her support and organisational efforts for Aged Concern. 
She initially responded to an advert to assist taking the elderly by bus on morning tea trips and it grew from there. 
“We currently can take two busloads each morning”, smiled Dorothy, “which includes organising entertainment which attendees thoroughly enjoy.” 
The Harewood Road church is often the location of choice where Dorothy is also the verger.
Linda Cowan
Linda was also recognised for her involvement with Aged Concern which also includes supporting the hosting of morning teas.  She also is actively involved in helping facilitate conversations at these events.
In addition, Linda acts as an accredited ”dog sitter” and visits clients with her own dog Lewis where he is well received.
Coming from a background in education, she also helps with reading activities at a local primary school plus organises morning tea for teachers at the local High School.  M
“I like to go that extra mile across a range of areas” shared Linda.
Stephanie Cowan
Stephanie works tirelessly in the sudden death syndrome area and is a director with “Change our Children”. 
She often presents to public gatherings and both local and international levels and has also designed an intervention programme on promoting smoke free pregnancy with a particular focus on Maori and Pacifica audiences.
An additional programme she supports is sharing a “safe sleeping” guide for parents who choose to often have their children in their beds,
“Since 1987 we have seen a reduction in infant deaths in this area from 4.3 to 0.7 per thousand” shared Stephanie which as a great result.
Jodi Wareing
Jodi joined Lois’ law firm in 2016 as she impressed the team despite having no legal experience. 
At the same time her husband was diagnosed with cancer and. despite the challenges this came with and her eventual loss, learnt the role quickly and became a highly efficient and valued member of the team.
When Lois took over managing the local schools Speech Contest, Jodi quickly came on board and became highly efficient in managing the complex organisational aspects of this large event over many years. 
In concluding, Jodi advised us to “never regret a day in your life”.
We gave a round of applause to our four recipients on this year’s Community Awards and wished them well for the future.
Community Awards Grant Paice 2020-11-08 11:00:00Z 0


Come and enjoy our Bowls Night on 26th November. This is a Partners Night where we are being hosted at the Morrison Avenue Bowling club on Thursday 26th November.
Come and have a go! Bowls are available for hire at a cost of $5 per person and helpful advice and tuition is available.
Bowling will start at 6.00 pm and this will be followed by a delicious buffet meal at 7.00 pm. The meal cost is $25 per head. A cash bar will operate during the evening.
Don’t forget to wear an item of tartan or other Scottish attire to celebrate St Andrew’s Day.
Please contact Tony Tizzard on (021) 664 801 or email him at by Thursday the 19th November to register for this event.
Papanui Bush
A reminder that weeding at Papanui Bush is every 2nd Tuesday of the Month at 9.30 am.  We look forward to a morning tea on Tuesday the 10th at 9:30 and to then continue onwards and upwards with spring maintenance.
A Reminder …
Ladies Christmas Breakfast 2020 … save the date … Saturday 5th December at Lois’s house in Northwood.  Mark your diary for a morning of fun, food and festivities!
The President’s Blurb
I enjoyed the Community Awards night last Thursday. Thank you to Lois and her team for organising the evening. They were a very deserving set of awardees. I was also encouraged by the number of people present on the evening.
The trailer raffle is off to a good start at Northlands. Thank you to those who are volunteering to do shifts at the the mall. Please keep an eye on the trailer roster as it will require all of us to pitch in to get all the tickets sold.
This week we have our committee night. This year holding the committee nights the way we do is proving successful with good attendance, good discussion and lots of ideas. 
In the first week of December we hope to do another Rotary Can Appeal. This time we are doing the can appeal for City Mission who we have already been in touch with. Flyers will be available soon. 
Food for Thought
“To handle yourself, use your head but o handle others, use your heart.”
Snippets Grant Paice 2020-11-08 11:00:00Z 0

Milk Bank Trust

Rotary Community Breast
Milk Bank Charitable Trust
The Gift of Liquid Gold
Last Thursday night a small group of us visited the RCBMB (Rotary Community Breast Milk Bank) where midwife and Chair of the Milk Bank, Rotarian Yvonne Hiskemuller, gave a very informative talk while enjoying a glass of wine and a delicious array of finger food.
The RCBMB was initiated by Yvonne 5 years ago when then District Governor Liz Courtney, asked clubs in our District to look for projects that were centred on the Rotary International Maternal and Child Area of Focus.
It was begun by a dedicated group of Rotarians with the support of Lactation specialists and Midwives in Canterbury to help mothers supplement their efforts with milk donated by other women.  This group of women took up the challenge and formed the Rotary Community Breast Milk Bank Trust.
The aim of the Rotary Community Breast Milk Bank is to provide easily accessible, short term donor breast milk to mothers while they establish their own milk supply. The donated breast milk is frozen, pasteurised, checked and given to parents and caregivers free of charge.
It took almost 4 years of negotiating with the Canterbury Health Board and the Neo Natal group to finally be taken under the wing of St. George’s Hospital support. This is the first free community Breast Milk Bank in New Zealand offering breast milk to new-born babies up to 6 weeks to help mothers establish a good milk supply.
New Zealand’s Ministry of Health recommends babies ideally are exclusively breast fed until aged six months.  Breast milk is full of antibodies which help to develop a baby's immune system making it such a special commodity.  Breast might be best for babies, but getting feeding underway can be a struggle.
Previously, the only babies in the country with access to a pasteurised milk bank service were premature or sick babies at Christchurch Hospital's neo-natal unit. The Rotary Community Breast Milk Bank extends that service. To date we have provided 360 babies with 300 litres of Breast Milk from 63 Donors since 2018.
The Rotary Community Breast Milk Bank opened in July 2018 and was given a room at St. George’s to work from.  Specialised temperature controlled freezers, computers, donor kits and furniture were all supplied and sponsored by four Rotary clubs, Christchurch Garden City, Papanui, Riccarton and Christchurch Rotary clubs who gave funds to begin this free service.
A large fundraising dinner and auction began the $ 30,000 required to set up the initial first year of running costs with a concert, specially printed tea towels and quiz nights following on. 
It is completely staffed by over 20 volunteers many are Rotarians, nurses and retired midwives.
What do we Need and Why?
The Milk Bank is situated at St. George’s Hospital and with their support, and an anonymous donor, they recently provided a pasteuriser for the Milk Bank which means that donated milk can be sterilised immediately. Previously, all the donated milk was pasteurised through the Neo Natal Unit run by the CDHB.
This has reduced our running costs but has increased our volunteer time. We are now looking to raise funds to staff the pasteurising of the donor milk and to extend our reach to encompass a wider geographical group in the community.
How can you Help Us?
The Trustees of the Rotary Community Breast Milk Bank now include a number of Medical and Scientific based Specialists who give their time free of charge to assist us with growing this free service.
Rotary would like to grow this free service throughout the country but can only do this with public and corporate support. It costs us approximately $ 25,000 pa to run this service to meet the growing need for mothers and babies who want to breast feed.
For more information on the Rotary Community Breast Milk Bank Charitable Trust visit their Facebook page or their Give a Little page.
Milk Bank Trust Liz Courtney 2020-11-02 11:00:00Z 0

St James Park Halloween

Halloween at St James Park
In partnership with Ray White Real Estate, this event took place in St. James Park last Friday 30th October from 4:30 – 5:30pm. Set up began at 2.30 with a group of willing Rotarian workers putting up the Gazebo and assembling the 5 Scavenger Hunt stations.
Before it opened we had people queuing at the gate and with the smell of the BBQ on a wonderful balmy evening wafting through the air over 420 children and families raced around the park pencils and paper in hand to claim their bag of sweets.
Many of the families had costumes, faces painted and all the Halloween accessories to conjure up the scariness of Halloween. It was a very colourful event and we received many positive comments from families who were appreciative of having a safe and fun event to attend.
Working alongside the Ray White team makes this a winning combination as they enable Rotary to have greater exposure when advertising on their social media site and we collaborate very well bagging up sweets, setting up the stations and sharing the publicity.
A big thank you to the team of helpers who made it so much easier to bring some good old fashioned fun to the families in Papanui.
St James Park Halloween Liz Courtney 2020-11-02 11:00:00Z 0


Mitre10 BBQ raises funds for Special Needs Camp
Thanks to some Club members giving up their holiday hours on the Sunday of Labour weekend we were able to generate a $590 profit to go towards the Papanui High School Kimi Ora Special Needs Camp which runs over 3 days.
Some events we support make a real difference to the young people we are trying to help. The Kimi Ora students have a chance to get out in the fresh air and enjoy nature with some innovative fun activities.
The Year 12 students who accompany them learn about spending significant amounts of time with students less fortunate than themselves. It is a real bonding experience for all and exposes students to parts of life you don’t see every day in the classroom.
The Rotary BBQ is also a bonding exercise for those who participate. There is another one on December 13th so we look forward to seeing some new faces.
Hanmer Halloween Event
A small keen team or Rotarians and partners went up to support the Hanmer Halloween event at the end of the week with crowd control and the BBQ.  Similar to last year their Grotto was one of the biggest hits with the kids.
Liz’s daughter taking her 1st ever shot
As noted below by Janice, our club hosted the District Target Shooting Tournament down at the Bangor Street clubrooms of the Chch Target Shooting Assn last Tuesday evening.
A great time was had by all.
Trailer Raffle 2020 Roster
In aid of Ronald McDonald House & Children in Need Trust
The Trailer Raffle begins next Saturday. We need the first week's roster filled by this weekend.
You can find the roster here. Any time you want to check it out just bring up this link, or refresh it on your computer to get the latest version. You can also view it on your phone with the Google Sheets app.
Please contact Lois 021 735 404 or Deryn 021 161 5861 if you need help to put your name on the roster.
Thanks for your help to turn the yellow to white!!
Also, a Reminder to those who went on the Breast Milk Bank visit, please pay your $15 into our bank Papanui Rotary Inc. Account # 03 1355 0892268 00.
The President’s Blurb
It has been a very big week for Papanui Rotary.
On Tuesday evening our club hosted the District Target Shooting Tournament down at the Bangor Street clubrooms of the Chch Target Shooting Assn. Our club has hosted this annual event for over 35 years. 13 Teams competed and thoroughly enjoyed themselves.
Many thanks to the volunteers/shooters that came down and assisted on the night. The Ashburton Men's team took out the top men's award, the Avonhead Women's team took the women's award as we couldn't field a women’s team this time and Arie was 2nd top shot with a score of 93.4.
The district movie night in support of Polio Plus was attended by only 8 from the club. The event was a sell out and the tickets sold out too quickly for many of our members. The profits from the evening will of course be matched on a two to one basis by The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. If there are members that were keen to make a donation to the Polio Plus cause please makes the arrangements with Deryn. 
On Thursday in place of the club meeting we went to an evening at the Chch Rotary Breastmilk Bank. 14 members attended and were impressed with the service offered by the breastmilk bank.  It was explained in very clear terms as to the difference that breast milk makes to the health of new born babies.
The unit was established by Rotary and looks to Rotary for continuing support as no money is set aside in the CDHB budget for this purpose. The running costs are approx. $30,000 per year. We thank Liz for her involvement in the establishment and ongoing management of this unit and for being a constant champion of the breastmilk bank.
On Friday many of us participated in the Ray White/Rotary Halloween event at St James Park. Over 400 children and parents turned up on a fine afternoon and had a good time.
A group of 15 Rotarians, partners and family members came down and helped set up the Rotary gazebo, helped run the BBQ and manned the stations dotted around the park ticking of the activity sheets of the children. The evening was lovely and many families queued for sausages and drinks and had a picnic. 
The final event of the week was the Halloween event at the Hanmer Springs Forest Camp.  7 Rotarians and partners/family members travelled to Hanmer to help out with crowd control and manning the BBQ. Once again the weather was great. Over 200 children came to the camp with their parents and went through the Halloween grotto which camp management and staff had gone to great lengths to set up.
A really pleasing aspect to the evening is that most of the children had dressed up for the occasion. We hope at some point to establish a satellite club in Hanmer so these events help build Rotary's profile in the village as well as our involvement with the camp. 
To all those wonderful people that came out to help us during the week a big “thank-you”. Some of you came out several nights in a row and to you an even bigger thank you. 
This Thursday night we have the community awards evening which Lois and her team have put together. Come along and support Lois on this evening. 
Deryn has posted on the internet the rosters for the trailer raffle which kicks off this weekend. Please have a look and put your name down for a handful of shifts because we need as many helpers as we can get for this project. 
Food for Thought
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World Polio Day

World Polio Day
Jim Hudson
October 24th was World Polio Day.  It is a time to reflect on the scars the disease has left on countless children over the years but for us as Rotarians to be aware of our commitment to the total eradication of the disease and to promote the significance of the Global Polio Eradication Campaign to our community.
Quite a few of you will not be aware of Rotary’s involvement and commitment to take on this mammoth task.  It all started in 1985 when Rotary initiated and undertook the vaccination of young children in the Philippines. 
It was so successful that in 1988 a global project, in association with WHO, UNICEF and the US Centres for Disease Control and Prevention was initiated.  I can only marvel at the vision of those that said ‘if we can do it in one country, we can do it worldwide.”
That was when the world was getting 350,000 new cases of polio a year or nearly 1000 cases a day.  You might think that’s nothing compared to our current Covid-19 pandemic.  Well, it affects children almost exclusively and the effects are life-long. 
Then there is the cost factor – a polio-free world will save the global economy US$40-50 billion in health costs within the next 20 years.  And we have a vaccine.  Covid has badly interrupted immunization programs with a spike in case numbers, one more challenge among many which include waring factions and religious beliefs preventing or denying the administration of vaccines.
Polio is a highly infectious disease that most commonly affects children under 5.  It spreads person to person, typically through contaminated water and it attacks the spinal cord and nervous system which may lead to paralysis. 
There is no cure but we do have a vaccine which is safe and effective, which Rotary and its partners are using and have immunized over 2.5 billion children to date.
Why end polio?  WE must stop the transmission of the virus where it remains endemic, and we are now down to 2 countries, Afghanistan and Pakistan.  There are up to 60 countries still rated high-risk where large scale immunization campaigns still operate to provide much needed protection. 
There is no place on earth that is safe until the disease is eradicated everywhere, which is why low immunization rates are recipe for an outbreak.  A country needs to have had no new cases for 3 years before classified as polio-free.
So how do we fund this campaign?  Rotary has already provided over US$2 billion towards the programme set up in 1988.  You may recall that funds for The Rotary Foundation are channelled into one of 3 funds, the Accumulated Fund, or if specified, into the Endowment or Polio funds. 
This year, thanks to Covid, fundraising is even more challenging.  End Polio Now goals have been set, requesting a club donation of US$1,500.  If half our club members became Centurion supporters and specify the Polio Fund then we will meet our target.  For Rotary needs to again raise a minimum of US$50 million this year to qualify for the Gates Foundation 2-for-1 subsidy.
I referred earlier about waring factions.  A story in the latest RDU is worth sharing.  In the 1990’s the Tamil insurgents in Sri Lanka were making the vaccinating programme for 1/3 of the country’s children virtually impossible. 
Rotary stepped in with  UNICEF to engineer a ceasefire, they had to negotiate with one of the world’s most feared and elusive rebel leaders of the day. 
Eventually, the Rotarian negotiator received a letter from the rebel leader, which read, “Dear Mr Ravindran (who was Chair of the Sri Lankan Polio Committee) if you can persuade your government to stop the war for 2 days, then we are willing to lay down our guns for 2 days too, for our war is not with children”.
Soon the NID (national immunization day) was on and vehicles bearing the Rotary emblem were heading for the vaccination booths set up in areas occupied by the insurgents.
This just goes to show that Rotary does have clout on the World stage.  It is essential that we don’t lose sight of the end goal of the programme we help initiate, because if we fall behind now we go back to square one.
Jim urged us to all become a Centurion and help rid the world of this terrible disease.
World Polio Day Jim Hudson 2020-10-26 11:00:00Z 0

Rotary 35th Anniversary

Rotary NZ World Community Service
35th Anniversary - 28 October 2020
Rotary New Zealand World Community Service (RNZWCS), initially Rotary Overseas Aid Projects (ROAP), celebrates 35 years of service to the Rotary Districts of New Zealand and Pacific Countries and their partner Rotary organisations and communities worldwide.
This milestone is due only to the tenacity, positive spirit and dedicated service of Rotarians past and present. The inaugural District Directors were CT Field 9910, Brian Meadowcroft 9920, Jack Ridley 9930, Gerry Fox – Chairman 9940, Keith Rollo 9970 and Lou Robinson 9980.
RNZWCS was registered as RNZWCS Limited, a not for profit limited charity CC26860 on 11 December 2003. Prior to and more significantly since, RNZWCS has partnered with the NZ Government through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs obtaining grants from various partnerships in New Zealand, in addition to bilateral and multilateral funding. The Global Polio Eradication Initiative benefitting to date from in excess of NZ $12 million from MFAT.
In 1995 and on three occasions since RNZWCS has undergone a rigorous re accreditation process with MFAT to enable it to continue to receive funding. The latest in recent weeks conducted by independent consultants in the form of due diligence.
The 15 standards set by MFAT covered 5 key areas: governance, associates, finance, good practice and safeguarding. The exercise having been completed to MFAT’s satisfaction, RNZWCS has entered into the Design phase for a $1.5 million activity partnering with Rotary Pacific Water for Life in Fiji.
Since 2003, RNZWCS has witnessed Rotary receiving approx. $35 million from external funders.
In addition to funding support RNZWCS manages the Emergency Response Kit (ERKs) programme, first introduced into New Zealand in 1985 as EMBOX by Eastern Hutt Rotary. Since 2007 when records have been kept, some 10,000 kits have been purchased and packed.
Rotary volunteers at warehouses in Auckland and Christchurch have undertaken the task. RNZWCS is indebted to the Auckland Rotary Clubs who recently packed 1,000 kits to supplement those prepositioned in Pacific countries in preparation for the forthcoming cyclone season.
RNZWCS values the financial and strategic support from MFAT in addition to the support of Rotary in Pacific countries along with other International and local NGO’s who provide storage and logistical support when the need arises.
RNZWCS continues to support Rotary Clubs in Christchurch with their Donations in Kind programme. They have consigned 22 Containers of goods to Pacific countries in the past few years with one at sea currently between New Zealand and Tonga.
Donations in Kind are a valued commodity and only items specifically requested are sourced. The newly established Passport Club in Rotorua has taken up the challenge following the Christchurch example.
RNZWCS responds to the Humanitarian needs of people as they arise undertaking appeals to Rotary, the private and public sectors. Most notably included the Christchurch earthquakes when in excess of $2 million was received and more recently significant responses were made to the Australian Bushfire and Samoa Measles Epidemic Appeals.
Since 1985, RNZWCS has worked collaboratively with its Australian counterpart RAWCS and in the early years issued a quarterly project booklet to clubs in both countries. In 2014 RNZWCS and RAWCS entered into a formal MOU. From 2018 a Working Group meets quarterly by zoom. Details Page 41 Oct 2020 RDU.
RNZWCS acknowledges the support and valuable assistance given by past and present New Zealand Rotary District Governors and from every Rotarian in addition to MFAT and external donors both public and private.
Rotary 35th Anniversary  Stuart Batty 2020-10-26 11:00:00Z 0


An Update from our Foundation & International Director
Stuart Batty was part of inaugural New Zealand PolioPlus meeting in 1985. Of the initial completion budget worth US$ 1 million, Rotary’s contribution was US $250,000.
The Rotary New Zealand World Community Service (formerly Rotary Overseas Aid Project) was established 35 years ago on the 28th October 1985.  The first committee member for 9970 was Rotarian Keith Rollo from Nelson.
That same year the first Emergency Response Kit ERK (formerly called the Emergency Box EMBOX) was packed in New Zealand for distribution following cyclones in Pacific.
EMBOX was first established in England in 1975. In the early days, Rotary Clubs bought a kitset box and members brought items (usually second hand) to be placed in the box. Today all items are purchased and packed by Rotary volunteers.
Rotary leased a warehouse in Auckland until recently for $1 for four months. 1,000 kits have been packed and now on the way to Fiji, Samoa and Vanuatu. Forecast for this cyclone season which starts in November.
8 to 10 tropical cyclones are predicted across the SW Pacific, which is near or slightly below normal. Specific risk factors are:
·       Elevated risk: New Caledonia and northern New Zealand
·       Normal risk: Fiji, Vanuatu, Solomon Islands, Papua New Guinea, Tokelau
·       Normal or reduced risk: Tonga, Wallis & Futuna, and Samoa
·       Reduced risk: Tuvalu, Tutuila/ American Samoa, Niue, Cook Islands
Three tropical cyclones are expected to reach severe strength.
A container is to be packed in Christchurch for Fiji in coming weeks. Included in items requested is linen. Euan and Stuart are also approaching schools for desks and chairs.
Covid is affecting Pacific countries. Whilst Fiji is the only country to have had cases, it is estimated 150,000 Fijians are now unemployed due to collapse of the tourist industry. Rotary is supporting Pacific communities particular around food security.
Rotary continues to actively support these efforts to support our Pacific neighbours.
We are still looking for a few more people to join the Wednesday Lotto. All profits will go to Usa River Rotary Club, our Sister club in Tanzania, to be used for Development and Training for disadvantaged youth.
This runs for 20 weeks, and costs just $3 per week, a total of $60. $50 goes to the holder of the Wednesday Lotto Bonus Number and $10 each to the holders of the numbers either side of the winning number.
Take a punt, you might win all of your money back, and if not, you will be contributing to a worthwhile project.

We have twenty-two numbers taken already, but need a few more before we can begin again. Any number not taken will be allotted to Usa River, as we did last time, but we need to raise the prize money first, before we can give away any profits.
Please call Deryn on (021) 161 5861 or email her at to join this fun fundraiser.
Many thanks:

The President’s Blurb
Seven of us attended the charter event of the new Rolleston Rotary Club last Thursday night. It was an excellent night where we were able to catch up with other Rotarians who were involved with Rolleston in the past year, celebrate with the Rolleston group and enjoy the evening.
Grant was able to lead the Club meeting back in town with the emphasis being on Polio. Thank you to Grant and also to Stuart and Jim for their presentations.
The BBQ Hut at Mitre 10 was very busy on Sunday. The weather was good and the store was very busy. Thank you to Gary Denhard and his team of volunteers for making this happen. We will do it again on 13 December.
This week we have a number of events on. The District Shooting Tournament is on tomorrow night with 13 teams participating, there is the District Polio movie night on Wednesday and on Thursday many of us are visiting the Christchurch Rotary Breastmilk bank. 
Liz still needs volunteers at the Ray White/Rotary Halloween night at St James Park on Friday night. If you can spare some time please contact her.
Arie has his team of volunteers for the Halloween event at the Hanmer Springs Forest Camp on Saturday night. 
There will be plenty to report back on when we next meet at the Club.
Food for Thought
” I woke up this morning and forgot which side the sun rises from, then it dawned on me.”
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Mastering Mountains

Mastering Mountains
Accompanied by his wife Rebecca (Bex) we were treated to a presentation by Nick Allen on his journey leading to his activities with the Mastering Mountains Charitable Trust.
Established in 2015 the Trust aims to enrich the lives of people affected by MS and Functional Neurological Disorder.
“By helping our grant recipients get outdoors we aim to create life-long change in their lives by enabling them to live a physically active and meaningful life” shared Nick.
Nick’s experiences include being a writer as well as a semi-professional climber and he has a passion for making the outdoors accessible for others.  “This is very important for physical, mental and spiritual health” said Nick.
Looking back on growing up, Nick remembered his Dad taking him for an experience in the mountains at age 7.  He found it quite challenging and very much an adventure that left him with a big sense of achievement.
As a consequence he decided that he wanted to be a climber and scoured the libraries for every book he could read on the topic.  He also pinned a picture of Mt Everest on his ceiling.
In his late teens, however, he started to experience neurological issues including a weakness in his legs and tremors in his hands.  He tried training harder but this had no effect.
One day at aged 21 he hit the wall and woke up feeling extremely weak and unable to climb the stairs.  He kept trying to exercise but had little luck and ended up bedridden repeatedly, sometimes for up to a week. He found this extremely hard, demotivating and left him feeling he was lost with little hope in sight. 
Luckily he also found real strength at this time with the community he was in.
So at aged 24 he decided to study overseas even though this meant he was having to use a mobility scooter as the pain made it difficult to walk very far which he was not fond of and made things incredibly hard.
On turning 25 he realised he needed to drop out of his studies and return to New Zealand.  One day while sitting across the table from a medical professional it was suggested he had MS.  This was quite the surprise as he realised it was going to be a long term experience.
“One in 5 New Zealanders will have a neurological challenge and diagnosis at some stage of their lives” noted Nick.  “I still tried to ignore it but the result of my efforts of continuing to train also led to me crashing more”.
He decided to alter his approach by improving his diet and adopting a more balanced activity regime.  In 2010 he got into a Massey rehab plan and adopted a three pronged approach including improved diet, better stress management and guided exercise. This meant learning how to listen to his body.
As a result he slowly began to manage his situation better and was making progress as he neared his 30th birthday.  So five years after being told he had MS he was able to finally get back into rock climbing as he now had an approach that was working.
He also realised he was still at home and unsure where he was going in life.  “So off to climb in the Himalayas I went” smiled Nick.  He attempted 2 peaks and finally achieved what had been a childhood dream which included being at the top of a 21,000 ft peak.
Seeing the sun rise over multiple 8,000 ft peaks was magic and gave him a great sense of achievement and accomplishment as it had taken months of training to reach a goal that he felt was unattainable.  He especially appreciated the community support that helped him get there.
In 2016 he wrote a book titled “To the Summit” which was the hardest thing he’d done in his life.  “It also helped me process the nature of my diagnosis at a time where I was experiencing mixed emotions from both my previous experiences and the challenge of writing the book”.
In 2017 he got married which was one of the best blessings to come from writing the book.  “I have learnt that hardship leads to blessing” smiled Nick.
In 2019 he achieved ten first ascents on granite rock faces on Stewart Island which reminded him of the value of these and other recent achievements he had experienced.
“More recently I am often fatigued and it is an on-going battle to maintain strength in my legs but I continue to think through how to best manage the on-going challenges I love” smiled Nick.
With respect to Mastering Mountains, as noted earlier Nick and his team help people overcome challenges in the outdoors environment.  This included assisting a MS client with a grant to have a personal trainer that helped her achieve a major traverse with her family and community. As a result she is now better equipped to go through the ongoing challenges of MS.
 “The approach we take” explained Nick in closing “involves helping people accept change, build capacity, learn new skills and implement lifestyle changes which helps them successfully cope with their challenges”.
We thanked Nick for his insight into how both he and the clients Mastering Mountains support find effective ways to ensure they can successfully manage their neurological challenges and continue to experience interesting and rewarding experiences in their lives.
Mastering Mountains Grant Paice 2020-10-19 11:00:00Z 0

Ronald McDonald

All Go at Ronald McDonald!
“On a Monday night earlier this month four lovely ladies from Parry Field Lawyers with Deb & Neville Gimblett and myself cooked dinner for the residents of Ronald McDonald House. 
Homemade hamburgers were on the menu with magnificent wedges made by Deb & Neville  as well as corn cobs. Apple deserts and custard followed. 
Everyone worked hard and the residents really enjoyed their meals.  A big thanks to Neville & Deb who  did a fantastic job of cooking and helping with cleaning up as well. Thanks also to the Parry Field Charitable Foundation which helped with a contribution to the costs of the food. 
It’s always a real blessing to be able to help these families in need.  All the Parry Field ladies enjoyed the experience  and are keen to do it again !”
Ronald McDonald Lois Flanagan 2020-10-19 11:00:00Z 0


Members were provided some time ago with a coffee mug and asked to toss their loose pocket change into the mug for:
“Just the Cost of a Flat White a Week.”
Every dollar collected goes to the Rotary Foundation. For any members who have not received a mug, Stuart will have some available at this week’s meeting.
When you have a sizeable amount in your mug please pass the money to Treasurer Deryn.
Many thanks:
Look what you might be missing!
Ladies Christmas Breakfast 2020 … save the date … Saturday 5th December at Lois’s house in Northwood.  Mark your diary for a morning of fun, food and festivities!
Did You Know …
Source: Rotary Down Under Oct 2020 Issue 632
The President’s Blurb
I found last week’s speakers very inspirational and just enjoyed the evening. Thank you for coming along.
This week we have a board meeting and later in the week the International Committee are going to brief us on the efforts of Rotary and partners on eradicating Polio. 
Arie and I, Liz and Nick can't be there because we are guests at the Charter event for the new Rolleston Rotary Club. Nick, Liz and Arie have supported it for the last 18 months and attended their meetings in addition to attending our Club meetings. The evening is the product of a lot of work by a lot of people and the District can be proud. 
Next week we have a lot of Rotary commitments that will require your help. Arie needs shooters to fill out the men’s and women’s teams for the district shooting tournament which our Club has hosted for over 30 years. The tournament is being held on Tuesday 27 Oct. I (Janice) will need a couple of helpers in the kitchen. 
On Friday night 30 Oct we are joining Ray White Real Estate for a Halloween night at St James Park. Liz will need plenty of helpers on the night. Last year 400 people participated. It is a great way to advertise Rotary to our local community. If you can help please contact Liz. 
The night following Sat 31 Oct, Rotary is helping the Hanmer Springs Forest Camp with their Halloween event. Arie and Nick are currently on the Board of the camp and a number of our members are past Board members. We need a team of six to go up there to manage the BBQ and help with crowd control of a lot of excited children. The camp managers convert the recreation hall into a Halloween grotto and it is spectacular and interactive. 
The local kids all dress up for the occasion. This year the numbers will be greater as the town is holding a Spring festival. If you can help please contact Arie.
On the Wednesday night 28 Oct we have the District Movie Night about the life and times of Helen Reddy the Australian singer. The evening is a Polio fundraiser and David Drake is hoping to sell out the picture theatre down at Hoyts Riccarton. Stuart is taking orders for movie tickets. Go out and enjoy yourselves. 
All of this amounts to a lot of opportunities to clear your dairies and serve your community. We need your help.
Food for Thought
“One idea leads to another. The teapot led to the steam engine, which led to the gas combustion engine, which led to the rocket propulsion system, which took us to the moon.”
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On Being a Parent
President Elect Grant Paice gave us some insights on his experiences as an educational psychologist when talking with groups about surviving parenthood.
“I always introduce myself by saying that I have no kids, a cat that occasionally does what it is told, and a wife that never does what she is told and that I was here to tell them how to manage being a parent” smiled Grant.
He then shared a model for managing behaviour based on the key principle that “what you notice is what you get” i.e.:
  1. Behaviour that is noticed increases the chance that it will occur again.
  2. Behaviour that is ignored decreases the chance that it will occur again.
  3. Behaviour that is dangerous needs to be stopped quickly with the minimum amount of attention including:
    1. Diverting attention via proximity or restructuring or:
    2. Having the child or other(s) removed from the situation.
After giving a couple of examples he then shared the Premack Principle that states we are more likely to perform a less desirable behaviour if it is followed by a more desirable one. 
“On a hot Saturday I am more likely to mow the lawns if I follow this with a cold beer” smiled Grant ”whereas if I have a beer first I tend to leave the lawns until the next day”.
He then gave a few examples focused on the principle that what you notice is what you get. 
“No single parenting strategy works with all kids or in all situations” noted Grant, who went on to suggest that effective parents acquire a wide range of strategies to help them deal with the various situations they might face.
“Parents who struggle with being consistent are like slot machines” he continued “with kids in this scenario continuing to play parents until their behaviours results in as payoff.”  A sounder approach, suggested Grant, is to maintain a reasonably consistent approach to managing behaviour based on the above principles.
After a few more examples Grant asked for ideas from the floor re managing a teenage daughter who, when upset, storms off to her bedroom and slams the door shut.  Members quickly came up with Nigel Latta’s idea of taking the door off its hinges and placing it in the garage for two weeks which typically gets rid of the problem very quickly.
“A work colleague of mine used this tactic to great effect” grinned Grant.
In closing Grant reminded members that kids do eventually leave home and gave us this final tip: “Remember to change the locks”.
Evan thanked Grant for his humorous presentation on surviving parenthood.
Parenting Grant Paice 2020-10-11 11:00:00Z 0


On Wednesday 28 October at 6pm there will be a Helen Reddy Movie fundraiser, “I Am Woman”, at Hoyts Riccarton for $20.00 per ticket per person.   
Helen landed in New York with her three year old daughter, a suitcase and $230 in her pocket. Within a few weeks she was broke. Within months she was in love. Within five years she was one of the biggest superstars of her time, and an icon of the 1970's feminist movement. 
She wrote the song I am Woman which galvanised a generation of women to fight for change.
As with previous screenings for “End Polio Now”, all Clubs who sell tickets will receive a share of the profits and these will be credited to their respective clubs as a donation to End Polio Now.
 Christchurch Clubs have been very supportive of the five previous movies that have been held for End Polio Now, and we hope that we will receive this support once again.
Tickets will be available in the week commencing 19th October.
Halloween Reminder
A reminder to all members that Liz is looking for volunteers to help make this evening on October the 30th a great success.
Please refer to last week’s Chat or view the story on line here to see where you would like to help make this an event to remember.
Papanui Bush Reminder
A reminder that we are weeding tomorrow (Tuesday the 13th) starting at 9.30 am with morning tea and will be finished by noon.
The President’s Blurb
Sadly I had to leave Rotary early last week because of a recurring migraine.  Thanks to President-elect Grant for stepping up again. 
I met with Gary Denhard earlier in the week to interview a candidate for the RYLA course to be held in the third week of January 2021. An excellent candidate whose name will be revealed after the board meeting.
We have received further names for this course but given the cost (approx. $1000 per person) we are looking to see if there are Clubs willing to sponsor but with no candidates. 
October 24 is World Polio Day. The International/Foundation committee will take the speaker slot at our meeting on 22 October and this will be dedicated to updating you all on the where Rotary and its partner organisations are in the eradication of polio.
Please support Stuart and his team as they put something together for this night.
On 28 October there is a district wide movie night designed to raise funds for polio. There's an opportunity to do something socially with fellow Rotarians and at the same time raise funds for polio. 
The week commencing 26 October will be a very active one for Papanui Rotary with the District shooting tournament on Tuesday 27th, the polio movie night on Wed 28th, a visit to the Chch Rotary Breastmilk Bank in place of the normal Rotary meeting at the Club on 29th, the Ray White/Rotary Halloween event at St James Park 30th and on the 31st the Halloween event at Hanmer Springs Forest Camp.
Lots of opportunities for everybody to roll up their sleeves and help out.  I look forward to seeing you all this Thursday night.
Thought for the Week
“Enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things.”
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Wheelie Bins

Wheelie Bins: What Goes Where?
Averil Stevenson with President Janice
We were treated to an interesting and informative presentation by Averil, the Commercial & Compliance Manager at EcoCentral’s recycling plant.
Averil was born in Lyttelton and has two children of which one turned four today so we were very appreciative of her giving up her time to talk to us.
Part of her role involves talking to community groups because recycling is not that flash at the moment in greater Christchurch.
"We not only put stickers on wheelie bins but we also aim to educate the public" smiled Averil.
The Christchurch operation recycles 200 tons of recycling each day which comes from is as far away as Ashburton and the Mackenzie District.
“Post lockdown saw a huge increase in rubbish in the recycling, with over 50% of trucks now being failed as unable to be recycled” explained Averil.  Two issues as a result of this are:
(1) Many items that could be recycled are now in landfill plus:
(2) There is not enough recycling available to meet our commitments to overseas processing factories.
They have also had issues recently getting processed recycling into destination countries as they have been badly affected by the Covid-19 virus and closed their borders.
To this day EcoCentral is turning way over 40% of all incoming loads. Because these go straight to landfill it has cost residents in the region of $1.2 million dollars to dump these loads.
To help combat this, lots of bins are being regularly checked for content with only 20% getting gold stars, 60% require information to better educate house owners and the remaining 20% are being used to put anything and everything in including dead animals, food waste etc.
These bins are not being collected and result in the owners going to ‘Strike 1’ status. If they fail again two weeks later they go to ‘Strike 2’.  If they fail again, then the bins are taken away.
The processing of bins that are accepted is semi-automated. So:  what’s in them?
“Paper is the most common item in the recycling bins but you need to be aware that we can't process anything smaller than an envelope so receipts, shredded paper etc. need to go in the red bin” explained Averil.
Glass bottles and jars are recyclable and most go into a product used in roading.  The lids, though, must go in the red bin as otherwise the machine thinks they are a piece of paper.  Steel, aluminium and aerosol containers can also be recycled but paint cans and tin foil need to go in the red bin.
With respect to plastic, the recycling centre’s goal is to recycle as much plastic as possible onshore. Rigid plastic bottles and containers are OK providing it is numbered 1, 2 and 5 only. All other plastics go in the red bin.
Standard milk plastic is also OK but squeezable containers (#4) and anything with number 7 on it cannot be recycled. Anything smaller than a yoghurt container or bigger than 3 litres also needs to go in the red bin as these are also not able to be processed within the recycling plant.
“Soft wrap film also needs to go in the red bin as our system thinks it is paper as well and this is what makes up most of our contaminants” shared Averil.
So, in summary, any plastics you can ‘scrunch’ go in the red bin.
To help ensure loads are safe, drivers are being increasingly asked to look at what goes in via amounted camera. “We are also going into schools to educate students and giving talks to groups such as yours” smiled Averil.
The company is  are also looking at increasing recycling standardisation across New Zealand including ensuring that labels of “type” are more easy to see which will help bin owners choose the right bin for especially products that need to go in the red bin.
We thanked Averil for her informative talk and display of key items which will be a great help to ensure that we are putting the right products in the right bins.
Wheelie Bins Grant Paice 2020-10-05 11:00:00Z 0

Halloween is GO!

Halloween is “Go” for Friday Oct 30th
Great news - yes it is all on! 
I know how much you all enjoyed the event last year so please put your hand up to help for 2-3 hours again. Many of you suggested that we have a BBQ at this year’s event and we are going to run with this to cover some of the costs for this free family event.
The help and jobs required are as follows;
  • 6 people to help erect and pack up the Gazebo and erect banners.
  • 6 people to blow up balloons, tie together and secure at poles around Gazebo, help with Collect, erect our Papanui Rotary Wand and pack up at the end.
  • 8 -10 people to set up and take down 5 stations around the trees (items supplied).
  • 4 people to stamp children’s sheets and on the hand when they hand in their sheets.
  • People to give out bags of sweets to the children at the finish line once sheets handed in.
  • 4 people to help run the BBQ including transport, set up and pack up.
  • 2 more people at the end to help pack everything up.
Can anyone help with sourcing sausages at a good price please?
Bread can be purchased from Couplands and tomato & mustard sauce will also be purchased.
Any further suggestions welcomed to make this an even more enjoyable event so get involved and join in the fun.
Contact Liz to put your name down to help.
Halloween is GO! Liz Courtney 2020-10-05 11:00:00Z 0


The grass is growing fast!
Just a reminder we are weeding next Tuesday the 13th starting at 9.30 am with morning tea and will be finished by noon.
The grass is growing fast.
Cheers Denis.
Braintree Building Fund Raiser
“Hi to all at Papanui Rotary.
Thank-you to all the wonderful people who supported us at our recent public fundraising launch party. 

We were overwhelmed by the generosity of the 300+ guests present, and their willingness to support the cause. There was an incredible energy in the room.

We are so close to having a world-first wellness centre for Cantabrians living with a neurological condition.

We have raised $4 million so far, or 80% of the funds needed and are now seeking public donations for the final $1 million to make the BrainTree Wellness Centre a reality.”
Donate to Brain Tree here.
The President’s Blurb
Last week was a big Rotary week for me. A lot of work was done tidying up the calendar for the next 6 months following the latest board meeting which involved talking to a number of the directors as well as speaker coordinator Rob Thomson.
On Wednesday I went to Rolleston Rotary with Nick and Arie. It was exciting to listen into the planning going into their events and projects and their charter event on 22 October. There is a lot involved in establishing a new Rotary club and I offer congratulations to Nick, Liz and Arie, Matt Sullivan and the team from Lincoln as well as Amanda vander Kley and her team at Rolleston for making this all happen. 
The journey of Rolleston will form part of a webinar on new style Rotary clubs that Nick and Arie together with Rebecca Fry from Australia are presenting to DG trainers and District membership chairs across Australia and New Zealand this Thursday evening. At last count there were 130 registrations for this webinar. 
This Wednesday I have a cluster meeting over breakfast with presidents of the clubs in our cluster and Assistant Governor Craig Murphy. Craig has asked each club president to report on any changes/innovations made since Covid-19 in response to Rotary World President Holger Knaack's challenge to be bold and embrace change.
It was with a lot of sadness that I announced last Thursday that Victoria, the daughter of Paul and Anne Wilson died suddenly after a very brief battle with cancer. Paul is one of our honorary members. Paul and Anne lost their son Craig 15 years ago and now their daughter has passed away.
There was a good contingent of Rotarians and partners at Wai Mana funeral home on today (Monday) to support Paul and Anne. They passed on their thanks to me for the flowers and messages received from Rotary.
It was good to have another external speaker last week in the form of Averill Stevenson. I am sure we will all have better recycling habits going forward. This week we hope to have a report on the very recent Australia/New Zealand virtual conference including a very interesting clip on projects in New Zealand. 
Thought for the Week
“Winning is fun, but those moments that you can touch someone’s life in a very positive way are better.”
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Speech Comp Results 2020

Primary & Intermediate Speech Finals 2020
Lois Flanagan
This year’s speech contest was the biggest for many years with 67 students from 9 schools competing in the preliminary rounds. It was a real pleasure to welcome 2 new schools this year- Ilam and Emmanuel Christian School.
Thursday 17 September was the day for the preliminary rounds. Topics for the speeches ranged from the lofty subjects of Bullying, Black Lives Matter, Health and Obesity and Child Labour, to lighter topics of Ice Cream, Lego and Annoying siblings.  One young man told us Rugby is Dangerous, while sporting a large black eye he got from playing hockey! 
The judges had a hard task to select 4 finalists in each of Years 5, 6, 7 & 8. In the end there was a good variety of schools represented in the final 16 with every school which competed having at least one student in the final. My grateful thanks to the 4 preliminary round judges: Donna Cherry, Ken McNee, Jennifer O’Leary & Grant Paice who did a fantastic job of choosing the finalists. Thanks also to the timekeepers, Keith Mitchell and Gordon Shields who kept everyone on the right time.
It was a wonderful night of entertainment at the Finals at Heaton Intermediate Performing Arts Centre last Thursday night. Parents and friends filled the theatre to enjoy the speeches. Our judges for the final were our own Rotary Associate Sarah Pride and a new judge this year: John Ballantyne from Bishopdale Toastmasters. 
The finals kept the audience well entertained with spirited speeches on the History of Make-up, Ethical Fashion, the advantages of Singing and Jet Pack Transport. Two of the first place winners were speeches from students who each spoke with passion & humour about the challenges of living with Diabetes and Celiac Disease. 
We congratulate all the students who took part in the competition on their commitment, skills and courage in standing up in front of an audience and performing so well. The finalists were all superb and special congratulations to them all.
Special thanks to Heaton Intermediate School who welcome us so warmly every year and provide the rooms and the Performing Arts Centre for us to use.  Thank you also to Gordon Shields for getting the gift vouchers and to Tony Tizzard who prepares and beautifully hand writes all the Certificates.  
The speech contest has been going for 26 years and is a great way Papanui Rotary can be involved in the community and make a difference to young peoples’ lives. 
Make sure you book a seat for next year’s finals! 
Speech Comp Results 2020 Liz Courtney 2020-09-27 11:00:00Z 0

TIME 100 Rotarian

TIME 100 Rotarian
Submitted by Liz
Dear Rotarians/ International PolioPlus Committee Members/ Directors and Trustees

It is with great pride that we inform you that one of our own has been named one of TIME’s “100 Most Influential People in the World.”
Just a few moments ago, Dr. Tunji Funsho, Rotary’s Nigeria National PolioPlus Chair was named to the TIME 100 list for his critical leadership in working with Rotary members and our partners to achieve a wild polio-free Nigeria and eradicate the wild poliovirus in the African region. He is the first Rotary member to receive this honor for our work to eradicate polio.

You can view Dr. Funsho’s profile on the TIME website here.

Dr. Funsho is a member of the Rotary Club of Lekki in Lagos, Nigeria and is Past District Governor of District 9110 and member of the International PolioPlus Committee. Dr. Funsho is a cardiologist with a lifelong commitment to building a healthier world.
As Nigeria National PolioPlus Chair since 2013, he has built on the work of his predecessors by leading PolioPlus efforts in Nigeria. Working alongside his fellow Rotarians, Dr. Funsho has built awareness for the importance of polio immunization, encouraged governments and public figures to support polio eradication, and served as a vocal leader and advocate for Rotary and our fight to end polio.

The Time 100 list recognizes the activism, innovation and achievement of the world’s most influential individuals. Dr. Funsho joins the list with some of the most important and well-known public figures in the world who have been past recipients of the honor: heads of state such as Angela Merkel, religious figures like the Dalai Lama and Pope Francis, celebrities like Oprah Winfrey and Bono, philanthropists like Bill Gates, and activists such as Malala Yousafzai.

Dr. Funsho stands on the shoulders of the countless women and men of Rotary who have dedicated their lives, their time, and their money to Rotary’s top priority of eradicating polio. This honor is not just a testament to his work, it is acknowledgment that Rotary members make a difference in the world—one that is worthy of international recognition among the world’s most distinguished leaders.

Every Rotarian can be a leader in the fight to eradicate polio. We hope you’ll use this recognition of Dr. Funsho and Rotary as an opportunity to put renewed energy and focus into creating a world where no child ever again has to be paralyzed by the poliovirus.
We’ve come so far into our fight to eradicate polio, and we’ve made incredible progress in the face of enormous challenges. As we join in congratulation to Dr. Funsho, let’s join together and deliver upon our promise to End Polio Now.
Holger Knaack: President, Rotary Foundation
K.R Ravindran: Chair, The Rotary Foundation
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John Stringer had a chat with Keith and Janice recently and they have agreed it would be fun to run a weekly book table at Rotary for the rest of the year, to raise some funds, selling books associated with the Club as Christmas stocking fillers.
He has two books out this year, Keith can provide the Chatham Islands book, and John is hoping Jenny might put up some of her books in the mix. John will get the Papanui Heritage book.
He has asked me to put out an initial call for Rotary Members to bring along books for sale that are in some way associated with the Club and, ideally, they would be authored by Club members but not necessarily.  He will run a book table each Thursday. They can be new, or second hand, but need a connection.
Keith and John will bring their ones along next week to kick it off.
Kathy received this letter recently regarding funds raised for MSPC.
Dear Kathy
We now have the totals back from all the buckets and we can let you know how Papanui Rotary Club did for our 2020 Street Appeal!
Your group raised $1,417.40, which is absolutely fantastic!
Thank you so much for your continuing support and for helping us smash our targets this year. We can never fully express how grateful we are for your continuing support.
Kind regards,
Charlotte Ackroyd
The President’s Blurb
The primary and intermediate schools speech competition finals last Thursday night was a great success.
Two new schools joined the mix and there were 16 great finalists speaking on a range of topics some hilarious, others very serious issues. 
17 Rotarians and one partner attended and everybody was impressed.  Thank you to Lois and her team for a wonderfully organised event. 
Thankfully the Rotarians that came to the Club for a meal remembered to come early. We were back to buffet and it was very enjoyable. Now that we are back to the buffet you only need to contact Deryn or the apology line if you are going to be absent or if you are bringing guests. 
I am looking forward to a full attendance this week at the Club. Have a good week everybody.
Thought for a Windy Week
“I can't change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination.”
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EQ Claims & Res

Earthquake Claims and Resolutions
We had the privilege of hearing from Ken Pope, National Manager of the Residential Advisory Service 
(RAS) and Darren Wright, Director of the Greater Christchurch Claims Resolution Service (GCCRS) last Thursday.
These free services cover the greater Christchurch area and are funded by the Government under the Innovation & Employment Service.
The GCCRS service arose to help those people who have not been satisfied with the repairs of a home bought post earthquake after having discovered bad workmanship or damage not noticed by the original insurance companies and have not received adequate payouts to cover the repairs.
In 2018 GCRS settled 1400 claims and has approximately 1000 people they are continuing to help.
The service offers the following:
  1. Organise a peer review.
  2. A facilitator to work with the homeowners Engineer and the Insurance Company’s Engineer so they can share information and work out a satisfactory result.
  3. Independent Dispute Service with Engineers & lawyers.
  4. A determinate Service if required presided by a High Court Judge to make a final decision.
  5. Tribunal service.
  6. Community Law group for free advice.
  7. A case manager is assigned to your case to help with wellbeing, engineering and technical issues.
The GCCRS is different to other services available as the package they offer is significant in that it recognises the wellbeing of the homeowners first and foremost and acknowledges that many of them have struggled to obtain any satisfactory help.
The Government also recognised that those in the greater Christchurch area had not been treated fairly by some Insurance companies and that the Residential Advisory Service and the GCCRS needed to work together to benefit the homeowners.
The Government has allowed $300 million for this programme.
Donna Cherry, one of our own Papanui Rotarians, is a lawyer with the Community Law group which has helped 1500+ people since the GCCRS began. In its latest survey figures 92% of people who have been helped are satisfied with this free service.
75% of people have used this service through word of mouth recommendation. Although the funding has been extended by the Government through to June 2021 it is expected to be extended again due to the number of cases still to be resolved.
Some homes purchased post earthquake and have uncovered damage due to EQC repairs not properly undertaken up to the limit of $ 115,000 the homeowner can still be helped. They need to register the damage with EQC or contact GCCRS before the 14th October 2020 if they bought the property before the 14th August 2020.  After this date homeowners can still get help but the process to access help will be more difficult as the EQC ACT is always open.
Questions & Answers session from the floor was:
  • What if I am proposing to buy a house in the Christchurch area?
It is fundamental if purchasing to have a professional House check.
  • What if my Insurance was with Southern Response?
The Government now has an MOU with this group to settle claims fairly. Recommend working through the GCCRS for clarity around any specific situation and its FREE.
  • What is the average time it takes for a case to be resolved?
Anywhere between 4-6 months on average.
85% of people take a Cash Settlement while the remainder undertake the repairs required.
Residential Advisory Service (RAS)
Ken Pope outlined the role of the Residential Advisory Service which works in tandem the GCCRS.  It’s focus is on Canterbury and Christchurch but also works across NZ when large scale disasters strike.
They helped work through 16-18,000 claims in Kaikoura and have been involved in claims in Edgecomb, Whakatane and along the coastal area of Wellington with landslips. They respond to National disasters and contract the staff for the GCCRS.
For Christchurch homeowners the RAS assists with unresolved damage claims under the EQC regime. Resolution / settlements are limited to EQC payments criteria. This service is available for all home owners not just those of onsold properties.
Ken summed up the work done by both groups by saying his greatest satisfaction is “making changes to peoples lives each and every day.”
Keep up the good work and spread the word!
EQ Claims &amp; Res Liz Courtney 2020-09-20 12:00:00Z 0

Int Day of Peace

International Day of Peace 21st September 2020
The United Nations International Day of Peace started in 1982 and now occurs each year on 21st September (for more details click here).
The Rotary District 9800 Peacebuilding Committee discussed at its meeting on Monday 17th August 2020 how Rotary could encourage recognition of this day and participation by Rotarians.
It was noted also that Hostelling International has, since 2013, promoted “Sleep for Peace” on this day at its hostels throughout the world.
The Project
Taking account of the current limited ability for many people to freely travel and meet others to conduct events for this day it is proposed that a virtual event be conducted by your Club involving Rotarians, Rotaractors, Interactors, members of Hostelling International globally and the public in an initiative called:
STEP 1 Be at Peace
Peace starts with each of us being at peace with ourselves so each participant would take a minimum of say 15 minutes to sit in silence and calm and contemplate what being at peace means to them.
STEP 2 Speak your Peace
In the current climate many people are limited in who they can physically connect with so this step is to speak to their closest connection and share with them what peace means to them. If there is no one physically close then they can connect with others by phone or other means available to them.
STEP 3    Write of Peace
The next step is to spread the word further by writing a message of peace and sending that or posting it on social media with the #b@peace. You are encouraged to be creative and have fun sharing!
STEP 4    Sleep for Peace
Seeing as how we all need to sleep somewhere and to tie in with the young travellers and other hostellers, this step is to celebrate how peaceful sleep is by sharing “sleep secrets” potentially with a photo such as objects that help to calm in the evening, locations where the best nights sleep was etc. also with the #b@peace.
Rotary Clubs, Rotaract Clubs and Interact Clubs can organise this as a peace project and encourage all members to take part on or before 21st September.  Upon completion of the four steps the club can collate the participation of all their members and friends and inform the District Peacebuilding Committee Chair.
Contacts District 9800
Int Day of Peace Liz Courtney 2020-09-20 12:00:00Z 0

Pap Bush Update

Papanui Bush Update
John Stringer
Hi everyone, I’ve been working nights at Isolation Centers since March so have not been free to be at much of Rotary this year. When we’ve been allowed together ourselves I've been self-isolating during the day at Papanui Bush when able, and working with distanced others to make progress in 2020. 
One development is that I’ve negotiated a partnership with TransRail to co-manage the rail corridor alongside the Bush with Northgate Trust (Northcity Church) that sits on the land at the top end of the Bush.
The plan is to level this area with clean fill and topsoil, with large native trees; use historic disused rails and sleepers to create a fence and plant this area as a public walkway into the Bush from Sawyers Arms Rd next to the decommissioned Scout Den.  
There is also a plan down the track (literally) to erect a feature entrance way. TransRail are keen to support this and we are awaiting a formal response so we can take things further.
This area sat at the heart of the 1850s Bush, so is quite appropriate as a restoration project as part of what we’ve been accomplishing in the Bush itself.  We have had donated a large number of native flax, and the idea is take these and plant them outside the Bush along the barrier fence, along the TransRail corridor, to help create a barrier (both wind and noise) from the trains.
Denis and I have discussed this as a possible rolling-along project we could do with Rotary, starting at Langdons Rd end by MEGA and working our way up gradually to Sawyers Arms Rd filling in the gaps with harakeke (flax) plantings as we go. There are already a large number in situ along with old historic cabbage trees.
You might be interested in this early photo of the area which shows some of the post-Papanui Bush market gardening. Langdons Rd runs through the middle in front of the new Papanui Tech.
The 2018~ restored Papanui Bush runs where the trees are, over the house (at center) and to the west of Papanui High between the two parallel roads. The Kruses Waterway settling pond (Just left of the school wing) is still there today.
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Give Every Child a Future
To celebrate 100 years of Rotary in Australia and New Zealand, we’ve teamed up with UNICEF to give life-saving vaccines to 100,000 children across the Pacific. 
Rotary Give Every Child a Future is a sustainable project that will ensure generations of children and women are protected against cervical cancer, rotavirus and pneumococcal disease.
More info to come in future Chats.
Coffee Club
As we are returning to Level 1, our Coffee Club meetings at Reality Bites Cafe resume this Friday (September 25th) and we look forward to seeing you there at 10:00 am!
Still Young at Heart
Larry & Grant managed to sneak off to Mt Hutt at the weekend.  A great day was had with good snow, smaller crowds, settled weather and a relaxing pit stop at the Hororata Café Bar on the way home.
The President’s Blurb
Thank you to President-elect Grant Paice for stepping in last Thursday while I was in bed with a migraine.  I hear the speakers were very interesting. 
Arie and I along with Liz and Nick had the privilege last week along with many others in the district to participate in Australia/New Zealand virtual conference. It was intended to hold the conference in Alice Springs but Covid-19 resulted in it being turned into an on-line format. Over 900- Rotarians from Australia, New Zealand and the South Pacific participated on Saturday and on Sunday the number topped 1100. 
World RI President Holger Knaack addressed us as did the first woman nominated for the World President role, Jennifer Jones, on the need for change and innovation in Rotary. Past President Ian Riseley from Australia spoke as did incoming RI Director Jessie Harman who spoke to our club back in June. 
There was a clip showcasing projects in New Zealand. Three of those projects were Papanui Rotary projects so our club got plenty of air time and exposure. We will find a gap later in the year to present on conference to the members.
Thanks to Lois and the team for the work they are doing on the speech competitions. I am looking forward to the finals this Thursday.
Remember that dinner at the club this week is starting at 5.30pm so we can get away to Heaton Intermediate on time. 
Thought for the Week
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Rotary Foundation

Jim Hudson
In his 2nd talk about the Rotary Foundation Jim began by sharing changes in the funding system.
All funds collected for The Rotary Foundation from individuals, Clubs and Districts go to the Foundation’s Annual Fund, unless specifically requested to go to the Polio Fund or the Endowment Fund.   Annual Fund monies are invested for three years at the end of which 50% are directed to the World Fund and 50% to the District Designated Fund which is availabl